Smart, For Who Has a Motherly Nature

The lucky for a woman who has a motherly nature. Though not yet a mother, a woman who had a gentle nature and loving like a mother-cells can produce new nerve cells in the brain that might be made more intelligent.

This is the result of a study that revealed by researchers from Tufts University's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, London. Although this new study conducted on mice, but the analogous rat brain as a human brain was shown to have growth of new cells when a mother's activity.

In this study, mice who had never given birth were given a pet to evoke a sense of motherhood. The rats were stimulated to behave like a mother protecting pets including using his body to put her to bed in the nest. From mouse brain scans during the study progresses, an increase in the number of nerve cells in the rat brain.

Previous studies had mentioned that rodents are lactating (lactation) increased the formation of nerve cells in the brain. However, this study is the first study showing the benefits of maternal characteristics in living things that do not have kids.

Researchers focused the study on the part of the brain subventricular, which is part of the brain that produce cells associated with the introduction of smells and maternal traits. Adult female mice are reported to be motherhood has more nerve cells in the brain than rats that never connected with the children.

Yet researchers still do not know the cause of increased production of brain cells in mice. But the researchers speculate it is caused by the hormone prolactin, which stimulates maternal behavior and the formation of nerve cell formation in the brain. The more often associated with children's production of nerve cells in the brain will increase.

"This study shows that a maternal nature is a benefit and blessing. Proven to behave like a mother, the new cells will grow in the brain and it is not impossible to make someone more intelligent. Fortunately for those who will and has become a mother," said the researcher, Robert Bridges as quoted by LiveScience,


Japanese Women Naturally Slim Secrets

Here, some secret from japanese women to get slim...
Japanese women eat about 69 kg of fish per year. Replace beef with no fat fish other than the road .. may be a risk for the disease jantung.Oh yes menurukan their favorite salmon.

Japanese people consume large amounts of soy. The study even up to 10 times from other countries in the world. For tips on this slim, now you can say WOW!

Why the smart way? because the soy sauce in Japanese society has a low fat and calories. And have high protein.

Fresh fruits and vegetables
For those of you women who are looking for some tips langing, must have known that one way slim by eating menjad fresh fruits and vegetables. Japanese women do it .... And also time to trim.

How smart for food with natural ingredients from soy. And it has become mandatory for Japanese women.

Varied diet
Most Japanese people eat a variety of foods. For women older Japanese. They may eat different foods 100 days. Stars do not have a relationship with slender tips, but this should be prosecuted. If he fails, it emang udah fat

Healthy Breakfast
If a country called Indonesia, is obviously much smaller than breakfast, lunch and dinner. But unlike the Japanese people. Serves breakfast, Japanese women are usually more than lunch and dinner.


How to Overcome Stress and manage it

We all have our own way when faced with stress, and certainly everyone will have different styles and ways of overcoming stress. But when it comes down to it, I think that it is how we work or even relax, for that matter that triggers stress. Never stress even when you are relaxed and bored? I know I've been there ....

Since Error! is important to find ways to reduce and prevent incidents and reduce negative reactions to stress. Here are some things you can do to overcome.
basically life is routine as brushing teeth or eating breakfast. You can do some in a longer time frame ....

The following trick to motivate your spirit and to overcome stress

Manage your time
Time management skills can allow you more time with family and friends and maybe improve performance and productivity. This will reduce your stress.

trick to motivate it for improving time management:
· Save time and concentrating, delegating, and scheduling time for yourself.
· Make notes about daily activities, including work, family, and leisure.
· Prioritize time by rating tasks by importance and urgency. Redirect your time for these activities are important and meaningful to you.
· Managing commitments by not over-or undercommitting. Do not do what is not important to you.
· Deal with procrastination by using a day planner, breaking large projects into smaller ones, and set short term deadlines.
· Examine your beliefs to reduce conflict between what you believe and what your life like.

Healthy develop a strategy to overcome
It is important that you identify strategies to overcome. One way to do this is to record the event of stress, your reaction, and how you cope with stress in the journal. With this information, you can work to change unhealthy strategies to cope with unhealthy people who help you focus on the positive and what you can change or control in your life.

Way of life
Several lifestyle affects your stress level. They may not cause stress directly. So Try to:

· Eat a balanced diet for the nutritional defense against stress.
· Get moderate exercise throughout the week.
· Do not consume alcohol.
· Do not smoke.

Social environment

Social support is a major factor in how we experience stress. Social support is the positive support you receive from family, friends, and society. This is the knowledge that you are cared for, loved, respected, and appreciated. More and more research indicates a strong relationship between social support and better mental and physical health.

Change mindset
When an event triggers negative thoughts, you may experience fear, insecurity, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and sense of worthlessness or helplessness. This emotional stress triggers the body, such as the real threat is not. Dealing with your negative thoughts and how you see things that can help reduce stress.
· Negative thoughts to help eliminate stress.
· Refuted rational mind will help you to avoid exaggerating the negative thought, anticipating the worst, and interpreting an event wrong.
· Problem solving helps you identify all aspects of a stressful event and find ways to overcome them.
Changing your communication style will help you. Speaking calmly, gently and away from the debate and hostility. This will reduce the stress that comes from bad communication. ...


Sand, Safer for our children than Wood

Play using the base of the sand is safer for the children's activities, rather than playing with the wood and rubber.
He received that children play with sand base is almost five times greater risk of breaking the weapons less, feet or other body parts other than the wood fiber or rubber. This research was published in PLoS Medicine website.

This indicates that it is better to give our children the sand than wood .. greater security to our children. This research was carried out in various places to play if one compares the two surfaces of wood fiber and sand. In this case, found that children playing in the playground area with wood fiber is 4.9 times the risk of fractures compared with children playing in the sand-covered surface.

In Australia, for example, there are cases of at least 106.6 fracture than 100,000 primary school children
Although the surface is dangerous for children when used mataí rubber, rubber and children was a step back to allow for those more serious fractures.

In addition to the base of security used for a playground for children, proper maintenance also plays a role in the security and the reduction in the number of injuries that might arise. Should the depth of a sand layer Optimized and supervisors who participated in order to ensure the security required.

Reflects previous research by the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Center of the safety performance could be significantly reduced if the depth of the surface properties to meet the demand.

If the sand is placed in the appropriate depth under the slide boards or poles to climb, so that it can protect children from something hard on the floor in autumn.


Save Our Kids When Browsing....

Today, has become common, when a child is able to run the computer or even playing online ..
In today's era of open, many children who are good at using google or yahoo searching ...
But careful, avoid your child from the Search engines that used by us, and todayi will recommend using a familiar search engine and secure for them ...
Yup ... we can use

KidZui, is one of the alternative Web browser for kids. With this browser you do not need to worry. KidZui We have a large database and offers more than 2 million games (games), web site, photos and video, and of course that you can access the service your child have all been approved, and a lot of porn ..

Essentially, the KidZui browser your child can easily be directed to services that are specifically intended for them.

Myth About Drink Cold Water for Pregnancy....

There is a myth of pregnancy is forbidden to drink cold water because it can cause the child she is carrying a large. Is this story true?? Lets read up your spirit article below..…

When pregnant women sometimes like to drink cold water, especially if the weather is hot, but they are afraid to drink cold water for fear of having trouble giving birth later. ..
This is not true because. big baby at birth is not due to drinking cold water, but more on the mother who has diabetes (diabetes).

Pregnant women are not forbidden to drink cold water, but not too much for pregnant women to be better used to consume water with sufficient quantities to prevent dehydration. When humans consume cold water, then the body must burn calories or fat to increase the temperature of the cold drinks.

So if a pregnant woman drinking cold water body will work hard and reduce calories at her bodies, because the cold water that comes into the body to be adjusted with the body's own temperature. But that does not mean the cold water will make a big baby. Because of cold water consumed by pregnant mothers continue to be issued back through the urine.

Just for your info do not drink cold water after a meal, because it can slow digestion and absorb solid food last longer. Therefore, pregnant women should drink warm water after eating.

As quoted from Childbirth, Friday (13/11/2009) infants born with diabetes are at risk born with a big body so hard in the process of childbirth. This happens because when blood sugar levels in the mother increases, the baby would automatically get the extra sugar levels. Excess sugar will make the baby born with a large weight.
So it's best if it has a history of diabetes or a derivative, then you should adjust your diet so as not to raise blood sugar levels and avoid the baby is born with a large weight.


How Normal Weight During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy the mother is certain to increase because women need more nutrients for the development of the baby. But many women confused about the weight gain is normal or not. Just how normal weight during pregnancy?

Like it or not, weight gain during pregnancy can not be avoided. The baby needs the nutrients for growth and development. But thinking diet for two people is not something that can be tolerated when the mother was pregnant.

Pregnant women should stick to a healthy lifestyle, so it can control the weight gain during pregnancy. In addition, of course, to support the baby's health and makes capital easier to lose weight after giving birth.

None matched the size of the increase in weight when the mother was pregnant. How much weight is needed by pregnant women depends on various factors, including body weight before pregnancy and body mass index (BMI). In addition maternal and infant health also plays an important role.

For that mothers should always control their doctor in determining your weight gain is appropriate.
If women gain excessive weight, will have a risk such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The most important thing is to keep the pregnancy a normal weight rather than lose weight. Even if the mother has excess weight before pregnancy, the mother should have a healthy weight during pregnancy so as to avoid bad risks to infants.

But it is also important to get enough weight during pregnancy, especially when entering the second and third trimesters. Because without the addition of sufficient weight, there is the possibility the baby will come early or have a smaller weight than they should.


About ultrasound (USG)

currently pregnant women must get ultrasound (USG) to determine the condition of the baby in the belly of the mother. Some people ask, must all pregnant women get it?? , how important is a pregnant woman is doing an ultrasound?

just for your info, Ultrasound is a test of non-invasive diagnostic that uses sound waves to show visual images of the baby, placenta, uterus and other pelvic organs. This examination is useful to know the development of pregnancy and infant health was conceived.

We did an ultrasound, the technician will transmit high frequency sound waves through the uterus to be bounced off the baby, the result will be images that can translate into sound echoes from the video image to show the form of a baby, the position and movements. Series of images called a sonogram.

On average the mothers perform an ultrasound examination when she entered 16 of gestation until 20 weeks. But there is also a do it since the age of 4 to 5 weeks, or whenever you feel there are signs of trouble. Usually the mothers looked forward to ultrasound at 4 months of gestation, because at that time could see the shape and sex of the baby.

As quoted from babycenter, Thursday (15/10/2009), other benefits can be obtained by performing an ultrasound examination is able to monitor the baby's heart rate per minute, so they can know whether there is a problem with his heart or not. To find out if the baby single or twin, to determine whether the position of the placenta covering the cervix or not because if the cover can cause pain and bleeding afterwards.

If the last trimester, ultrasound is important to know the size of the baby if the weight is too low or excessive. To assess whether the amniotic fluid have too much or too little. To determine the physical form of the baby is normal or not. And equally important is to know the baby's position, because this position can determine whether mothers can give birth normally or forced to by caesarean section.

Performed ultrasound can detect abnormalities in babies who have up to 80 percent. If indeed there is a problem then it could be given first aid even though the baby is still in the womb, so as to eliminate various problems that may arise when the baby is born.

Until now have not found evidence that ultrasound can harm a baby's development. So an ultrasound examination during pregnancy is very important that parents and doctors know what condition the baby in the womb.

Oh My Little Boy...

hurray .. brother punished ..

maybe that sentence from my little girl in the heart when she saw his brother get punished ..
This “tragedy” begins after my boy grabbing cards that brought by his young sister ..
Naruto’s card, which brought by his young sisterwas captured and taken away .. so it make my little girl crying.. ..
saw this, I immediately pursued his brother and asked him to give back naruto card ..
",hey, give it back to your sister …!"
uh he just ran away ...
well I had to catch my boy, then I punished him..
I ordered him to stand in front of his clothes cupboard ....
I do not know whether this is effectively to overcome his naughtiness


Wow.. Holiday Time !!

Today, on September 14, 2009 is the first day of school holidays. Appropriate national curriculum in Indonesia, this Monday is the beginning of a long holiday to welcome Iedul Fitri holidays.
Wow .. This means that 2 of my Childs who was still sitting in the kindergarten and playgroup must be off, and stay at home .. This means they will play a full day at home!!
There are some things that seemed to do to anticipate that children continue to learn even though the school holidays.
I planning to do ::
Every morning around 7:00 I had prepared questions for my child in kindergarten, either reading or writing exercises. This I gave him so he will not forget the lessons from his school.
Then during the day, I taught him to open a school textbook, though only 10 minutes, and of course the reward of spending money to him ..
For my evening acquitted him of the lesson, just talk to them about the stories that educate before they sleep ..
This is all I do to fill their holidays, in addition they would also invite me to the mall or other refreshing place to avoid burnout ...
Hopefully this way I can make my child keep the school spirit, not saturated and not forget the lessons during his school on holidays ..


Traditional Massage for Our Children

Good nutrition very supportive to the health of our children, especially toddlers, but sometimes we have our children looking tired and less eager and lazy to move. Did you know that actually there is one traditional way to make us his children looked fresh and strong and not lazy activities?
One way that our children stay healthy and have a strong body is to give these children a traditional massage regularly.
Yes traditional massage for toddlers is needed by our toddler, this is already evident in my son. Every once a month, a routine, we took my young children to a traditional massage in our area.
traditional massage  for toddlers serves to loosen stiff muscles, back, body,legs and arms aching due to daily activities.
This recipe is very effective in our toddlers.After that got massages usually the child will be more refreshed and re-active as before.
Perhaps your country also have a traditional massage for babies and toddlers.
It would be nice if you want to try this for your child ..


Trick to Motivate Children to be Discipline.

As parents, we would want our children discipline, and regular in our kids life. And to realize the discipline in children, there are some things we need to know and do, in order to make our child more discipline.
Below several ways that can make our children become self-disciplined

1. Examples from Parents
Without realizing it, we as parents never gave an example to our children about how to be disciplined. We just ordered and had often children do better without first give an example to them.
So the key is, for us as parents to live disciplined, and thus, the child will see the behavior of their parents and they will follow it.

2. Provide an understanding of the benefits of discipline
Show to our child, with the discipline our lives will become more organized, comfortable and more concentration to do something, for example, when children would go to school, teach them the discipline to leave on time, so at school, the child will feel calm, not rushed, no books left behind and can focus at school.

3. By giving them Motivation reward if they can more discipline.
Giving praise, prizes and a few other things that can motivate children to stay on discipline. This is necessary so that children feel valued.

4. Give them some educational Punishment if violates disciplinary
Punish them, if the breach of discipline at home. If the school, they would have received punishment from their teachers.
This is done to discourage children and do not repeat again.

With the above, we expect our children more discipline,...


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Tips to manage a naughty boy

It has become common place when a child 5-8 years old of age often act naughty, reckless and dangerous thing to do for himself.
To overcome this, the following tricks that we can use to our children more manageable and not naughty.

1. Give warning to the child.
Giving a warning, a word that gives information about the dangers of children being carried out. We hope that with this warning they could be more understand and cancel his intention for mischief.

2. If the child is stubborn, approach, and take him elsewhere.
If he was still obstinate, the next step is to take the child to move elsewhere, with how to hold the child away from where he was playing.

3. Punishing children by educating punishment.
If you are still obstinate, one last way is to give punishment to educate the child, so he learned his lesson and not repeated misbehavior.

Vicious snake eating people

this real story override the residents in the area east of indonesia.
after snake killed by residents, in the snakes stomach, people found person who eaten by snake.
you can wacht other picture after click readmore... :)

truly tragic story


Apakah Ada Perpecahan antara SBY dan JK

[trick to motivate] Pernyataan ini sempat mencuat manakala terjadi saling menyindir antara Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono dengan Jusuf Kala.
Sebagaimana diketahui sekarang ini posisi mereka berdua adalah presiden dan wakil presiden RI. Apakah memang benar ada perpecahan ??
apakah perselisihan kecil ini berdampak pada perekonomian indonesia mendatang??
Sebagaimana diberitahukan, bahwa Yusuf kala sempat menyindir koleganya tersebut lambat dalam mencari Cawapres, dan hal tersebut dibantah Susilo dengan mengatakan, urusan penentuan cawapres berdasarkan pertimbangan sendiri. "Saya tidak pernah mengganggu pihak lain mau cepat atau mau lambat," ujar Ketua Dewan Pertimbangan Partai Demokrat ini.
Kiranya Demokrasi yang berkembang di Indonesia saat ini, dan panasnya suhu politik tidak menyebabkan perekonomian kacau, saham anjlok serta kekacauan di kalangan pendukung kedua kubu..
Kita tunggu saja, semoga Susilo dan Jusuf mampu menjadi para pimpinan politik yang patut dicontah bukan hanya patut di pilih..


Is ice cream a ringleader cough?

Parents must set the taste of food children. essentially, do not consume any excessive. Ice cream is a comfort food, therefore, enjoyed reasonable but may not be every day.

Some children have sensitive kerongkongannya so that it does not hold the cold, therefore, consumption of cold food will cause inflammation to the esophagus causing children cough. If our child include the child's resistance to cold water to steam, eat some fo the ice cream is not reasonable cause interference.
Gynecology nutrition ice cream per 100 g:
• energy (Kal 207),
• protein (4 g),
• fat (12.5 g),
• calcium (123 mg),
• phosphorus (99 mg)


Check your Blog Price !!

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Let's smile

[upyourspirit]required about 43 facial muscles to grim and only 17 muscles to smile face .. so, why loss your energy just for the grim, if we can smile?
furthermore, smile is the easiest and cheapest way to provide value plus in our appearance and also very good for our mental health.
Did you know…?
women smile more often than men

Smile can release stress hormones, so after we smile you will feel better
People born with the natural ability to smile, so why you rarely smile??
smile is the universal expression of happiness
people who always smile will prepossess itself interesting, friendly, sincere and competent.
So I think we can do it by now..!!!


PickJack Paid Today

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Fruit juice. Beneficial or detrimental?

[Trick to motivate].Drinking fruit juice is not dangerous. But keep in mind that fruit juice contains a high-calorie. So when too much can cause Obesity. Choose pure fruit juice, do not use the sweetener. Fruit juice contains vitamin C, calcium and others.
Children who do not like to eat fruits will benefit from the fruit juice. But also keep in mind that fruit juice does not contain fiber. Fresh fruit without the juice may be better for children.
Rules limitations are:
• Do not give fruit juice to infants less than 6 months. Except when constipated, doctors sometimes recommend additional child fruit juice.
• Babies 6-12 months can be given fruit juice 100 cc a day. Give the spoon, not from the bottle, to prevent karies teeth.
• Children aged 1-6 years can get a 150 cc fruit juice a day
• Children aged 6 years more than 300 cc may be given a day


tricks to adding taste to eat, for your child

Children are usually difficult to eat at the age of (age) 1 year and over. There are many factors that cause children child does not taste food
: the need for children to move more food into the activities as possible, because the child was drink milk before eating, trauma to the child's food (a claim that children eat neatly), the attitude old or less right (eating too many plates in 1), the less time to eat regularly (because children do not taste or food look bored ) .
1. Prepare food before your child hungry.
2. Cut the Vegetables be a small or change the menu so your child will be interest
3. Provide more opportunities for children to move or play physical
4. Always start with a nutritious meal
5. Give examples of healthy eating patterns, with a regular balanced nutrition


tricks to Treat the Sore Throat

Most of the causes of sore throat is a virus, not bacteria that can be cut off with antibiotics. So basically, to relieve the throat can be done using natural materials, without drugs.
Some things you can do are :

1. Enough rest and drinking lots of fluids.
2. gargle with warm water mixed with salt (1 teaspoon salt per 1 cup water)
3. Such a pastille

4. Such some ice cream or frozen food such as Popsicle

To cure pain, compress your throat
with cloth that has been soaked in warm water.
Enter a clean cloth or towel into warm water tea, press the water from the cloth, and place it to your throat. Lift the cloth a view minutes until cool and repeat until you feel better.


Pickjack, Simple Program to Get Money

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The Magic Pig

Zhejiang - Pigs small color pink for some people is funny. But how do you see your reaction is a pig, and piggy is a certain kind of face 2 and a cutting edge 3!
Plus surprisingly surprised, that is the beginning of the reaction experienced by Liu, a breeder from the province of Zhejiang, China. He was surprised when he raised a pig a pig is a small two-and a certain kind of face-eyed 3!
"We are surprised to see something this strange. I really do not know what should I do with this pig," said Liu, as, Saturday (4 / 4).
According to Liu, the mother pig Jesuitical not have any difference and appear normal. Mother had aged 4 years.
Meanwhile, neighbors have confidence Liu, strange of the pigs is due to mutation of genes or food pollution.


Castro's Letter for Obama

Havana[] - Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, gave a reaction to high-level meeting on South America, Monday, with ask to end the economic blockade of the United States against Cuba, which are almost half a century.

"I want to return to him the respect of fundamental ethical principles, which must be done if we are to deal with Cuba," Castro said in his writings on Obama on the Internet Cubadebate.

"injustice or crime can not be brought to justice, regardless of the time is finished, which happened," said the leader of the countries that the Caribbean islands are more.

"The cruel blockade against the people who live on the beach and make Cuba miserable man." ant / AFP / Taq


Sad Story From Illegal immigrants

TOKYO.[] - Noriko Calderón, 13, have make big decision in his life.She must select both follow his parents back to Filipina or stay in Japan, and the last option he took. Stay in Sakura and said goodbye to her parents who deported.
''Japan is my born land,''said Noriko reasoned, even though Philippines blood flow in her body. Although strictly selected, she was not able to hide the bitter tears over the fact that its all can change the way her life. Tear the girls who still wear the school uniform flow when separated with the father and mother at the Narita Airport, Japan, on Monday (13 / 4).
They hug each other, sad atmosphere accompany their separation

Government of Japan decided banish arlan and Sarah Calderón to the Philippines, while Noriko, their children, still live in Sakura contemporary life. The judicature decided they can meet again five years.
All that began when Sarah and arlan Calderón arrested Immigration Japan in 2006. The Philippines came to japan used a illegal passport in the early 1990s. Then they get married, and have a child that are named Noriko. Arlan already have their own job security at the construction company.
Now they must be separated, cause of this case.


How to increase Alexa Rank for Newbie

Currently I'm trying to decrease the "weight" alias digit alexa rank this blog, from 3 million to under 1 million.
Well after blogwalking .. whether it's the master blogger or fellow colleagues such as upyourspirit. Finally, I find structured right formula to improve the Alexa for our “trick to motivate “blog.
Steps that are now we do:

created a review about Alexa.
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Play & Run Can Reduce Potential Asthma

after we learn about trick to motivate your child, now we will post some article about healt for your child. Oke first we will talk about asma, if your child has a potential for asthma, do not let it stay along time in front of the television. research shows, the children who watch television more than two hours a day increase their risk of asthma.
However the researchers believe the results are more related to lifestyle, that is, stay along time in front of the television.

More than 3,000 children in England aged from newborn to age 11 years following the research published in the journal Thorax.
Parents asked about the symptoms of breath whistling and whether their children had asthma diagnosed, and the children habits watching tv
When all children are free from symptoms of breath whistling at five, some of them, starting about 6% visible signs of asthma when entering the age of 11 years, and those who watch TV more than 2 hours a day appear to have such conditions.
Details of the children who ultimately ail asthma, 2% do not have the habit watching television, 20% watch TV less than 1 hour per day, 34% watch TV 1-2 hours per day and 44% see broadcast TV more than 2 hours a day.
One of the members of the research team, James Paton, doctorate from the University of Glasgow said, "We think the problem is on the event, not watching TV. TV is just a bookmark. may be outbond activity on the young age have to protect the lungs,"
"This shows that, sit on along times can makes us breathe longer and longer, and it may be important in lung health long term," he said.


Thailand Restless

BANGKOK - recruitment of a large-scale situation even make the capital of Thailand heat up. In many corners of the City of Bangkok, the army involved in conflicts with the demonstrators.
News of the final last night, the army began to fire with automatic weapons to drive demonstrators throng on the main road and government offices.

The demonstrators moved to the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from sequestration abroad that respond with the sling shot of the oil boom.
unbalanced Conflict, eventually engulf the victim died. This is the first victim since the government approved demonstration culminates on Saturday (11 / 4). Through local television, the staff of prime minister
Sathit Wongnongtoey, said the victim called Pom, 50, died after shooted by demonstrators at a market near government offices, where the demonstrans gather. Version of the government, people try to prevent demonstrators burn the market so that set commotion.
However, this information debated by Dr. Chatri Charoenchivakul emergency crisis center. He said, the victim died as a result of the shot in the shoulder. In addition, two people also suffered serious injuries due to the same shot. Emergency Medical Institute, Thailand, reported that 94 people including soldiers injured due to collision, including 24 people who are still treated in the hospital.
From his sequestration location, Thaksin accuse the government lies with the actual number of victims killed. Speaking to CNN in a secret location, the original look of the gun into the air to disperse demonstrators in Bangkok has worried many people were killed.
''They take body of the slain remonstrant on the truck and took him away,''Thaksin said to CNN.

Berlusconi : 4000 people were on the rescue operations

Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, who re-location of the disaster, said: "Can I say that all the buildings that collapse events can be re-housed in the historic city of L'Aquila", said Berlusconi. "All the buildings affected by the earthquake."

Berlusconi said 4000 people were on the rescue operations. Italian Ministry of Defense said that they are prepared to shelter about 30,000 people, but many of them stayed at the hotel.

This earthquake is a disaster in Italy, which takes most of the victims in recent decades and is the biggest earthquake in Italy that over almost seven years. Italy is a country located between two lines of the geology that created the Pizza as one of the earthquake-prone countries in Europe.

In 1980, an earthquake in force 6 / 5 Richter scale in the region south of Italy, and killed nearly 3000 people. Another earthquake occurred in 1908, 1915 and 1930, killing tens of thousands of people.

1997, an earthquake killed ten people in the province of Umbria, tens of thousands of people lost their homes, tens of thousands of people lost their homes and destroyed the building arts, including the city of Assisi.

L'Aquila Disaster

By Monday night local time, April 6, 2009, rescue services team still continue to shield the inhabitants are still ruins of the building were locked, as a result of the earthquake that struck the city of L'Aquila, the province of Abruzzo, Italy Center .
So far at least 150 people died, about 1500 people injured and 50,000 people lost their homes as a result of the earthquake force 6 / 3 Richter scale. The number of victims is likely to continue to grow.

Residents who survived, many of which are still in pajamas and blankets, with the slogan body seemed lifeless body from the ruins of the medieval city of L'Aquila, about 120 kilometers northeast of the capital of Rome.

The leader of Catholics in the Vatican, Pope Benediktus XVI prayed for the victims, mostly children who died in the earthquake.


Tricks to increase the Power thought and imagination of the children

The period of five years is a very good time to build a child's brain.
Children ages 3 to 5 years is a very good age to educate and provide a good basic knowledge of religion, logic and communication.

At the age of three years, a child will be able to easily teach to remember and memorize something, and its easy for us to teach them make some improvisation and defines a situation or an object.
We can teach them tell a story or anything, indirectly we have been taught to children and let them appreciated and reveal what they have in their mind.
For example, after we take the child shopping, then we ask them about the situation when we shopping. Now the child directly will imagine the shopping situations and our chilld will translate that imagination into sentence. Here, children's ability to speak and appreciate something will grow up.


Trick to make children like to stay at home

Things that often make parents become quite irritated with the child's behavior is when the child does not like to stay at home. Often go home after school times over, they always play directly to their friends, and spend time with friends.
This often occurs in children that grow become teenagers, where they are seeking their identity.
To overcome this, and make children more like staying at home, there are some tricks that we as parents can do :

1. Give freedom to the teenagers to manage themselves.
Do not directly forbid children to play outside the home, but should be fine so that we offer to the friends of friends to play us. Thus we can directly monitor the children we invite friends to play at home.
2. Create a tolerance to the child and give a time for play.
As parents we have set as our children, but with a smooth and friendly, because adolescents is difficult if we set them to hard
3. Maximize our communication with our teenagers.
Give more time for sharing stories and share all about anything with our teenagers.
In sharing these opportunities we can provide advice, inputs and good image for our children. With the way these children will more easily accept our suggestion.

Most likely with the tricks mentioned above we will be able to control and manage our children to be more like living at home.


Situ Gintung Disaster Its Human Error

Jakarta – disaster that resulted situ gintung levee broken-down in Situ Cireundeu, South Jakarta, is due to the negligence of the government mole. Because this is natural can not be called a natural disaster.

"This can not be said of natural disasters because the building was built man, create naturally by earth. So people are in control. If landslide
from the hill may be said of natural disasters," said Chairman liquidation Team of Research and Resources Water Research Center (Puslit) LIPI Geoteknologi Adrin Tohari detikcom when contacted, Friday (28/3/2009) the night.

According Adrin, errors in the range of the government as the party responsible for the condition of the embankment. There are at least 4 government negligence in the natural is not avoided.

First, there is no routine inspection of the embankment from the government that has been worn it. If the inspection is done regularly, ideally 6 months, the government surely have data on the development of the embankment.

"It should if there are data in the Department of Space, they are aware that this age of the levee and through the performance. Therefore, efforts should be made to prevent a disaster," said Adrin.

Second, the government cared less levee that is already old. First base is not a routine inspection carried out so that the government does not understand how to correct and which part should be treated.

"If governments do not have information on the strength of embankment, so it can be a jolt for the government. That human error, but if they know, and not yet in, the government is also a mistake. Whatever the form of lack of error is that we have as the government" said Adrin .
Third, the error lies in the lack of warning to the citizens on the potential levee broken-down. But as a responsible government must provide a warning to the citizens.
Error is located on the fourth violation of the layout is done by the government. Should be the location of the nearest residential building from the location of levee flood plains and 20 meters distance. If observed, the number of victims of the soul is not now.
"In the area there may be minimal embankment settlement. Its must be free residential area, about as far as tens of meters from the embankment. That there is regulation, bantaran area must be free from the settlement," said Adrin.

Situ Gintung Disaster

The name of Situ Gintung, levee, which located in banten, Indonesia,
suddenly become the main coverage in almost all the International media. Of course not surprising. Area of more than 5 hectares that are flood-large.

65 People died due to levee failure Situ Gintung, Friday (27/3/2009) pukul 02.00 WIB. The estimated amount of future increases is still considering many people are missing.

Before this event, the island that is located in the Village Cirendeu, Ciputat, Tangerang, is known as one of the major tourist, outbound, and the party. Every holiday, the location of the Lake is surrounded Situ Gintung this plateau always Jakarta residents who want to release the dead.

Location is not too far from the city center, this location makes a lot of elected offices for the gathering. You can even just come to exercise such as swimming and tennis in the place where the landscape is no less of the area Puncak, Bogor, West Java is.

Because of the beautiful scenery, some production houses also often use this area to syuting video clips, ads or sinetron. So do not wonder if you to this place, often meet artists.

Cost of entry to the island Situ Gintung also relatively inexpensive. Adults are only one thousand Rp 4 entry. Meanwhile, for children that is cheaper thousand Rp 2. If you want camping is also not expensive, live pay Rp 7500, you can enjoy a romantic evening in the area.

You also do not need to grope in the pocket too if you want to invite friends stayed at this location. With Rp 150 thousand per night, you and your colleagues can stay in Situ Gintung homeless


Tricks to Motivate Our children to be Diligent

Sad because your child to decrease motivation to learn?
Here are some trick to motivate your child to improve and up he/her learn motivation:

1. Since the early show with him that teachers and parents would appreciate the works of other people, love learning, and fun to read books. Usually, children imitate the behavior of teachers and parents like that.
2. Read the story with an interesting development of the appropriate level of children. Take your child will be interest and try to read by him/her self,
3. By providing a game since early instructive, to stimulate the development of reasoning, attitudes, motor skills, and creativity.
4. With a reasonable compliment to each child's work. Giving a compliment (especially with the award).

That’s all the best trick to motivate our child that I have…
Okey we as parent can try this trick and tips, hope it will work!!


Trick to Motivate your children

Your child's static?, pasif?, of course this makes us as parent to be sad.
But don’t worry, Here are some tricks to motivate or exact motivation tips that we can use to stimulate and motivate children to become more aggressive and creative:

1. wherever you go he/she should beside you, do not leave him alone at home. Because when your children leave home alone, it will make the child more quiet and less motivated to do something.
2. Take children to chat and ask for opinions on things that are around us. Motivated him/her to do / do something related with home activity, such as gardening.
3. Give more time to play and tease us to motivate enthusiasm.
4. Give him/her some toys that can stimulate and motivate her/his brain enthusiasm for movement and activation.

With these four things, hope it will be changes in the pattern of life that your children lazy and pasif, will be changed to be great children who have the motivation to move and be struggle guys.... goodluck...


Trick to Motivated children be brave hearth

Parents will certainly annoyed & irritated when the children have a simple / weeping maudlin and coward.
Many things can we do to overcome this, it is easily to convince your child that the things that he did not face frightening / dangerous as he imagined.
example, crying in fear because he is a dark place alone, provide motivation and understanding to our children that the dark place is nothing, and maybe you can say that the devil will be run if meet him/her! :), Provide motivation to your child that he/she and push child to overcome it without fear.
Below a certain point to motivate children to not become a coward:

1. Tell him that he is capable and can overcome a case without fear.
2. increase confidence and to motivate himself with the responsibility to provide a complete problem / work itself.
3. give praise to the child if he can complete the job / problem even with minimal results.
4. make sure that children in this world there is no need to scared, and only God we should fear Him.

Soul mate characteristic

Is the friend who accompanied during this day-to-day we are called soul mate? Yea, you must read this article first!
Guys, we have create some criteria to find your soul mate.
your soul mate must be :

1. she/he understand all about you,
know your habit, your live style and also can keep your secret.
2. He thou need, even if it is only about clothing worn during the match date.
3. Comrade, who he always ready to show weakness without meaning we want to impose.
4. Compact in all things, even when buying a shirt or accessories (although different colors).
5. you and your comrade never run out of chat, where everywhere exciting!
6. always motivate you, if you get some trouble

so, did you have found them??


Motivate Your Child by Show Your Love

Today we will share about a specific plan that will provide more incentives for your child [non material gift].
You can tell the child how much you like him or her, but the best way to really
take your child to understand how much you care to show it is!
If you want your child to gain confidence and motivation to achieve a good
grades in school, you must provide your child with a game one day.

The first thing to do is to buy a notebook calendar for your child.
Spend more money and get the most beautiful books in the store search.
Ask your child to write the whole program in each class listed.
You must sit your child as it is written. You should also ask
questions relating to each class and show genuine interest.
Then, each school day your child write a sentence or two
on each category, and any issue or project that has been assigned. If you
reluctant child, use one of the incentives in the first report, to ensure that your child
write this information and make it a habit to do so.
Will be a habit, once you review all that is written in every day. Again,
should show a sincere interest in the academic performance child.!**


Tricks to motivate children

Today we will learn how to provide incentives and awards to children for motivate them. Most importantly at the right time to provide incentives / rewards to our children. And we should know when intensive / awards that we give our children.
Below, you will learn the right way to motivate and to give tribute to our children.

# 1. Motivation when the children will face the test schools. Give him the promise of a gift [if successfully reached the target we want] No incentive is likely to decrease motivation and children will be less vibrant in the school exams!

# 2. children's motivation when performing activities that benefit the environment and community and school environment. Give him praise and awards when he was doing the deeds that benefit the environment such as helping friends who need help.
With motivation and award the child will feel itself means and confidence.
There are two rules that make incentives powerful:
# incentives that are desired by your child. Ask your child for ideas.
# reward is given immediately after your child meet the goals.


Great simple trick to teach your child [between 3-7 years old]

I think all parents usually get big trouble when try to teach their child learn something ..
Why? Because they are used straight method to teach them ..
So do you know the method that parents can teach “a new way” so that the children enjoy all leasson that teach by their parents?. Example lesson to enjoined numbers, letters and colors with methods read or told the children remember and repeat back to memorize it .. parents think it will accelerate the learning of the children to memorize and can immediately understand the lessons that we give .. believe that the child will feel tortured! They do not even possible to understand all that we teach them ..!

So how to teach them so they can enjoy a mug letters, numbers and colors quickly and they do not feel oppressed to do it?
This is the trick that I will give to you ..
Make a lesson you will teach your child to become a kind of game or games ..! how? For example you will teach the letter A and a certain color, then you can show an object that begins with the letter and the color ..! nah so sianak will easily remember the letters and colors that you teach the stuff that you remember the show .. simple isn’t?


Trick to Grow up Your Child Confidence

For individuals who are grow up, your child need a highly motivated from parents for increase their confidence. this is needed to forge them into an independent person and have a confident nature. With a motivated and feeling confident on the child, you have educate your children to become people who can accept themselves, ready to accept the challenge in the sense that would like to try something new even though it was aware that there is certainly a possibility. People who believe themselves not fear expressed opinions in front of many people. The confidence, help our children to face the situation in the association and to address problems in society.

The confidence can make children able to overcome the pressure and rejection from his friends. Children who have confidence, courage and motivation to face difficult situations and will request assistance when he need. They have a charm that makes people want are friends with. They are not afraid to do things according to their view. Here are some ways foster confidences in our children:
1. Let your child do something that he wanted to do, the task of parents is overseeing and directing, not hinder or limit!

2. Trace their arguments on a matter that catches their attention. example, he who likes football, ask his argument about it and let him give comment on football players.. let them argumentation and express opinions, with this way we will up their confidence.

3. Indicate that you believe your child has the ability, provided the tasks and responsibilities which may cause feeling of having participated. For example, children are usually happy to answer the phone. teach him the phone polite and correct. Then, give him the opportunity to do so. Try also help children to get the goods / shopping that you buy .

4. Create opportunities for experiences and new challenges. Expand interests and skills of your child, let and receive a business that has been made, whether any results. Do not just see the end result only. Rather than say to the child that is not what may be done, it is better to say what can be done. For example, rather than say "You should not the house without permission," better say, "You can go to the home if people are already signed in and ask permission." Before comment the negative behavior of children, think about first two or three times, while always remembering to emphasize the things that positive.@


obama good for the world?

This question appears at the inauguration obama this fall on 20 January 2009. Like many made that many people expect and predict that there is a fundamental change from the maestro "young gun" Barrack obama.
Expectations, mainly from the Asian region is 80% less of Asia like behavior and policies of U.S. president Bush Junior George.
But the question whether the senator from the democrat party is able to have hope?Can he become "real Superman" for people in the world?

Palestine conflict at this time, expectations are likely still far from reality.United States as "father" for Zionist Israel has become a long story that may not be changed ...
So do not expect much on Obama for peace in the middle east!
Iths hart to believed .. just see and wait Obama political blow that will not be shifted away with the policy of the preceding middle east peace ..