Tips to manage a naughty boy

It has become common place when a child 5-8 years old of age often act naughty, reckless and dangerous thing to do for himself.
To overcome this, the following tricks that we can use to our children more manageable and not naughty.

1. Give warning to the child.
Giving a warning, a word that gives information about the dangers of children being carried out. We hope that with this warning they could be more understand and cancel his intention for mischief.

2. If the child is stubborn, approach, and take him elsewhere.
If he was still obstinate, the next step is to take the child to move elsewhere, with how to hold the child away from where he was playing.

3. Punishing children by educating punishment.
If you are still obstinate, one last way is to give punishment to educate the child, so he learned his lesson and not repeated misbehavior.