Wake up from the dead

Its miracle !!

Velma Thomas, women 59 years old, West Virginia, very lucky women. Why?

Because she have “live again” after doctor team judged end of her live..

Doctor said that her heart have been off and she was gone.

But when all medical tools loosened, velma wake up from her unconscious !!

Last week, Velma got heart attack, then her family save her to the hospital, at that time her heart has stopped more than 17 hours. Doctor Team tried all way to save her live by used hipotermia mode [down the body temperature] and try to stimulate her brain but its failed and they give up and decided that Velma have dead. Doctor Kevin Eggleston said that velma skin have been hard & cold, hands and fingers have been fold.

“Good hand have save her” Said Danial Pence [velma nephew] as ABC News.

After her family have prepare to funeral ceremony, Tim Thomas [velma’s son] get phone from hospital that his mother have wake up from her dead!!

Hospital nurse said that velma move her hand, foot then cough several times and ask about her son..

The Docter team speechless “All come from God hand, it is miracle!!”Doctor Eggleston said.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck to Velma Thomas. May she now live long. My best wishes to her.