Trick to make children like to stay at home

Things that often make parents become quite irritated with the child's behavior is when the child does not like to stay at home. Often go home after school times over, they always play directly to their friends, and spend time with friends.
This often occurs in children that grow become teenagers, where they are seeking their identity.
To overcome this, and make children more like staying at home, there are some tricks that we as parents can do :

1. Give freedom to the teenagers to manage themselves.
Do not directly forbid children to play outside the home, but should be fine so that we offer to the friends of friends to play us. Thus we can directly monitor the children we invite friends to play at home.
2. Create a tolerance to the child and give a time for play.
As parents we have set as our children, but with a smooth and friendly, because adolescents is difficult if we set them to hard
3. Maximize our communication with our teenagers.
Give more time for sharing stories and share all about anything with our teenagers.
In sharing these opportunities we can provide advice, inputs and good image for our children. With the way these children will more easily accept our suggestion.

Most likely with the tricks mentioned above we will be able to control and manage our children to be more like living at home.


Situ Gintung Disaster Its Human Error

Jakarta – disaster that resulted situ gintung levee broken-down in Situ Cireundeu, South Jakarta, is due to the negligence of the government mole. Because this is natural can not be called a natural disaster.

"This can not be said of natural disasters because the building was built man, create naturally by earth. So people are in control. If landslide
from the hill may be said of natural disasters," said Chairman liquidation Team of Research and Resources Water Research Center (Puslit) LIPI Geoteknologi Adrin Tohari detikcom when contacted, Friday (28/3/2009) the night.

According Adrin, errors in the range of the government as the party responsible for the condition of the embankment. There are at least 4 government negligence in the natural is not avoided.

First, there is no routine inspection of the embankment from the government that has been worn it. If the inspection is done regularly, ideally 6 months, the government surely have data on the development of the embankment.

"It should if there are data in the Department of Space, they are aware that this age of the levee and through the performance. Therefore, efforts should be made to prevent a disaster," said Adrin.

Second, the government cared less levee that is already old. First base is not a routine inspection carried out so that the government does not understand how to correct and which part should be treated.

"If governments do not have information on the strength of embankment, so it can be a jolt for the government. That human error, but if they know, and not yet in, the government is also a mistake. Whatever the form of lack of error is that we have as the government" said Adrin .
Third, the error lies in the lack of warning to the citizens on the potential levee broken-down. But as a responsible government must provide a warning to the citizens.
Error is located on the fourth violation of the layout is done by the government. Should be the location of the nearest residential building from the location of levee flood plains and 20 meters distance. If observed, the number of victims of the soul is not now.
"In the area there may be minimal embankment settlement. Its must be free residential area, about as far as tens of meters from the embankment. That there is regulation, bantaran area must be free from the settlement," said Adrin.

Situ Gintung Disaster

The name of Situ Gintung, levee, which located in banten, Indonesia,
suddenly become the main coverage in almost all the International media. Of course not surprising. Area of more than 5 hectares that are flood-large.

65 People died due to levee failure Situ Gintung, Friday (27/3/2009) pukul 02.00 WIB. The estimated amount of future increases is still considering many people are missing.

Before this event, the island that is located in the Village Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang, is known as one of the major tourist, outbound, and the party. Every holiday, the location of the Lake is surrounded Situ Gintung this plateau always Jakarta residents who want to release the dead.

Location is not too far from the city center, this location makes a lot of elected offices for the gathering. You can even just come to exercise such as swimming and tennis in the place where the landscape is no less of the area Puncak, Bogor, West Java is.

Because of the beautiful scenery, some production houses also often use this area to syuting video clips, ads or sinetron. So do not wonder if you to this place, often meet artists.

Cost of entry to the island Situ Gintung also relatively inexpensive. Adults are only one thousand Rp 4 entry. Meanwhile, for children that is cheaper thousand Rp 2. If you want camping is also not expensive, live pay Rp 7500, you can enjoy a romantic evening in the area.

You also do not need to grope in the pocket too if you want to invite friends stayed at this location. With Rp 150 thousand per night, you and your colleagues can stay in Situ Gintung homeless


Tricks to Motivate Our children to be Diligent

Sad because your child to decrease motivation to learn?
Here are some trick to motivate your child to improve and up he/her learn motivation:

1. Since the early show with him that teachers and parents would appreciate the works of other people, love learning, and fun to read books. Usually, children imitate the behavior of teachers and parents like that.
2. Read the story with an interesting development of the appropriate level of children. Take your child will be interest and try to read by him/her self,
3. By providing a game since early instructive, to stimulate the development of reasoning, attitudes, motor skills, and creativity.
4. With a reasonable compliment to each child's work. Giving a compliment (especially with the award).

That’s all the best trick to motivate our child that I have…
Okey we as parent can try this trick and tips, hope it will work!!


Trick to Motivate your children

Your child's static?, pasif?, of course this makes us as parent to be sad.
But don’t worry, Here are some tricks to motivate or exact motivation tips that we can use to stimulate and motivate children to become more aggressive and creative:

1. wherever you go he/she should beside you, do not leave him alone at home. Because when your children leave home alone, it will make the child more quiet and less motivated to do something.
2. Take children to chat and ask for opinions on things that are around us. Motivated him/her to do / do something related with home activity, such as gardening.
3. Give more time to play and tease us to motivate enthusiasm.
4. Give him/her some toys that can stimulate and motivate her/his brain enthusiasm for movement and activation.

With these four things, hope it will be changes in the pattern of life that your children lazy and pasif, will be changed to be great children who have the motivation to move and be struggle guys.... goodluck...


Trick to Motivated children be brave hearth

Parents will certainly annoyed & irritated when the children have a simple / weeping maudlin and coward.
Many things can we do to overcome this, it is easily to convince your child that the things that he did not face frightening / dangerous as he imagined.
example, crying in fear because he is a dark place alone, provide motivation and understanding to our children that the dark place is nothing, and maybe you can say that the devil will be run if meet him/her! :), Provide motivation to your child that he/she and push child to overcome it without fear.
Below a certain point to motivate children to not become a coward:

1. Tell him that he is capable and can overcome a case without fear.
2. increase confidence and to motivate himself with the responsibility to provide a complete problem / work itself.
3. give praise to the child if he can complete the job / problem even with minimal results.
4. make sure that children in this world there is no need to scared, and only God we should fear Him.

Soul mate characteristic

Is the friend who accompanied during this day-to-day we are called soul mate? Yea, you must read this article first!
Guys, we have create some criteria to find your soul mate.
your soul mate must be :

1. she/he understand all about you,
know your habit, your live style and also can keep your secret.
2. He thou need, even if it is only about clothing worn during the match date.
3. Comrade, who he always ready to show weakness without meaning we want to impose.
4. Compact in all things, even when buying a shirt or accessories (although different colors).
5. you and your comrade never run out of chat, where everywhere exciting!
6. always motivate you, if you get some trouble

so, did you have found them??


Motivate Your Child by Show Your Love

Today we will share about a specific plan that will provide more incentives for your child [non material gift].
You can tell the child how much you like him or her, but the best way to really
take your child to understand how much you care to show it is!
If you want your child to gain confidence and motivation to achieve a good
grades in school, you must provide your child with a game one day.

The first thing to do is to buy a notebook calendar for your child.
Spend more money and get the most beautiful books in the store search.
Ask your child to write the whole program in each class listed.
You must sit your child as it is written. You should also ask
questions relating to each class and show genuine interest.
Then, each school day your child write a sentence or two
on each category, and any issue or project that has been assigned. If you
reluctant child, use one of the incentives in the first report, to ensure that your child
write this information and make it a habit to do so.
Will be a habit, once you review all that is written in every day. Again,
should show a sincere interest in the academic performance child.!**


Tricks to motivate children

Today we will learn how to provide incentives and awards to children for motivate them. Most importantly at the right time to provide incentives / rewards to our children. And we should know when intensive / awards that we give our children.
Below, you will learn the right way to motivate and to give tribute to our children.

# 1. Motivation when the children will face the test schools. Give him the promise of a gift [if successfully reached the target we want] No incentive is likely to decrease motivation and children will be less vibrant in the school exams!

# 2. children's motivation when performing activities that benefit the environment and community and school environment. Give him praise and awards when he was doing the deeds that benefit the environment such as helping friends who need help.
With motivation and award the child will feel itself means and confidence.
There are two rules that make incentives powerful:
# incentives that are desired by your child. Ask your child for ideas.
# reward is given immediately after your child meet the goals.