Oh My Little Boy...

hurray .. brother punished ..

maybe that sentence from my little girl in the heart when she saw his brother get punished ..
This “tragedy” begins after my boy grabbing cards that brought by his young sister ..
Naruto’s card, which brought by his young sisterwas captured and taken away .. so it make my little girl crying.. ..
saw this, I immediately pursued his brother and asked him to give back naruto card ..
",hey, give it back to your sister …!"
uh he just ran away ...
well I had to catch my boy, then I punished him..
I ordered him to stand in front of his clothes cupboard ....
I do not know whether this is effectively to overcome his naughtiness


Wow.. Holiday Time !!

Today, on September 14, 2009 is the first day of school holidays. Appropriate national curriculum in Indonesia, this Monday is the beginning of a long holiday to welcome Iedul Fitri holidays.
Wow .. This means that 2 of my Childs who was still sitting in the kindergarten and playgroup must be off, and stay at home .. This means they will play a full day at home!!
There are some things that seemed to do to anticipate that children continue to learn even though the school holidays.
I planning to do ::
Every morning around 7:00 I had prepared questions for my child in kindergarten, either reading or writing exercises. This I gave him so he will not forget the lessons from his school.
Then during the day, I taught him to open a school textbook, though only 10 minutes, and of course the reward of spending money to him ..
For my evening acquitted him of the lesson, just talk to them about the stories that educate before they sleep ..
This is all I do to fill their holidays, in addition they would also invite me to the mall or other refreshing place to avoid burnout ...
Hopefully this way I can make my child keep the school spirit, not saturated and not forget the lessons during his school on holidays ..


Traditional Massage for Our Children

Good nutrition very supportive to the health of our children, especially toddlers, but sometimes we have our children looking tired and less eager and lazy to move. Did you know that actually there is one traditional way to make us his children looked fresh and strong and not lazy activities?
One way that our children stay healthy and have a strong body is to give these children a traditional massage regularly.
Yes traditional massage for toddlers is needed by our toddler, this is already evident in my son. Every once a month, a routine, we took my young children to a traditional massage in our area.
traditional massage  for toddlers serves to loosen stiff muscles, back, body,legs and arms aching due to daily activities.
This recipe is very effective in our toddlers.After that got massages usually the child will be more refreshed and re-active as before.
Perhaps your country also have a traditional massage for babies and toddlers.
It would be nice if you want to try this for your child ..


Trick to Motivate Children to be Discipline.

As parents, we would want our children discipline, and regular in our kids life. And to realize the discipline in children, there are some things we need to know and do, in order to make our child more discipline.
Below several ways that can make our children become self-disciplined

1. Examples from Parents
Without realizing it, we as parents never gave an example to our children about how to be disciplined. We just ordered and had often children do better without first give an example to them.
So the key is, for us as parents to live disciplined, and thus, the child will see the behavior of their parents and they will follow it.

2. Provide an understanding of the benefits of discipline
Show to our child, with the discipline our lives will become more organized, comfortable and more concentration to do something, for example, when children would go to school, teach them the discipline to leave on time, so at school, the child will feel calm, not rushed, no books left behind and can focus at school.

3. By giving them Motivation reward if they can more discipline.
Giving praise, prizes and a few other things that can motivate children to stay on discipline. This is necessary so that children feel valued.

4. Give them some educational Punishment if violates disciplinary
Punish them, if the breach of discipline at home. If the school, they would have received punishment from their teachers.
This is done to discourage children and do not repeat again.

With the above, we expect our children more discipline,...


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