Laws Memory #2

5th The law of associations.
This was formulated back in the 4th century BC by Aristotle. The concepts that arose
while calling each other from the memory bank through the association. For example,
the atmosphere in a room raises memories of events that took place in (or reminder of what
you read it reside in, and that is exactly what you need).

6th Law of the scenes.
The alphabet is easy to recite in its periodic and difficult to reverse the order. The views
learned in a certain order, then recalled, calling each other in the same order.
7th Law of strong impression.
The stronger the first impression of what is saved, the brighter the image. The bigger
the number of channels of information, the stronger the information is stored. Therefore, the task
achieve the strongest possible first impression of the subject material.
8th The law of inhibition.
Any subsequent memorisation inhibits its predecessor. The scholars from the data should "regulate"

Laws Memory #1

There is composed of:
1st Act in concert.
This is the simplest but also the most important. According to the German author Georg Lichtenberg,
poor people remember what they read, because "they do too little thinking." The more deeply you
understand what you may remember, the simpler and more detailed, will remain in your memory.

2nd The law is important.
"For the knowledge to be digested, it must be absorbed with joy," wrote Anatole France. The
interesting and "tasty" is easy to remember as a man does not need to make special efforts, such as
the ability to store spontaneously comes into play.
3rd The Law of the available knowledge.
The more you know about a particular topic, the easier a new memo increase total
on. Everyone must have noticed that when he opens a book read long ago, he read it as if he
never read before. This means that when he read it for the first time that he did not have the relevant
experiences and information, but by that time, he accumulated them. Have a look Forms
Relations between the incumbent and new knowledge. This is the result of memorisation.
4th The law in readiness for Storage Percent.
Readers get the information he claims to come from the text. The same is true for the duration
by memorisation. When you want something to remember for a long time, one will recall that at least
better than if you want to remember anything for a short time.

Dramatic and share poems

Every student, school children and professional or amateur actor, this aspect of memory may be the most problematic of all. The method is usually recommended and employed by reading a line over and over again, 'get it', read the following line, 'get', and the two together, 'they', read the next line and so on ad infinitum to the first lines are forgotten.

Memory systems based on the principles and successfully used by famous actors and actresses is the reverse. With this system the material to be remembered is read and reread fast (see Speed Reading) and understanding over a period of four days, about five to ten times a day. If you for understanding constantly in this way, you will be much more familiar with the material than you realize at the end of the twentieth reading, and you will recall, without looking at the text, most of the material to be commemorated.
Your spirit, especially if you're already on your right the brains of the imagination to help you understand, will have absorbed nearly 90 percent of the information, and remembering will become in line with the correct reading and basic knowledge on the use of the instruments of imagination and association. This system is much more successful than the line by line repetition system, and it can even be further improved in the following way: when you use Memory Key Words. For example, if the material to be remembered is poetry, a few Major Keywords helps your mind "to fill out" the remaining gaps word. If the material to be remembered is part of a script, again the Memory Key Words and Images Link Systems prove essential.
The fundamental elements of a long speech can be strung together with Key-Word convenience, and signals from speaker to speaker can be handled much more efficiently if your creative mnemonics the great leap between the previous speaker the last word and your next word. It is a lack of the use of these techniques, often mnemonic cause chaos on stage, especially those long silences and pauses in the continuity that occur when a performer forgets his last word or another forget his first. Acting troops can save as much as 50 percent of their time, and thus greatly reduce stress and increase enjoyment and efficiency, but the application of the Memory Basic Principles on the theatrical works in which they are involved.

Discovering success of the mechanism

It may seem strange, but it is nevertheless true that everything is up to ten years, scientists had no idea how the human brain and nervous system work, "knowingly" or to achieve a goal. They knew what happened to what was long and careful observations. But not a theory about the basic principles in the context of all these phenomena together in a concept that has meaning. RW Gerard, writes in the Scientific Monthly in June 1946, on the brain and imagination, has said it is sad but true that most of our understanding of the mind to remain as valid and useful if, for all we know , And the skull was filled with cotton set.
But when I took the man to build an "electronic brain" and that the goal is to try to build up its mechanisms, was to identify and take advantage of certain fundamental principles.

After they were discovered, and researchers began to wonder: Could it be the way the human brain also work? Can you believe that the generation of human beings, our Creator, we can make the servo-mechanisms wonderful and beautiful more than an electronic brain or guidance system ever thought of the man cage operating under the same basic principles? In the opinion of cybernetic famous scientists such as Dr. Norbert Weiner, Dr. John von Newman, and others, the answer was an unqualified "yes". Their Embedded guidance system

Everything living has a built-in system management and goal-seeking device, placed there by the Creator in order achieve its goal - that is, in a broad sense - to "live". In simpler forms of life on the goal of "living" simply means the physical survival and for individuals and species. Built-in mechanism in animals is limited to finding food and shelter, or avoiding enemy and overcome the threat, and reproductive ensure the survival of the species. In humans, the goal to "live" means more than just survive. For an animal to live "just means that certain physical requirements must be met. The man has a number of emotional and spiritual needs of the animals do not. So for a man "living" includes more than physical survival and reproduction and to metal. It requires a certain emotional and spiritual satisfaction as well. The man was built in the "success mechanism", and is much wider than an animal. In addition to helping people to avoid danger or overcome, and "sexual instinct," which helps keep the race in my life, the successful implementation of the mechanism that can help him get answers to the problems, invent, write poetry, run a business, the sale of goods, explore new horizons in science, was more peaceful, develop a better personality or achieve success in another activity that is closely linked to his "live or make a fuller life.


Do You Know Function of Calcium?

Function of Calcium Function of Calcium is to calm the nervous system.
Author Catharyn to feel like Elwood million laude use of calcium, to relax the nervous system. She explains:
"Without calcium dissolved in the blood, nerves can not send messages.

Nerver was tense. They can not relax. For children, this indicates a bad provisions, tant compartment and easy temperament, whining crying. When serious deficiencies, muscle twitch Is muscle spasms and even seizures. In adults, they show calcium deficiencies with nervous habits such as cock and cheerful or tensing toe when the leg crossed. They are impatient and izpravyash of their loved when they really want to be patient and kind. They are easily irritated, leaped at least sounds and often grouchy. They are restless and can not sit still for too long. They usually suffer from insomnia. "Dairy products, turnip and mustard Greens, Collard, kale, broccoli, are natural dietary sources of calcium. Calcium tablets are available. Catharyn Elwood offers:
"For nerves to relax and send their impulses, you need calcium. Calcium can not, unless it is absorbed phosphorus and vitamin D are also at work. See that you get at least two grams of calcium and no more than an hour of sunbathing, or 800 up to 4,000 units of vitamin D per day. Use safe, raw milk and vegetable oils nerafiniranite. "
It also recommends magnesium, vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 mineral feelings as "comforts": "Vitamin B is the main nerve granted to all B-complex vitamins ... Lack of vitamin B1 indirect starves nerves of a food is sugar. sugar comes from very digestible carbohydrates, which is impossible, if not ... B1 Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) win fame as another important member of the family for a quiet and steady nerves. "

Be Your Own

Most people who have failed in a business do not like what they see when they look in the mirror. Young people are particularly affected by this kind of emotional reaction to a problem that seems to defy solution. Do not forget that as long as you live you make mistakes now and then, and when you do, it is only logical that you do not like themselves, not the picture if you look at yourself in the mirror, if not for your little self . The point to remember is that you should be yourself you must rise above self-employed. You must rise above mistakes and accidents yesterday.
You should try your big self. People are error-makers, but they are also error-breakers.

Company to yourself - your big self-employed - is to accept yourself for what you are when you make mistakes. Look at yourself in the mirror with friendly eyes and you realize that much bigger than a mistake, a mistake, an unfortunate situation, all the heartache.
You'll live longer than your mistakes instead of with them. You need your weaknesses, get on your feet in moments of crisis, and count on the confidence of the successes of the past to crises in creative options.
If you do not like what you are, get off your back. Stop living with this hang up, because you can only either as a dislike or what you are. Now remember that you can better yourself or your great self, which transcends your mistakes. That is what successful living is all about. This is what self-involved.

You're Creative?

Many of us are Matatag convinced that people are born creative or not creative, that only a limited number of people can create a different generation. Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Alexander Graham Bell and Einstein all used their vast creative gifts. Everyone has the right to use your imagination properly productive.
What specifics of a creative mind? First, a sense of direction, purpose. After this problem is clearly defined and all possible solutions. Then select the best solution and act on them. Must have the ability to forget problems temporarily if defies solution and the ability to rise above the disappointment.
I believe all of us are creative.

We are a creative mechanism work for us that steers us to success. For example, the use of simple choice of a pencil. We forget that as children we chose clumsily, zigzagging in the direction of a pencil until you learn to do it successfully.
Successful implementation is registered with mental tape recorder for future use. This, in light feeling is creative efforts. All we can do because we all have imagination. We use it every day without a nap this. For example, when worry, we use imagination in a negative way to create something that no longer exists. We project the screen of mind scene that does not happen because we fear we will fail. On the other hand, when we are happy we use your imagination constructively. We picture a useful purpose of the success we seek remember past successes to achieve satisfaction from this.
Composed of all the frustration and success, and to think creatively, we must rise above the mistakes of the past and use self-confidence from past successes to present our work. We can think creatively when:
1. Obviously we think of a problem.
2. We think all possible solutions.
3. Accept the best and when that act.
4. We forget the problems temporarily, if defies solution.

Initial mechanism within us will work for us subconsciously using the ingredients of our past success. The greatest creative efforts for all of us, big or small, are creating habits happiness. It can do as a habit of that day, recalling the joy of past successes and use of that good feeling in our ongoing work. Elbert Habard remember words, "Happiness is a habit - encourage him!"

A sugar-free program for marital problems

A California doctor has suggested that many marital conflicts can be resolved when the couple went on a sugar-free diet. Cecelia Rosenfeld, MD, writes in the medical journal Medical New materia
"One of the main causes of marital disputes - lack of food - is too often overlooked.

In my own practice, I have noticed that a surprising number of" broken marriage "spouse through a blood sugar imbalance.
"Many of these men and women showed symptoms of irritability, violent temper, extraordinary sensitivity and extreme fatigue. In most cases, there was no evidence of organic disease. Corrective action nutritional eliminate these unpleasant symptoms for many spouses and often in the process strengthened their crumble marriages. "
The doctor tells about the case of Mrs RL, a 34-year-old secretary. The woman was tired, showed poor concentration and suffered from chronic emotional depression. Her life at home has deteriorated, and she was divorced from her husband. Dr. Rosenfeld treat them with nutritional therapy. It was four months before an improvement was detected, but shortly after she was her husband again and try
again for a happy life. It is still believed it follows the natural food program and has removed sugar from its food program.
Mr TE, a 53-year-old business executive, a bit nervous tension, including pounding migraine headache. The woman said the man, he was the victim of such a chronic irritability and nervous restlessness that no one can live with him. They were on the verge of a divorce.
Dr. Rosenfeld both of them in a completely natural nutrition program - without white sugar. In two months, the husband of headache is finished, and it's easier to live. He and his wife not only not a divorce, she has a six-month trip around the world!
Of course, many other factors may be in marital discord. But at that unjustified sugar metabolism and resulting hypo can be an individual emotionally unstable, unable to deliver basic reasoning differences. It is encouraging that more and more doctors are checking the possibility of low blood sugar as a factor in an unhappy wife and husband for help.
Only a healthy body can be a healthy mind. Together, they add up to a healthy marriage!


Tips of Memorization Advice

Before you set about reading a book, article or document, try to guess its title from what is written in it (or what you would write in the author's place). The same "forecasting" applies to the heads of chapters and the first paragraphs of the text. Before reading (listening and glancing through) think of what information you want to derive, and what for. This will stimulate your interest and prepare you for its cognition. Where the author, citing a number of arguments, is going to draw a conclusion, make a self deductions our first and only then continue to read. Before reading recall all relevant information known to you. In other words, "Brush up" your knowledge. Try to imitate Ancient Roman orators, who learned their speeches pacing up and down and "establishing connections" between the text and the atmosphere of their homes and then would recall the speech by taking "mental strolls". If you want to memorize a text in detail do not learn it piecemeal. Learn the whole text, and learn it in its natural sequence.

To avoid forgetting the name of a new acquaintance, strengthen the first impression left by him by repeating his name aloud ( "Excuse me, have I heard you right?"), Using it in the conversation and when farthing. Write down this name, if only with your finger in the air. imagine in whose honor this man may have been named, etc. Try to evoke the strongest possible emotions connected with the information you memorize. Incidentally, this is exactly what Lenin did. The margins of the books he read bristle with categorical and profoundly emotional notes: "True!", "What nonsense!", "Ha-ha!", And "You've hit the nail on the head!" When preparing for intensive efforts consider the mental state you are in at the moment. Sadness, irritation, uncertainty and fear are enemies of memory. To these rules you may add a host of your own, based on the laws of memory. In short, the knowledge of these laws will enable you to memorize much more than before even if you had complaints about your memory.
Memorization Tips Tips
Before you set about reading a book, article or document, try to guess the title from what is written on them (or what you want to write to the author of the place). The same "forecasting" actually applies to leaders of Chapters and the first paragraph of text.
Before reading (and hearing glancing through) Think of what information you want to take, and what for. This will stimulate your interest and prepare you for his intellect.
Where the author, CITING a number of arguments, is going to draw a conclusion, make a lessening of our self-first and then proceed to read only.
Before reading recall all the relevant information known to you. In other words, "brush up" your knowledge.
Try to imitate Ancient Roman orators, they learned Speeches pacing up and down and "establishing connection" between the text and the environment of their home and then the recall of speech by taking "mental strolls" .
If you want to remember a text in detail not learn it gradually. Find the full text, and find it to his natural order.
To avoid forgetting the name of a new acquaintance, strengthen the first impression left by him by repeating his name aloud ( "Excuse me, I have heard you right?"), Using it in conversation and when the hair. Write the name, if only your fingers in the air. in honor imagine that this person can name, etc.
Try to evoke the strongest possible emotion connected to memorize information. Incidentally, is exactly what Lenin did. The margins of books he read the hair to protest and profoundly emotional notes: "True!", "What nonsense!", "Ha-ha!", And "You hit the nail on
head! "
When preparing for intensive mental effort considering the state you are in the moment. Sadness, anger, uncertainty and fear are enemies of memory.
The rules you could add a host of your own, based on the laws of memory. In short, the knowledge of these laws allow you to memorize much more than before even if you have a complaint about your memory.

Big Secret Laws Of Memory [part 2]

We will continue to exposed about Lows of memory, as we know we have limit of memories, I mind, we can not rembember details for something that we have done at past, but hope we will still remember the “red lines” for some story or event, incident on the past. Ok below another four secret about Laws Of memory ..

The Law Of Associations.
It was formulated back in the 4th century B.C. by Aristotle. The concepts which arose
simultaneously summon each other up from the memory bank by association. For instance, the atmosphere of a room evokes recollections about events which took place in it (or recollection of what
you read staying in it, and this is exactly what you need).

The Law Of Sequences.
The alphabet is easy to recite in its regular order and difficult in the reverse order. The conceptions
learned in a certain sequence, when recalled, summon each other up in the same sequence.

The Law Of Strong Impressions.
The stronger the first impression of what is being memorised, the brighter the image. The greater the
number of information channels, the more strongly the information is retained. Hence, the task is to
achieve the strongest possible initial impression of the material subject.

The Law Of Inhibition.

Any subsequent memorisation inhibits the previous. The learned portion of information must "settle"
before the next is taken up. The best way to forget newly memorised material is by trying to memorise
something similar directly afterwards. This is why school children are advised not to learn physics
after mathematics and literature after history and to learn poetry before going to bed.

Big Secret Laws Of Memory

As human we always used our memory to remember anything, so below will expose Eight Secret about Law OfMemory.

First, Comprehension of The Law.
It is the simplest, but also the most important. As to the German writer Georg Lichtenberg, people poorly remember what they read because "they do too little thinking". The more deeply you
grasp what you memorise, the more easily and the more in detail it will remain in your memory.

Second. Interesting of The Law.
Anatole France wrote "For knowledge to be digested, it must be absorbed with relish," The interesting and "the appetising" is remembered easily as man does not have to make special efforts, as the ability to spontaneously memorise comes into play.

Third, The Law Of Previous Knowledge.
The more one knows on a certain subject, the more easily one memorises everything new pertaining to it. Everyone must have noticed that when he opens a book read long ago, he reads it as if he had never read it before. This means that when he read it for the first time he lacked the relevant experience and information but by this time he has accumulated them. Thus reading forms connections between the accumulated and the new knowledge. This is the result of memorisation.

Fourth, The Law Of Readiness For Memorisation.
The reader derives the information he sets out to derive from the text. The same goes for the duration
of memorisation. When one wants to remember something for long, one will remember it in any case
better than when one wants to remember something for a brief while.
There are still have for explaination about Secret Laws Of Memory
Will be explain later…


Motivation, Part of Succes keys..

Success Motivation for Your Happiness and Success!
Goal Setting is extremely important to motivation and success. So what motivates you? Why are you in college? I believe it is one reason why you want to be a success man!!
Motivation is one of part for push to be success..
Below some list for up your motivation to reach your success..

Detailed instructions
- If you want a specific result, give specific instructions. People work better when they know exactly what’s expected.

Short and long term goals
- Use both short and long term goals to guide the action process and create an overall philosophy.

- Get people on your side and they’ll want to help you. Piss them off and they’ll do everything they can to screw you over.

- Many people are most productive right before a big deadline. They also have a hard time focusing until that deadline is looming overhead. Use this to your advantage by setting up a series of mini-deadlines building up to an end result.

Team Spirit
- Create an environment of camaraderie. People work more effectively when they feel like part of team — they don’t want to let others down.
Recognize achievement - Make a point to recognize achievements one-on-one and also in group settings. People like to see that their work isn’t being ignored.

Personal stake
- Think about the personal stake of others. What do they need? By understanding this you’ll be able to keep people happy and productive.

Concentrate on outcomes

- No one likes to work with someone standing over their shoulder. Focus on outcomes — make it clear what you want and cut people loose to get it done on their own.
Trust and Respect
- Give people the trust and respect they deserve and they’ll respond to requests much more favorably.

Motivation and Spirit Info

Motivation ..
Motivation is the reason or reasons to participate in certain problem, especially human behavior as well as studies in philosophy, economics and conflict
For your information, you can find a lot of free Motivation Idea Kit, techniques, tips and tricks to help you achieve greater happiness and success on the Internet.
Motivation is an international disability and development charity, working in low-income countries to improve the quality of life for persons with mobility.
There is a list of reasons that your spirit:

1st Consequences
- Never use threats. They will turn against you. But to make people aware of the negative consequences of not getting results (for everyone involved) can have a big impact. It is also a big motivation for me. If you do not get your act together, will you ever get what you want?
2nd Pleasure
- It's the old carrot on the stick technique. Provides a pleasant prices creates impatient people, and productive.
3rd Performance incentives
- Call the people selfish nature. Give them a chance to earn more for themselves by earning more for you.
Along with the above points, there is another 7 points to their motivation, we are about others next time ..


Several Secret to Reach Comfortable Live [part 2]

Now we’ll explain another secret to Reach Comfortable Live last part.
Helping Others
With so much thought, the personal questions that can
be easy to other people's problems. This is not only
nor to lend a hand to people in need, but also
occurring from a sense of contribution and links
Few working for someone else.

Host unit of blood or food, volunteers at the local library,
Shares, or gift of literacy for those who have not yet
read. We have not had enough time for the main commitments, collect
extra clothes or blankets and donate them to their place
Protection or Salvation Army.

Do something for them
As strange as it may sound, people often have a much more difficult
Time than anything with this task to others.
Our good response to a feeling of guilt or selfishness
when it is necessary to take care of itself, but it
nothing about these selfish. If you do not tend to your
Needs and desires, you can not start that there is someone

Turn Silence
Life is full of noises. Everywhere you go, the
Beep, blaring, or bopping the way for the ears. No
Except that a lot of noise to create and mental
physical stress, but also the soothing sounds of water
on the natural world around them.

For thirty minutes a day, every device off,
Machine and a part of the equipment in your home. No television,
No stereo, or your dishwasher. You will quickly find
little time in silence will help your nerves
and give him the opportunity to finally "Get in touch with his

Practice patience
Perhaps the most difficult to remove the tip, but also
The most useful to a sense of patience and
Reception in his life. If you try hard enough, you
easy to find something to complain of twenty-four
Hours a day, but at the end of the day you were not all
better - what would be worse.

When you click a situation that tests their patience
focal point on how they can improve it. This is not the case,
accept reality and move on. Getting all upset waste
Oz his energy to consume things

The next time you are stuck in line or caught in traffic
Jam, just think about how you can benefit.
If the solution in the sense comes to patience and

This step in the city, you have a quiet
and balance, you need to take some time before the next stage,
I have the things you wanted and experience Semper
Semper the life you want to live.

Several Secret to Reach Comfortable Live [part1]

Starting inspiration to create a rich, more rewarding life is almost impossible if you do not get a first time to add a bit of peace, connection, and balance your life.
The steps below will help you do just that.

First Create a short phrase
When stress starts to build, repeating a personal great person will work wonders to return to a state of peace and calm. While many mantras revolve around religion, it is by no means a requirement. Short phrases such as' I am in control 'or' This too will pass "may work as effective. The only requirement is that it works for you.
Focus on the moment
At times like these, the multi is king - or queen. and this may be part of the problem. You can split your focus on more than one task, but it can lead to strong your efficiency and peace of mind as well. Whatever you do, try to focus intently on one thing. Have to prepare breakfast? Listen to the sizzle of sausage to pan, feel the fork in your hands, and savor every bite of it.
Organize your space in The Environment
around you how often a strong indicator of what is happening within you. A cluttered or disorganized home or office makes for as much clutter and disorder in your mind. To avoid full that excitement and confusion, spend five minutes every day cleaning up or clearing out the easiest target for the accumulation clutter in your home or office. Trash mail continued to pile on the kitchen counter? Miscellaneous things always end up on your night stand? Now is the time to clear the clutter.
We’ll info the other latter..


Way to make my child motivated to learn and do well.

"The love of learning, the love of challenge." Its Psychologist Carol Dweck defines motivation. And, in its view, the motivation is often more important than the initial capacity to determine our success. But somewhere in the middle ranks of the motivation of some young adolescents to learn a nosedive. A young teenager can begin to grumble about the assignments and the teachers, ask to be dropped from a favorite activity, complaining that he is bored or signs of being lost in the shuffle educational institutions. Here are some of the things that can contribute to a low motivation:

• Short attention spans. Some educators report that it is difficult for students to concentrate on a long history project if they are used for TV programs and media presentations that are fast, short and entertaining.
• A shift in the way your child that he is capable of. Younger children tend to believe that the harder you try, the smarter you get. But Dr. Dweck notes that as children move into their early teens, they may begin to believe that a state is fixed and their ability to compare with those of others-the harder you have to try, the less you should be able. This position may dampen motivation. Why try if it will not help you to do?
• The school environment. A young teenager may lose motivation after moving from elementary school to a middle school or junior high. The loss of motivation can be fueled by insufficient support in the new school or by increased workloads and expectations that the student has not yet adjusted.
• biological changes. The start of puberty period to hair or 4 feet 2 inches long when your buddy is 5 feet 10 inches-leads a number of teenagers. Derivation make it difficult to think about the swim team or the social studies project that is due.
• Emotional problems. It may take extra effort to concentrate on a scientific project when it was engaged in a physical or uncertainties worried about being excluded from a special group.
• Social and peer pressure. A child may be influenced by friends who believe that academic success is not "cool", or that girls are not good at math.
• the lack of opportunities. Some young people have little chance to classes or participating in the activities that they need to spark their enthusiasm. This is most likely with students from disadvantaged families or who are at risk, to contribute to the perception that they are unmotivated.
• undeveloped work. Some unmotivated young people can not have learned that the school success takes time and effort. Many villages compete for attention and students, according to some surveys, some students expect from the school and its activities are always exciting. They are not aware of the fact that both the school and in everyday life, they can learn valuable lessons from activities that are not always fun and that the achievement usually requires great effort. You can encourage and provide opportunities for your child, but eventually your son is responsible for seeing that his homework gets done and your daughter must be one of the practice of the piano.
How can I make my child motivated to learn and do well, both inside and outside the school?
Psychologist Carol Dweck defines motivation as "the love of learning, love the challenge." And, she says, the motivation is often more important than the initial capacity to determine our success.
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Six keys quickly and easily change your life.

There are 6 way to get your succes, but its all up to you to try this way...
1. Let the past
Before you can build a better future, you need to get rid of the pain in your past. In the absence of time, does not mean that you are not eternal. Learn from your history, but not as a barrier between you and your dreams.

2. Do not forget to success
So important as learning and overcoming the mistakes of the past is not without reference to the success of the past. No matter who you are, you have succeeded at any other time in your past. Do not forget those moments. Use them to remind you that you can achieve your goals.

3. Creating Opportunities
It is possible. The dreams that you have in your heart, but the pressure on the back of your mind are within reach. Accept that you can create a better life. This will serve as a springboard for the faith you need to succeed.

4. Make a big dreams
To dreams and you want to inspire action and results, but they need to be large. If you are not enthusiastic about what you have planned for the future, you'll never find the inspiration you need to change your life. Powerful dreams can move the soul, and if you dream big dreams, you'll be forced to have a photo concrete reality.

5. Find your way to change
Does not matter how much you'd like this happens, change will never lead to think alone – just take action. The world is swimming in dreamers, but only those who act on their desires achieve truly remarkable results.

6. Make A plan for next day
At least 30 minutes each night of your day and plan for the next. It is a simple way to an element of control in your life. Also from this habit of today, will help enormously if you start working on your exciting and inspiring goals and dreams.

Still not confidence.. remember, just do it!


New pick-old ideas

Take a hand at the same time. 've Heard. This is sound advice, but we have to go a little further.
Even now when I talk with people about their hopes and dreams, on the way forward is with great monsters; insurmountable challenges that will send them running for the nearest dark corner.
We must do more than give you goals, one step at a time - must be taken immediately.

The first goal is to prepare initial Motivation123 program, made a mistake and distortion of the idea of head pieces. Knowing that I had to fill dozens of pages of meeting not only help reduce the weight of the challenge.

Then, to make breakthrough.
You should not write a full head. I did not even write a page. All I has to do is turn on the computer.
So simple? Yes. But it is a secret.
Millions of goals and dreams are deferred, and then lost forever, because people are busy on the way forward. They never take a step.

By testing only the first steps necessary for your dream, you overcome this obstacle. This simple task will not be postponed, which will help you to take not only the first step, but also trigger a momentum that will lead to the end of this objective.
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Getting Started to Change your Live!

i ever asked ten people, if they want to change or improve. I had ten nods.
I then asked these ten people exactly what I wanted. I had ten success.
Everybody wants change. Everyone, however, did not know what they want change. In the desire is there, but it is not clear. This feeling is not done.

If you are serious about doing more with your life, you have - I mean - be clear about what we want. Responses May are not easy to find, but that does not mean they are not there.

It will work. It will focus thought, effort and investigation. But on the other side of this work is a life that makes you happier and more fulfilled than ever.

Take clearly what you want - super special - and will be one of the few who do are rarely more than wish. Continue to achieve.

The Secret Of Motivation

You can go to the door, talking off your shoes, and you do it. You can make Asia, saps your motivation for seconds. You can sit down.

It is true! It may be almost impossible to draw to yourself, couch when you are settled in after the long day at work. A small change in routine, which can lead to a significant difference.

Instead, arriving in the country and has been resting for several minutes - which can easily be extended a few minutes - Keep your feet and take care of your nighttime exercises.

Will find it much easier active guests staying at your feet than to try to design energy when movies hidden by inviting him nail around you.

Give him a chance, and you will be amazing on how much you made!


Solved It With a Pen and Paper

The 'interest you in writing. No goals or ambitions. No, we are not talking about creating a clear objective. Instead, we have to discover a clear obstacle.

There are few people want to admit that are afraid to do something. They have also not necessary to admit that it is not desirable to work to improve. The output? The excuse always available.

What's your excuse?
Whether it's a rich calendar, or the fact that children still at school, people to achieve everything that comes out of hot water, fear or offer.

It is not so scared out of the dead end jobs and find it really positive, is simply that you do not have the time.

Of course, with apologies to the truth, nothing changes. And even clearer is the fact that you need to get rid of this fall destructive illusion.

Getting Started
Since these little nuggets of fraudulent use both enjoyed in the past, it is difficult for them to the place surface, which are so ingrained that make use of an excuse is more reflective of rational thinking.
This problem can be solved with a pen and paper.
Written, word for word, the excuses you used in the past to avoid doing things that you afraid of things that offer, vai the light shine on the rationalisation.
You can also ask friends or relatives typical "reasons" has been offered to explain their inaction.

Once you've found your way of explanation, will be ready next time that comes to mind. Instead of talking him out of action, you know better. This is only your reflection excuse to work and, finally, to free themselves from the trap of rationalization.

The Secret Of Happiness

Did Winning the lottery and spending the rest of your life on a tropical island can make you on the true happiness??
In recent years, science and psychology have seen a significant shift, but today this matrial is not significant as a few years ago...

Neo Psychology
Through Mr. Seligman work at the University of Pennsylvania, he has created an entirely new branch of psychology. Instead of focusing solely on the neuroses in life, he decided to study what makes us feel good.
Since the first days of his pioneering work, psychology has definitely been positive.
One of the highlights of this branch is - you guessed it - good luck. Thank you for the work of many psychologists positive, the path to such sentiment has become increasingly clear.

Key of Happiness
They have discovered through its clinical study that happiness is closely related to the strong - things that you are. People were happy to use their unique skills to an ambitious project or a goal.

You do not have millions of dollars on your account or personnel island to be happy. All you need is already in you. Discover your strength, the implementation of a challenge, and you will found there what can make you on true happiness!


Big Secret To Reach Job

Below the big secret to reach your best job that you dream, you can promote yourself in a career in promotions:

1. Volunteers Making a Difference
Volunteer for tasks that expose your skills. Look particularly challenging projects that other people have been reduced.

Even a voluntary mentor for the other organization. This can be seen and to develop leadership, management and interpersonal skills. Team management sent to your challenges and how you have worked with the person you're mentoring to overcome these challenges.

2. Be a solution to the Creator is not a problem Maker
Anyone can find problems in organisations. My experience is that you do not have to find them… they will find you. Sometimes they have a special ability to find problems, and reporting.

To develop the skills to look at these problems "should make it possible for them to move" a step back and analyze the opportunities and to develop ideas to address the problem. Make sure you are connected to these solutions during meetings, e-mails, memos and discussions with management. You will soon be displayed when leadership, as one who can win the obstacles and make things happen Organization.

3. Handle the next level to this level
If you are an administrator and want to be vice president then start working as vice president. Search for vice president, which is open to mentoring you to the next level. Remember that the vice president is not promoted to the next level, unless it believes that the vice president has developed a someone to take the spot. It might as well be you. Plus, you can ease their workload.

Explain Vice President, what do you hope to achieve in such a way that everyone has a clear understanding, and that this is a win-win situation for all.

4. Reporting that you want it!
Many times the workers lose their offer because decision-makers and influential career do not know if they are interested in being promoted.
It will take time to sit down with your supervisor, manager, supervisor, etc., and let them know you are interested in going to the next level. Ask for their honest assessment of your skills. Then ask what you need to be ready when the next opportunity for a career in the show.

5. Groups Join to speed Promotions
Join committees in the organisation. It shows management that you are careful enough to make a difference.
Also joining the professional groups and associations. Professional groups and associations are an excellent way to influences outside the organization's information skills. Do not just join, a participant in the activity of the association to show creativity, teamwork and other skills.

The six succes for your live

Below the six success factors secrets, Jerry Rice, you can easily motivate you to success in every aspect of your business, career and life:

1st Motivate you see opportunities in every Challenge
Jerry would have looked at the task of Fang as a load of bricks, which is a waste of his time. But he saw the big picture and made the task more enjoyable by developing games from the activities. Many times in life, we are thrown stones and complain and that they miss the chance for us. The person who can find solutions to the challenges that they face, can write their own ticket to success. If you have a challenge, it is your preparation a chance in the future. You can not know when the opportunity comes, why, or what are the chances, but it happens, will you be prepared? Enjoy your challenges so that you prepared.

2nd Yourself motivating to see that this is normal to experience a Little Pain
As Jerry was the pain of the Fang of bricks every day, this pain to build, he was a stronger person. Each stone was Jerry refuel the internal desire for success. Just think of some situation in the workplace, in business or in life, that was embarrassing. Your pain can be a painful moment, but it could also be a learning experience, and it may be a setback. How you can use this setback to motivate you to greater success? We achieve success in our company, career and life as we develop the success of the use of our instruments "pain" as a learning experience and a springboard to success.

3rd Motivate yourself to take unpopular tasks
Catching bricks all day is not the glamorous job in the world. Many times we throw stones in life and to be avoided like the plague. Volunteers for the Fang these blocks, while others fall. This will impact on the people to see your specific skills and offer the chance for success. It is what I always say: "It is not what you know, it is not, you know, it is to know what you know." If you volunteer for the Fang of these stones, enter, while others now know and see the special skills and talents that you issue.

4th Securing themselves to motivate action
Even the simple act of measures to successfully make more than 98% of other people. Many people are waiting times for the "right time" or "more resources." Self-motivation to take action, where you stand today and make the necessary corrections, if necessary.

5th Motivate yourself go the extra miles
Jerry Rice's off-season personal football workouts were legendary. He would train six days a week, runs five miles, along with running wind sprint of the steepest mountains in his community. He does not need to do grueling work, but he wanted in better condition than any other professional football player. He went the extra miles as the best.

What do you do that extra miles? Do you have a continuous learning program in place? If you think of yourself, your employees better? Give your customers something extra to show appreciation for their business? These are all ways in which you peace and success in your company, your career and your life.

6th Yourself motivation for the creation of a masterpiece
Jerry Rice wanted to be the best wide receiver ever in professional football, and he achieved that title. He was motivated to pay of achieving this goal.

Are you motivated and ready for a masterpiece? Do you have a vision of what your business, career and life masterpiece looks, feels or sounds like? Are you ready to improve the quality of work, attitude and determination to your masterpiece? What are you willing to give to your masterpiece? Until you are ready to answer these questions, you can not form the basis for achieving your masterpiece.

After you answer the above questions, smarter goals as your roadmap to success. If it is not on paper, your goals does not exist. Motivated to co-create, write and to act on your goals.


Ryan Indonesian gay, have kill more than 7 person!

Indonesian Police spokesman Abubakar Nataprawira said on Monday Verry Idham Henryansah alias Ryan, the main suspect in a serial killing and mutilation case, may face the death penalty.

The head Indonesian police said the suspect would be prosecuted on charges of breaching article 340 of the Criminal Code which was punishable by 20 years in jail, life or death.

"I think, the element of premeditation exists in the case. It is impossible for him to kill ten people if he had not planned it," the police spokesman said.

Nataprawira said besides article 340, Ryan had also breached article 339 of the Criminal Code on murder accompanied by other crimes. This article carried a punishment of up to 15 years in jail.

He said because the crimes occurred in two places -- Jakarta and Jombang district in East Java -- the investigations would be carried out by police of the two provinces.

"The mutilation case will be handled by the Jakarta police because it happened in South Jakarta while the serial murders case will be tackled by the East Java police because they took place in Jombang," Nataprawira said.

On the location of the prosecution, it would be left to the Supreme Court to decide whether it would be held in Jakarta or in Jombang.

Ryan is the main suspect in the mutilation case of Heri Santoso (40) whose body parts (consisting of seven parts) were found in a suitcase, a backpack and a plastic bag in two locations in Jalan Kebagusan Raya, Pasar Minggu, East Jakarta, on July 12, 2008.

He is also the main suspect in the murders of nine others whose bodies were found buried in the backyard of his father`s house in Maijo hamlet, Jatiwates village, Jombang district East Java. Four of the bodies were found on July 22, 2008 and five others on Monday (July 28). [Antara]


The different are…

Who is The King!!

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Cat tired from playing game…

Employee tired to get earning, to reach money although it isn’t from forex. bisnis.!!



Waterfall Chalange!

What you think about it..

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Smile and sleep on the edge of Waterfall….??????????


High live Quality??

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Quistion is …
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don't do it if you still having full possession of senses

*** []

Wake up from the dead

Its miracle !!

Velma Thomas, women 59 years old, West Virginia, very lucky women. Why?

Because she have “live again” after doctor team judged end of her live..

Doctor said that her heart have been off and she was gone.

But when all medical tools loosened, velma wake up from her unconscious !!

Last week, Velma got heart attack, then her family save her to the hospital, at that time her heart has stopped more than 17 hours. Doctor Team tried all way to save her live by used hipotermia mode [down the body temperature] and try to stimulate her brain but its failed and they give up and decided that Velma have dead. Doctor Kevin Eggleston said that velma skin have been hard & cold, hands and fingers have been fold.

“Good hand have save her” Said Danial Pence [velma nephew] as ABC News.

After her family have prepare to funeral ceremony, Tim Thomas [velma’s son] get phone from hospital that his mother have wake up from her dead!!

Hospital nurse said that velma move her hand, foot then cough several times and ask about her son..

The Docter team speechless “All come from God hand, it is miracle!!”Doctor Eggleston said.