Let's smile

[upyourspirit]required about 43 facial muscles to grim and only 17 muscles to smile face .. so, why loss your energy just for the grim, if we can smile?
furthermore, smile is the easiest and cheapest way to provide value plus in our appearance and also very good for our mental health.
Did you know…?
women smile more often than men

Smile can release stress hormones, so after we smile you will feel better
People born with the natural ability to smile, so why you rarely smile??
smile is the universal expression of happiness
people who always smile will prepossess itself interesting, friendly, sincere and competent.
So I think we can do it by now..!!!


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Fruit juice. Beneficial or detrimental?

[Trick to motivate].Drinking fruit juice is not dangerous. But keep in mind that fruit juice contains a high-calorie. So when too much can cause Obesity. Choose pure fruit juice, do not use the sweetener. Fruit juice contains vitamin C, calcium and others.
Children who do not like to eat fruits will benefit from the fruit juice. But also keep in mind that fruit juice does not contain fiber. Fresh fruit without the juice may be better for children.
Rules limitations are:
• Do not give fruit juice to infants less than 6 months. Except when constipated, doctors sometimes recommend additional child fruit juice.
• Babies 6-12 months can be given fruit juice 100 cc a day. Give the spoon, not from the bottle, to prevent karies teeth.
• Children aged 1-6 years can get a 150 cc fruit juice a day
• Children aged 6 years more than 300 cc may be given a day


tricks to adding taste to eat, for your child

Children are usually difficult to eat at the age of (age) 1 year and over. There are many factors that cause children child does not taste food
: the need for children to move more food into the activities as possible, because the child was drink milk before eating, trauma to the child's food (a claim that children eat neatly), the attitude old or less right (eating too many plates in 1), the less time to eat regularly (because children do not taste or food look bored ) .
1. Prepare food before your child hungry.
2. Cut the Vegetables be a small or change the menu so your child will be interest
3. Provide more opportunities for children to move or play physical
4. Always start with a nutritious meal
5. Give examples of healthy eating patterns, with a regular balanced nutrition


tricks to Treat the Sore Throat

Most of the causes of sore throat is a virus, not bacteria that can be cut off with antibiotics. So basically, to relieve the throat can be done using natural materials, without drugs.
Some things you can do are :

1. Enough rest and drinking lots of fluids.
2. gargle with warm water mixed with salt (1 teaspoon salt per 1 cup water)
3. Such a pastille

4. Such some ice cream or frozen food such as Popsicle

To cure pain, compress your throat
with cloth that has been soaked in warm water.
Enter a clean cloth or towel into warm water tea, press the water from the cloth, and place it to your throat. Lift the cloth a view minutes until cool and repeat until you feel better.


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The Magic Pig

Zhejiang - Pigs small color pink for some people is funny. But how do you see your reaction is a pig, and piggy is a certain kind of face 2 and a cutting edge 3!
Plus surprisingly surprised, that is the beginning of the reaction experienced by Liu, a breeder from the province of Zhejiang, China. He was surprised when he raised a pig a pig is a small two-and a certain kind of face-eyed 3!
"We are surprised to see something this strange. I really do not know what should I do with this pig," said Liu, as, Saturday (4 / 4).
According to Liu, the mother pig Jesuitical not have any difference and appear normal. Mother had aged 4 years.
Meanwhile, neighbors have confidence Liu, strange of the pigs is due to mutation of genes or food pollution.


Castro's Letter for Obama

Havana[] - Former Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, gave a reaction to high-level meeting on South America, Monday, with ask to end the economic blockade of the United States against Cuba, which are almost half a century.

"I want to return to him the respect of fundamental ethical principles, which must be done if we are to deal with Cuba," Castro said in his writings on Obama on the Internet Cubadebate.

"injustice or crime can not be brought to justice, regardless of the time is finished, which happened," said the leader of the countries that the Caribbean islands are more.

"The cruel blockade against the people who live on the beach and make Cuba miserable man." ant / AFP / Taq


Sad Story From Illegal immigrants

TOKYO.[] - Noriko Calderón, 13, have make big decision in his life.She must select both follow his parents back to Filipina or stay in Japan, and the last option he took. Stay in Sakura and said goodbye to her parents who deported.
''Japan is my born land,''said Noriko reasoned, even though Philippines blood flow in her body. Although strictly selected, she was not able to hide the bitter tears over the fact that its all can change the way her life. Tear the girls who still wear the school uniform flow when separated with the father and mother at the Narita Airport, Japan, on Monday (13 / 4).
They hug each other, sad atmosphere accompany their separation

Government of Japan decided banish arlan and Sarah Calderón to the Philippines, while Noriko, their children, still live in Sakura contemporary life. The judicature decided they can meet again five years.
All that began when Sarah and arlan Calderón arrested Immigration Japan in 2006. The Philippines came to japan used a illegal passport in the early 1990s. Then they get married, and have a child that are named Noriko. Arlan already have their own job security at the construction company.
Now they must be separated, cause of this case.


How to increase Alexa Rank for Newbie

Currently I'm trying to decrease the "weight" alias digit alexa rank this blog, from 3 million to under 1 million.
Well after blogwalking .. whether it's the master blogger or fellow colleagues such as upyourspirit. Finally, I find structured right formula to improve the Alexa for our “trick to motivate “blog.
Steps that are now we do:

created a review about Alexa.
As have done now, This aims to get love attention from Alexa for this blog, which means increased its alexa ranking.
As master blogger said, we must first review alexa, if you want get better alexa rank.
Now I have done this first stage.
Place the Alexa site widget on upyourspirit blog,
Alexa stat will detect all visitor [unix visitor] to the server so that Alexa Alexa statistics become more accurate
Visit to another blogger.
For this one, I try every day to blogwalking both the master and any newbie. This way will increase my knowledge, have more friend and of course up my alexa rank.

Play & Run Can Reduce Potential Asthma

after we learn about trick to motivate your child, now we will post some article about healt for your child. Oke first we will talk about asma, if your child has a potential for asthma, do not let it stay along time in front of the television. research shows, the children who watch television more than two hours a day increase their risk of asthma.
However the researchers believe the results are more related to lifestyle, that is, stay along time in front of the television.

More than 3,000 children in England aged from newborn to age 11 years following the research published in the journal Thorax.
Parents asked about the symptoms of breath whistling and whether their children had asthma diagnosed, and the children habits watching tv
When all children are free from symptoms of breath whistling at five, some of them, starting about 6% visible signs of asthma when entering the age of 11 years, and those who watch TV more than 2 hours a day appear to have such conditions.
Details of the children who ultimately ail asthma, 2% do not have the habit watching television, 20% watch TV less than 1 hour per day, 34% watch TV 1-2 hours per day and 44% see broadcast TV more than 2 hours a day.
One of the members of the research team, James Paton, doctorate from the University of Glasgow said, "We think the problem is on the event, not watching TV. TV is just a bookmark. may be outbond activity on the young age have to protect the lungs,"
"This shows that, sit on along times can makes us breathe longer and longer, and it may be important in lung health long term," he said.


Thailand Restless

BANGKOK - recruitment of a large-scale situation even make the capital of Thailand heat up. In many corners of the City of Bangkok, the army involved in conflicts with the demonstrators.
News of the final last night, the army began to fire with automatic weapons to drive demonstrators throng on the main road and government offices.

The demonstrators moved to the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from sequestration abroad that respond with the sling shot of the oil boom.
unbalanced Conflict, eventually engulf the victim died. This is the first victim since the government approved demonstration culminates on Saturday (11 / 4). Through local television, the staff of prime minister
Sathit Wongnongtoey, said the victim called Pom, 50, died after shooted by demonstrators at a market near government offices, where the demonstrans gather. Version of the government, people try to prevent demonstrators burn the market so that set commotion.
However, this information debated by Dr. Chatri Charoenchivakul emergency crisis center. He said, the victim died as a result of the shot in the shoulder. In addition, two people also suffered serious injuries due to the same shot. Emergency Medical Institute, Thailand, reported that 94 people including soldiers injured due to collision, including 24 people who are still treated in the hospital.
From his sequestration location, Thaksin accuse the government lies with the actual number of victims killed. Speaking to CNN in a secret location, the original look of the gun into the air to disperse demonstrators in Bangkok has worried many people were killed.
''They take body of the slain remonstrant on the truck and took him away,''Thaksin said to CNN.

Berlusconi : 4000 people were on the rescue operations

Prime Minister of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi, who re-location of the disaster, said: "Can I say that all the buildings that collapse events can be re-housed in the historic city of L'Aquila", said Berlusconi. "All the buildings affected by the earthquake."

Berlusconi said 4000 people were on the rescue operations. Italian Ministry of Defense said that they are prepared to shelter about 30,000 people, but many of them stayed at the hotel.

This earthquake is a disaster in Italy, which takes most of the victims in recent decades and is the biggest earthquake in Italy that over almost seven years. Italy is a country located between two lines of the geology that created the Pizza as one of the earthquake-prone countries in Europe.

In 1980, an earthquake in force 6 / 5 Richter scale in the region south of Italy, and killed nearly 3000 people. Another earthquake occurred in 1908, 1915 and 1930, killing tens of thousands of people.

1997, an earthquake killed ten people in the province of Umbria, tens of thousands of people lost their homes, tens of thousands of people lost their homes and destroyed the building arts, including the city of Assisi.

L'Aquila Disaster

By Monday night local time, April 6, 2009, rescue services team still continue to shield the inhabitants are still ruins of the building were locked, as a result of the earthquake that struck the city of L'Aquila, the province of Abruzzo, Italy Center .
So far at least 150 people died, about 1500 people injured and 50,000 people lost their homes as a result of the earthquake force 6 / 3 Richter scale. The number of victims is likely to continue to grow.

Residents who survived, many of which are still in pajamas and blankets, with the slogan body seemed lifeless body from the ruins of the medieval city of L'Aquila, about 120 kilometers northeast of the capital of Rome.

The leader of Catholics in the Vatican, Pope Benediktus XVI prayed for the victims, mostly children who died in the earthquake.


Tricks to increase the Power thought and imagination of the children

The period of five years is a very good time to build a child's brain.
Children ages 3 to 5 years is a very good age to educate and provide a good basic knowledge of religion, logic and communication.

At the age of three years, a child will be able to easily teach to remember and memorize something, and its easy for us to teach them make some improvisation and defines a situation or an object.
We can teach them tell a story or anything, indirectly we have been taught to children and let them appreciated and reveal what they have in their mind.
For example, after we take the child shopping, then we ask them about the situation when we shopping. Now the child directly will imagine the shopping situations and our chilld will translate that imagination into sentence. Here, children's ability to speak and appreciate something will grow up.