Bringing up Children as a Matter of do's and don'ts

Raising children is not easy. All parents know, dass Each new day brings new challenges and problems, along with more fun and joy of their parents. The two go hand in hand - cruise problems.

But often parents finally saw their task of bringing up their children as a matter of do's and don'ts. Children with a list of commandments and prohibitions, which does not always make sense, but he knew that if he is not on the list, the work's title, it will be harder than their parents.

Children have good discipline and habits, good values ​​and character development. But a disciplinary point of the population, the fear in the minds of children can be harmful.

I mention here a few helpful tips for parents to help parents to understand how far in dealing with the behavior of children, where to draw the line to go:

Yelling is no solution

Sometimes the behavior of your child's problems go on my nerves. Most parents at the end the children crying, not because they want to, but because they feel that the only way to hear, on her children. It is a myth.

Children do not listen to you, because he understands what is said in favor of himself. He was heard for fear of censure. In other words, the doctrine of trying to hand out to your child, lost all sound and fury. Instead, make the psychological barrier of anger in children.

When you cried the child to hold for every little thing that you can beat it emotional abuse as harmful as physical violence. For a time, the children used to cry, and she started screaming the whole time you draw on it. In short, yell or scream to discipline your children, they are not effective. In contrast, the children begin to show aggression, frustration and hostility toward the development of violent behavior of their parents.

Tips for parents: Put yourself in your child's shoes

How did you hear him? Put yourself in your child's shoes and try to see the world from their perspective. Do you like called names all the little stupid? Would you prefer someone explain what mistakes you made, what the damage and what would happen if you have things the right way?

It is very simple, really. Children are not stupid, they are very intelligent, the brain receives, and they understand everything. Explain your soft, child ministry may modify the severity of his mistakes and what can be achieved by another application or how he coped with the situation. If the child is a missed opportunity and a responsibility to do the right thing, your child will remember the lesson for a very long time.

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