The Benefits If The Baby is Often Held

When your baby cries or is fussy parents normally carry. Apparently a lot of benefits if the baby is often held, one baby will be motivated to learn and become more intelligent.

Babies are often worn to spend less time for crying or fussing, so that the child has a lot of time and energy to help grow and develop physically and able to interact with their environment.

If the baby is positioned in a sling, so he could look around and try to choose and take what he wanted. The ability to make these choices can improve their ability to learn.

Also babies also involved directly in the world of people who hold him, like a baby to see what the parents see, hear what I heard and helped parents to feel that other people feel.

As quoted from The Baby Book written by William and Martha Sears MD, Monday (1/3/2010) babywearing will become more aware and able to understand the face, the rhythm of steps and also the smell of her parents as facial expressions, body language, cadence and breathing patterns and emotions from people who hold him. Another thing is that parents become more frequent interactions with the baby so that helps babies learn to be human.

The experiences gained little from the environment can stimulate the nerves to grow and connect with other nerves in the body, this played a role in assisting the growth and brain development and establish a good connection.

Because of the stimulation it receives the baby will be stimulated to learn that the possibility of improving cognitive abilities. Ability can be improved with one carrying the baby increase speaking and listening development.

Normal voices are heard as the voice of everyday activities can have a value of learning for babies, or even be bothered. If the baby was alone so it can make it sound scared, but if the baby is in a position to have carried the meaning of learning for your child.

Other benefits can be obtained by holding a baby is often a strong bond between parent and baby. And provide appropriate parenting because they give each other and form a two-way interaction.

There are many styles in baby such as:

   1. Sling hammock is extremely useful for the newborn until the age of 1 year.
   2. Snuggle sling useful for the newborn until the age of 6 months.
   3. Sling kangaroo models that can begin when a baby aged 3 to 6 months.
   4. Carried with legs spread that started at 3-6 months-old baby or be able to sit without help.


Avoid stress occurs in our children

Stress can affect anyone, including children. In pre-school children separated from their parents for example can cause stress. While the academic problems of school children and social pressures may be the trigger. How do the characteristics of children who experience stress?

Many children who are too busy with various activities that did not have time to play or relax after school. This causes the child to complain with some weighing activity.

Therefore, parents must be sensitive to what your child felt, especially if the child is showing signs of stress itself.

As quoted from Kidshealth, Monday (8/3/2010) is not always easy to identify children who are experiencing stress, but in the short term there is usually some behavioral changes are:

   1. Mood swings.
   2. Attitude changed or not as usual.
   3. Changes in sleep patterns or bedwetting experience.
   4. Difficulty concentrating or completing school assignments.
   5. Became withdrawn and spent a lot of time alone.
   6. Sometimes having an impact on the physical, such as headaches or stomach pain for no apparent reason.
   7. Excessive reaction to small problems.
   8. Drastic change in terms of academic achievement.
   9. Children known to lie.
  10. For a child who is still very little is usually done new habits like thumb sucking, hair twisting or frequent crying.

Stress in children can be caused by many factors such as:

   1. Hearing parents argued
   2. There was a problem at school
   3. Pressure from various parties who demanded more
   4. Ill
   5. Losing a loved one
   6. Divorce
   7. It could also be due to global issues (natural disasters, war or terrorism).

To help children cope with stress is experienced, the role of parents and the people around is important. Parents should spend more time for their children to simply ask for it and speak from the heart. Also istitrahat factor and good nutrition also affects the children in improving their ability to overcome many things.

Quality time is a very important thing, the more often parents spend time with her children will feel that their parents love and thinks she is someone important in life parents.

Another thing parents can do is to help anticipate some conditions that can potentially cause stress such as reducing some of its activities, taking time to become familiar with the characteristics of the child, do not be too ambitious to make the child's parents as you wish and provide consistent parenting.


Do not be afraid, If Your Child Can Not Read [Yet]

Parents often worry if we see that our children has not proficient in reading even after school kindergarten. Do not panic because learning to read is a process that takes years. Identify the basic stages of children learning to read.

Every child has a reading speed different, because reading is a skill honed through several stages and continuing process.

The ability to read can also affect the ability to write because it was parents and teachers should understand that the ability to read and write requires a process.

As quoted from babycenter, Friday (12/3/2010) There are usually four stages children go through the process of learning to read, namely:

Stages of pre-reading children

   1. Children like to play the book like the other toys and has not understood that the book contains a story.
   2. Interested in bright colors and illustrations found in the book, but does not understand that the image contains a story.
   3. Children like to listen to stories read by others looking at the pictures in the book.
   4. Have not been able to identify words or letters in the book.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 2-4 years.

Stage children begin to read

   1. Children are able to recognize each letter there, but not too good at put them together into one word.
   2. Need a picture on every page to help tell the story.
   3. Memorize the contents of books and try to read it again and again.
   4. Reading in a loud voice but did not show expression and did not stop for certain punctuation marks.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 4-6 years.

Intermediate stage (middle) reading

   1. Using pictures as clues from the remains of a sentence to understand the story.
   2. 've Read fluently and only just found a few mistakes.
   3. Can answer simple questions based on the story.
   4. Reading out loud and sometimes expressive and have a break to some existing punctuation.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 6-8 years.

Advanced stages of reading

   1. Can read fluently and understand the most or the whole story.
   2. Can enjoy a book even without a picture.
   3. Can answer many questions about the material or the feelings and thoughts of the story.
   4. Read out loud and full of eskpresif and fully understand all forms of punctuation.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 8 years and over.


Did You Know??

Our body consists of 100 trillion cells and 114 kinds of nutrients needed different. And that we should meet! Our bodies wake up in the morning and demanded 114 kinds of nutrients. And ... what food we give to our bodies in the morning?

There are 3 categories BREAKFAST:

1. Breakfast Carbohydrates

In the morning, simple carbohydrates (refined cereals, white bread, toast, rice) will cause blood sugar levels rise suddenly, which causes the amount of insulin the body releases large enough. The result is a decrease in the level of blood sugar levels and the desire to eat more carbohydrates. The cycle is repeated 2-3 times a day. And the cycle of ups and downs in blood sugar is the pancreas and aggravate memperlemahnya work. This is one of the main reasons for the cause of diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain.

2. No Breakfast

When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar will drop / drop below normal levels. You will feel hungry and decreased energy levels. You will return to consume simple carbs to get the sugar levels increased rapidly to cope with hunger and decreased energy that you experience. These simple carbohydrates will cause an increase in the level of blood sugar levels that cause sudden release of insulin the body is large enough. Will take advantage of insulin in the blood sugar and turn to fat. The result is a decrease in blood sugar levels and the desire to eat more carbohydrates. The cycle is repeated 2-3 times a day. And the cycle of ups and downs in blood sugar is the pancreas and aggravate memperlemahnya work. This is one of the main reasons for the cause of diabetes, high blood pressure and weight gain.

What Breakfast for My Right?

3. Protein Based Breakfast.

This breakfast will supply our bodies with essential nutrients and energy without increasing blood sugar and insulin levels. Breakfast this morning will menghindarikan us from dependence on carbohydrates every day. In this way your appetite can be controlled well, the desire to eat carbohydrate foods (snacks, chocolates, cakes, junk food, soft drinks, rice and noodles) will be reduced. As a result the body will use stored fat in the body for energy or as energy source


4 Myths That Have Been Trusted by Women

Yesterday, we have explained 6 myths that have been trusted, now we will continue with others myths..

1. Myth decaffeinated coffee will not affect the energy level

This may be surprising, but decaffeinated coffee still contains caffeine, although only the 5 mg sedikt compared with regular coffee is 90 mg or higher on the coffee filter.

However, low caffeine does not mean no effect on the body. Researchers showed that decaffeinated coffee makes people more sleepy than those who drink coffee at all.

Crystal Dr. Haskell from Northumbria University, found that the caffeine levels of less than 10 mg of actually make people feel more tired, with more memory capacity is weak.

2. Myth always keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator

People may not invent think twice to take the fruit or vegetables in a closet. But by letting him stay cool, then it is the wrong thing.

Scientists at Oklahoma in the United States found that watermelons were left at room temperature for 2 weeks contain beta-carotene twice, and 20 percent more lycopene (an antioxidant that good) rather than stored in the refrigerator.

Bananas and peaches are also more nutritious food at a temperature of 20 degrees.

3. Myth body needs 8 glasses of water each day

If people drink two liters water per day, that person turned out to be wasting his time.

When doctors at the University of Pennsylvania United States researching the benefits of drinking lots of water, they found no evidence that it leads to a much cleaner skin, menurunan weight or help your body to detox.

According to Angela, the amount of water a person needs varies, thirst is the best indicator. The trick is to check the color of urine, if a pale yellowish or maybe someone already drinking enough water.

4. Myth, slim by eating little and often

Which is better, three large meals or six servings with a little portion? Diet books may suggest to eat little and often. But people will not be possible to lose weight that way.

Australian scientists Michelle Palmer Dr compares weight loss in people who eat with both methods and found they weighed the same amount. The only difference is six dishes with small portions tend to be more difficult to eat.

Angela says that eating little and often can control hunger. But the danger is often eating means consuming more calories.


6 Myths That Have Been Trusted

Here are 6 myths that have been trusted by the mother / woman, who actually is wrong and not the truth ..

1. Myth blueberries contain more antioxidants than other fruits

Blueberry is known as a super food because it contains antioxidants (molecules that protect the body from cancer due to free radicals) high. But this does not mean that blueberry fruit is superior to the others.

Blueberries are high value on the scale of the oxygen radical absorption capacity (oxygen radical Absorbance Capacity or ORAC), but the scientists discovered that food has a higher scale, such as chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

Even if you are ranked, blueberries have only one advantage in a family of antioxidants, anthocyanins are also found in other fruits such as grapes. And the price is much cheaper, red wine actually higher on the ORAC scale.

2. Myth of low-fat foods help you lose weight

Cereal, yogurt or fast food low in fat is always an option for people who really want to lose weight. But not just contain sugar, carbohydrates and artificial sweeteners, these foods also contain more calories as a high-fat alternatives.

Especially sweet foods low in fat, added sugars that are used can have the same calorie sweet foods usual. May be better to reduce food portions, with more fat but low in sugar.

3. eating at night makes fat

Remains calorie calories consumed at any time in the morning, noon or night. A study conducted on monkeys found that these animals have the same weight even though they eat six percent or 65 percent of the food at night. Because the speed of the combustion process in the body remains the same even at night.

But avoid eating at night if they want to lose weight.

4. eggs increase cholesterol

First, people are encouraged to consume the eggs, then there is a warning that eggs are not good for the heart. But now it seems the first advice better.

Although eggs contain cholesterol, our bodies varying the amount of cholesterol, which is sufficient to make it less if we eat eggs.

A study conducted by the University of Surrey, found that after a diet by eating two eggs a day for 12 weeks, no test subjects increased cholesterol levels.

And in addition to low-calorie (75 calories in a boiled egg), eggs also contain vitamin D, vitamin B-12 and other nutrients.

5. Myth of coffee causes dehydration of the body

If people think that drinking coffee can make your body dehydrated, then the person is wrong. 50 percent of British people to limit consumption of coffee, because coffee contains a diuretic believe (substances that cause the body to lose fluid by making the kidneys produce more urine).

But in fact, coffee does not have an effect on peminumnya. Angela Dowden Nutritionist says that a new conversion can make people more frequently to the toilet. But menurutnyan, our bodies get used to it, and the coffee is important for the body daily fluid intake.

6. Margarine myths not good for the heart

This used to be true, because before margarine is packed with trans fats, hydrogenated fats which are bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol lowering. And this can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

But after the reaction from consumers, margarine has been re-formulated with poly-unsaturated fats and mono sound. And according to Angela, margarine into a healthier choice than butter.


Afraid of thunderstorms?

For many people do not exhaust too much of their brain power usually only their physical strength when in multi-tasking activities, but also the tendency to further expand its branch at the point where a clear need for a good long Time to relax. Many hard-working people who can not understand the idea seems to relax and take time from work and their concerns, but rather begin to cover this experience nerve damage, depression and all forms of mental illness are seen harmful to your health sense person happy, you're wrong, if it concerns one of the unfortunate people who are not able fabhtcheartú care and more excitement, and some medications, in fact, available and different treatments for depression to treatment.

There are fears, depression, characterized by various irregularities and idiosyncrasies of human suffering, this is caused by specific usuallu a stressor can be easily found that the worries and stress. In addition, ask lots of people tend to emphasize on the current activity of the nervous system that are prone to depression, fear, but not intentionally cause, when it comes to difficult and stressful activities, there is a good chance. This can be difficult enough to overcome at first, but try to be calm and cool at the time of a high pressure, the actual size of mental health is really saving spiral.

When it comes to really heal from a mental disorder, you have to remember that this judge really honest with yourself and to depression or mental illness, you really need it, go get to a psychiatrist, you know, and be diagnosed appropriate treatment of depression itself. Here are the different types of depression:

Bipolar or manic depression - characterized by sudden changes in the real person and an atmosphere where one minutes he was in the high state of euphoria and
The remaining minutes (days or weeks) found it in a private hell.

Postpartum Depression - by long grief and feelings of emptiness with a new mother is identified that allows the physical stress during child birth, a clear understanding of responsibility for a newborn child as the possible factors why you go through some of these new mothers.

If Dysthimia - characterized by little in common with depression, but this proved much more difficult time, but of course with the case will be treated immediately.

Cyclothemia - is characterized by a number of similarities with manic or bipolar depression is that people with mental illness often experience a great change in the mood.

Seasonal Affective Disorder - characterized by falling in a rut only during certain seasons, winter i. prove (to spring, summer or autumn) studies, however, that more people
fall into a rut than in autumn and winter and in the end, mood swings, where you can see the mood of happy, sad, angry, just a short time.

But the true nature of depression in many people with depression often fear that had characterized the situation arise, too anxious about things. Concerned, should not what normal people would really help to better adapt to stressful events, such as care or the date of the first complete survey on the following day. Remember you ready for "difficult cases" concern, because they are a good thing. But depression is concerned, not just the opposite, so easily dismissed with nerve cases "" depression is actually with disease resulting from the biological composition of the individual can, in other words, hereditary disease.

Even species that depression is actually a lot of care, each with unique characteristics. Take for example Generalized disorder or GAD is concerned, this form of depression is a problem in much more complex than the average depression, but a day to day and for those who are suffering from this form of depression, anxiety, Disorder Generalized concerns the person that really makes a lot more paranoid than usual, often more concerned about the attacks, sometimes even inappropriate. You can even anxious, even if there is no obvious reason that they need to behave in this way. People with generalized disorder care, in fact many of the symptoms include a lack of sleep, relax, tired, I could not concentrate on what they did, and even suffer from SAD. The type of depression is still curable concern, but little will be done to the trick.

To give a consultation with a reputation for cognitive behavioral therapists, helping the individual therapy, she had to relax him or her, and the means to fight key to post attack, helping to relax them calma down and support.upyourspirit.


Is Sugar A Memory Killer?

up your spirit Sugar has no food. This is a pure carbohydrate that offers illusion of energy, but only cause a fall after the first eruption was developed. Sugar contributes to the emotional state because of the OP "vitamin B-complex during metabolism.
These vitamins nourish the nervous system. As already noted, can lead to lack emotional disturbances. Sugar, with its performance degradation failure. In violation of the delicate blood sugar can cause mind-bending, mind destroying action. E "refers to the distortion of thinking, erratic behavior and memory effects.
Joseph Wilder, MD, writes in the nervous child, blames the consumption of sugar, which exceeds the fact that so many children display neurotic symptoms. Young people, according to Dr. Wilder, consume much sugar in their desire for sweet and so are more susceptible to these emotional disturbances. Therefore, they will receive a serious threat to their mental health "in the interest of food for the mind (and natural), whose function is much greater in children than in adults.
Surplus of sugar, says Dr. Wilder is emotionally dangerous. Diet "In adults, defective or inappropriate may change or deterioration in general or specific mental functions and ultimately lead to repair or irreparable damage to the structure of the central nervous system. For children, we are facing a serious factor. In Development brain can be slowed, stopped, changed, and thus mental functions are affected indirectly, and no less serious.
Sugar metabolism of nerve farming leaches vitamins and danger signals are recorded. The person who eats too much or not eating at all. Often impaired memory. Nightmares, sleep, poor training, distraction, male, the inability to do things - all these can cause.
"Laziness may be caused by hypoglycemia (blood sugar)," says Dr. Wilder, "with mental fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, lack of initiative and, above all, the inability to make serious decisions."
Serious illness of a system overload of sugar can lead to violence. Dr. Wilder says: "The child may be neurotic, psychopathic or criminal trends and is subject to anxiety, escape tendencies, aggression, blind desire to work and acts of vandalism, destruction of the moral feelings such as shame.
"In its simplest form is the tendency to deny anything that contradicts, denies everything at any cost ... It is not surprising that a significant number of semi-criminal and criminal, have been observed in children ... [ glucose] States, ranging from vandalism or violation of traffic all the way to arson and murder.
Dr. Wilder also said that "the usual problems of the relationship of poverty to crime to requests for an inquiry in terms of hypoglycemia ... In one such study, although the possible irreparable anatomical damage and the arrest of a youth development brain caused by malnutrition during childhood, even if the patient is not criminal or metabolic disorders during the investigation. "

In an article in "Handbook of Correctional Psychology, Dr. Joseph Wilder suggests the number of cases of criminal acts committed by persons with a history of high intake of sugar and shows symptoms of hypoglycemia. For crimes included murder, arson, mutilation.
During the report, Dr. Wilder is statements like this:
"After the arrest of the patient, his GP has informed the defense that two years before the crime, the curve of glucose (blood test) had a tendency to hypoglycemia. Hitler was one of the sugar" drunkard "and this may be one reason that brain water, raving, maniac is demagogic. His excessive consumption of sugar can lead to low blood sugar and subsequent adaptation to love screaming anger. Hitler sweets. Ernst Hanfstaengl, staff pianist of the Führer, in his book, unheard witness says how Hitler loved sweets and cakes cream prosperous. there was always a box of chocolates around. Pianist writes that Hitler could not have at least the wine Do not put sugar in the drink! In its early years, when in prison, his friends shower him with boxes of candy, knowing of his addiction.
Hanfstaengl wrote: "... Hitler was the most incredible sweet tooth man I ever met ..." Although there are many other factors related to the twisted mind of Hitler, may have been the consumption of glucose hypoglycemia trigger other symptoms that exploded.
Sugar is an artificial creation. Sugar molecule is Cn H <2> N c (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen). It has no nutrients. It is soluble in water and reeds in the blood, spending less time in the digestive system. He is considered a chemical compound and disrupt the normal regime of the health of biological systems. It may also lead to abnormal pressure on mental processes.
H. Stutte, MD, a physician officials in Marburg, Germany type problems too much sugar in points Das Neue Zeitalter, the possibility of a link between blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and number of car accidents:
"A person with hypoglycemia who suddenly in the thick of traffic to pass in a big city with vision problems or a weakened state ... that respond incorrectly because of lack of initiative or clouding of consciousness, a person can easily cause an incident in which he or another person can be a victim. "
This state of "dangerous special danger when they win the driver and steering wheel - and often does - that person is not aware that he was insane and continues to drive reductions ... when suddenly a car in the opposite lane and clash, in which conditions of good light curve can be seen clearly on this issue, or even the right way, no one should be satisfied with the laconic statement "goes too fast, but also reflect on the possibility of hypoglycaemia ... "

Dr. Sutta recommended for medical research in these cases: "The expansion of the investigation of the causes (in the field of medicine and technology) will likely be much higher to prevent accidents and increase regulations punitory".


Meaning of Family Holidays: Peace and harmony

What to do on vacation with your family? Going to the beach or a week in this country I can take? You may wish to camping and visiting relatives. Whatever ill reacquainted with family fun family vacation opportunity to conduct well time. This is an opportunity for parents to talk to teens and what really happened in their lives can get. That said, and expansion of online communication, it is important that family holidays are a great opportunity. A good relationship they have with the parent of one of the most important aspects to keep the problem out of the 10 teenagers.
Research shows when on holiday with his family, they are more likely to be argued with is probably eating less. They are not really watching TV as long as they participate in something a step. Even parents of children during the holiday period have shown different behavior.
It is during the family holidays for the children to have sufficient time to connect, to communicate on the problems existing thiachóga not automatically. The 10 teenagers who listen to it, flexibility is important. I want the children to learn to eat and plan accordingly. The 10 teenagers to be alert to the need for parents to try to avoid confrontation notice. How do you decide what to show and explain the positive attention.
Children included in Schedule I really respect. If they are able to choose between the theme parks or the beach, they are likely to choose from. Sometimes good for young people on holiday with family and special friends who took it to work. While this can increase the burden on the parents, 10 teenagers that tend to appreciate it. Also, sometimes, as well as for children at Christmas with their grandparents than their parents trying to move. Sometimes I open the child to communicate their concerns on the special relationship that can help here.
During a family vacation, if you will behave properly, 10, or not cooperate, try a personal solution to the problem. 10 teenagers are aware embarrassmant and futile attempt to use this sensitive means. Indeed, the children what embarrasses you how you can demonstrate that they are going to get to this point will work for appropriate action.
If they have snacks and drinks for the children, family holidays, happy and entertaining. Enjoying some children in the car long trip! Not a single CD player or portable video games available, and forget the toilet to try to stop consuming. If they can help you follow the map, sometimes the children can enjoy travel more. This activity is educational for them. Can the following advice, you and your family a happy holiday chuimhní create.


Signs of pregnant women

Women are usually just beginning to think that she was pregnant or not after a late menstrual schedule 1-2 weeks. Although there is little evidence that any indication that she was pregnant.

For people who do not menstruate regularly schedule would be difficult to know whether they are pregnant or not and will not be achieved after the pregnancy test results showed a positive sign.

But in addition to schedule a late period, there are some other signs indicated that if a woman is pregnant, quoted from Baby Center.:

1. Breasts swollen and tender.
One of the signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness and a little pain caused by rising hormone levels. The pain is usually experienced more pain than if menstruation. This disadvantage will be substantially reduced after the first trimester because your body adjust to hormonal changes.

2. Moe quickly.
People who become pregnant in the first trimester often feel tired suddenly, probably caused by rapidly increased levels of the hormone progesterone. But pregnant women will feel more energetic after reaching the second trimester.

3. There was little bleeding.
Some women experience vaginal bleeding in about 11/12 days after contact. The bleeding was caused by the fertilized egg in the uterus. Bleeding that is very mild, like a spot of blood appears, just spotting pink or reddish brown spots.

4. The experience of nausea and vomiting.
Women suffering from nausea and vomiting usually experienced in the morning after 1 months to male and female relationships. But for women who are pregnant, nausea and vomiting is not only happening in the morning, but also problems in the afternoon and evening.

5. Increased sensitivity to odors.
Sometimes pregnant women feel dislike of certain smells such as coffee, perfume or the smell of food that is popular with women previously. This reaction can cause vomiting reflex.

6. Flatulence.
Hormonal changes that occur during early pregnancy may feel bloated stomach, like when a woman before her period to come.

7. Frequent urination.
Pregnant women often urinate all the time, because the amount of blood and fluid during pregnancy increases, making the extra fluid is processed by the kidneys and the bladder.

8. Menstrual schedule.
If regular menstruation, then someone will do a pregnancy test for other signs appear. But if the term is not regular, then one can of the above symptoms are an indication that you get late menstruation.

9. Basal body temperature remains high.
BBT is the temperature measured in the morning, while still in bed and not doing any activities. To measure can use a thermometer under the tongue. If the basal body temperature remains high for 18 consecutive days there is a possibility that you are pregnant.

10. Using a pregnancy test.
One of the signs of pregnancy that is almost precisely the use of a pregnancy. The use of the pregnancy is the best around 1 week after the end of menstruation. If the above signs, but the result was negative, try to repeat a few days later.
so, ladies.. up your spirit for get child your own...