Save Our Kids When Browsing....

Today, has become common, when a child is able to run the computer or even playing online ..
In today's era of open, many children who are good at using google or yahoo searching ...
But careful, avoid your child from the Search engines that used by us, and todayi will recommend using a familiar search engine and secure for them ...
Yup ... we can use

KidZui, is one of the alternative Web browser for kids. With this browser you do not need to worry. KidZui We have a large database and offers more than 2 million games (games), web site, photos and video, and of course that you can access the service your child have all been approved, and a lot of porn ..

Essentially, the KidZui browser your child can easily be directed to services that are specifically intended for them.

Myth About Drink Cold Water for Pregnancy....

There is a myth of pregnancy is forbidden to drink cold water because it can cause the child she is carrying a large. Is this story true?? Lets read up your spirit article below..…

When pregnant women sometimes like to drink cold water, especially if the weather is hot, but they are afraid to drink cold water for fear of having trouble giving birth later. ..
This is not true because. big baby at birth is not due to drinking cold water, but more on the mother who has diabetes (diabetes).

Pregnant women are not forbidden to drink cold water, but not too much for pregnant women to be better used to consume water with sufficient quantities to prevent dehydration. When humans consume cold water, then the body must burn calories or fat to increase the temperature of the cold drinks.

So if a pregnant woman drinking cold water body will work hard and reduce calories at her bodies, because the cold water that comes into the body to be adjusted with the body's own temperature. But that does not mean the cold water will make a big baby. Because of cold water consumed by pregnant mothers continue to be issued back through the urine.

Just for your info do not drink cold water after a meal, because it can slow digestion and absorb solid food last longer. Therefore, pregnant women should drink warm water after eating.

As quoted from Childbirth, Friday (13/11/2009) infants born with diabetes are at risk born with a big body so hard in the process of childbirth. This happens because when blood sugar levels in the mother increases, the baby would automatically get the extra sugar levels. Excess sugar will make the baby born with a large weight.
So it's best if it has a history of diabetes or a derivative, then you should adjust your diet so as not to raise blood sugar levels and avoid the baby is born with a large weight.