Smart, For Who Has a Motherly Nature

The lucky for a woman who has a motherly nature. Though not yet a mother, a woman who had a gentle nature and loving like a mother-cells can produce new nerve cells in the brain that might be made more intelligent.

This is the result of a study that revealed by researchers from Tufts University's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, London. Although this new study conducted on mice, but the analogous rat brain as a human brain was shown to have growth of new cells when a mother's activity.

In this study, mice who had never given birth were given a pet to evoke a sense of motherhood. The rats were stimulated to behave like a mother protecting pets including using his body to put her to bed in the nest. From mouse brain scans during the study progresses, an increase in the number of nerve cells in the rat brain.

Previous studies had mentioned that rodents are lactating (lactation) increased the formation of nerve cells in the brain. However, this study is the first study showing the benefits of maternal characteristics in living things that do not have kids.

Researchers focused the study on the part of the brain subventricular, which is part of the brain that produce cells associated with the introduction of smells and maternal traits. Adult female mice are reported to be motherhood has more nerve cells in the brain than rats that never connected with the children.

Yet researchers still do not know the cause of increased production of brain cells in mice. But the researchers speculate it is caused by the hormone prolactin, which stimulates maternal behavior and the formation of nerve cell formation in the brain. The more often associated with children's production of nerve cells in the brain will increase.

"This study shows that a maternal nature is a benefit and blessing. Proven to behave like a mother, the new cells will grow in the brain and it is not impossible to make someone more intelligent. Fortunately for those who will and has become a mother," said the researcher, Robert Bridges as quoted by LiveScience,


Japanese Women Naturally Slim Secrets

Here, some secret from japanese women to get slim...
Japanese women eat about 69 kg of fish per year. Replace beef with no fat fish other than the road .. may be a risk for the disease jantung.Oh yes menurukan their favorite salmon.

Japanese people consume large amounts of soy. The study even up to 10 times from other countries in the world. For tips on this slim, now you can say WOW!

Why the smart way? because the soy sauce in Japanese society has a low fat and calories. And have high protein.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
For those of you women who are looking for some tips langing, must have known that one way slim by eating menjad fresh fruits and vegetables. Japanese women do it .... And also time to trim.

How smart for food with natural ingredients from soy. And it has become mandatory for Japanese women.

Varied diet
Most Japanese people eat a variety of foods. For women older Japanese. They may eat different foods 100 days. Stars do not have a relationship with slender tips, but this should be prosecuted. If he fails, it emang udah fat

Healthy Breakfast
If a country called Indonesia, is obviously much smaller than breakfast, lunch and dinner. But unlike the Japanese people. Serves breakfast, Japanese women are usually more than lunch and dinner.


How to Overcome Stress and manage it

We all have our own way when faced with stress, and certainly everyone will have different styles and ways of overcoming stress. But when it comes down to it, I think that it is how we work or even relax, for that matter that triggers stress. Never stress even when you are relaxed and bored? I know I've been there ....

Since Error! is important to find ways to reduce and prevent incidents and reduce negative reactions to stress. Here are some things you can do to overcome.
basically life is routine as brushing teeth or eating breakfast. You can do some in a longer time frame ....

The following trick to motivate your spirit and to overcome stress

Manage your time
Time management skills can allow you more time with family and friends and maybe improve performance and productivity. This will reduce your stress.

trick to motivate it for improving time management:
· Save time and concentrating, delegating, and scheduling time for yourself.
· Make notes about daily activities, including work, family, and leisure.
· Prioritize time by rating tasks by importance and urgency. Redirect your time for these activities are important and meaningful to you.
· Managing commitments by not over-or undercommitting. Do not do what is not important to you.
· Deal with procrastination by using a day planner, breaking large projects into smaller ones, and set short term deadlines.
· Examine your beliefs to reduce conflict between what you believe and what your life like.

Healthy develop a strategy to overcome
It is important that you identify strategies to overcome. One way to do this is to record the event of stress, your reaction, and how you cope with stress in the journal. With this information, you can work to change unhealthy strategies to cope with unhealthy people who help you focus on the positive and what you can change or control in your life.

Way of life
Several lifestyle affects your stress level. They may not cause stress directly. So Try to:

· Eat a balanced diet for the nutritional defense against stress.
· Get moderate exercise throughout the week.
· Do not consume alcohol.
· Do not smoke.

Social environment

Social support is a major factor in how we experience stress. Social support is the positive support you receive from family, friends, and society. This is the knowledge that you are cared for, loved, respected, and appreciated. More and more research indicates a strong relationship between social support and better mental and physical health.

Change mindset
When an event triggers negative thoughts, you may experience fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and sense of worthlessness or helplessness. This emotional stress triggers the body, such as the real threat is not. Dealing with your negative thoughts and how you see things that can help reduce stress.
· Negative thoughts to help eliminate stress.
· Refuted rational mind will help you to avoid exaggerating the negative thought, anticipating the worst, and interpreting an event wrong.
· Problem solving helps you identify all aspects of a stressful event and find ways to overcome them.
Changing your communication style will help you. Speaking calmly, gently and away from the debate and hostility. This will reduce the stress that comes from bad communication. ...


Sand, Safer for our children than Wood

Play using the base of the sand is safer for the children's activities, rather than playing with the wood and rubber.
He received that children play with sand base is almost five times greater risk of breaking the weapons less, feet or other body parts other than the wood fiber or rubber. This research was published in PLoS Medicine website.

This indicates that it is better to give our children the sand than wood .. greater security to our children. This research was carried out in various places to play if one compares the two surfaces of wood fiber and sand. In this case, found that children playing in the playground area with wood fiber is 4.9 times the risk of fractures compared with children playing in the sand-covered surface.

In Australia, for example, there are cases of at least 106.6 fracture than 100,000 primary school children
Although the surface is dangerous for children when used mataĆ­ rubber, rubber and children was a step back to allow for those more serious fractures.

In addition to the base of security used for a playground for children, proper maintenance also plays a role in the security and the reduction in the number of injuries that might arise. Should the depth of a sand layer Optimized and supervisors who participated in order to ensure the security required.

Reflects previous research by the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Center of the safety performance could be significantly reduced if the depth of the surface properties to meet the demand.

If the sand is placed in the appropriate depth under the slide boards or poles to climb, so that it can protect children from something hard on the floor in autumn.