Trick to make children like to stay at home

Things that often make parents become quite irritated with the child's behavior is when the child does not like to stay at home. Often go home after school times over, they always play directly to their friends, and spend time with friends.
This often occurs in children that grow become teenagers, where they are seeking their identity.
To overcome this, and make children more like staying at home, there are some tricks that we as parents can do :

1. Give freedom to the teenagers to manage themselves.
Do not directly forbid children to play outside the home, but should be fine so that we offer to the friends of friends to play us. Thus we can directly monitor the children we invite friends to play at home.
2. Create a tolerance to the child and give a time for play.
As parents we have set as our children, but with a smooth and friendly, because adolescents is difficult if we set them to hard
3. Maximize our communication with our teenagers.
Give more time for sharing stories and share all about anything with our teenagers.
In sharing these opportunities we can provide advice, inputs and good image for our children. With the way these children will more easily accept our suggestion.

Most likely with the tricks mentioned above we will be able to control and manage our children to be more like living at home.

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