Laws Memory #2

5th The law of associations.
This was formulated back in the 4th century BC by Aristotle. The concepts that arose
while calling each other from the memory bank through the association. For example,
the atmosphere in a room raises memories of events that took place in (or reminder of what
you read it reside in, and that is exactly what you need).

6th Law of the scenes.
The alphabet is easy to recite in its periodic and difficult to reverse the order. The views
learned in a certain order, then recalled, calling each other in the same order.
7th Law of strong impression.
The stronger the first impression of what is saved, the brighter the image. The bigger
the number of channels of information, the stronger the information is stored. Therefore, the task
achieve the strongest possible first impression of the subject material.
8th The law of inhibition.
Any subsequent memorisation inhibits its predecessor. The scholars from the data should "regulate"

Laws Memory #1

There is composed of:
1st Act in concert.
This is the simplest but also the most important. According to the German author Georg Lichtenberg,
poor people remember what they read, because "they do too little thinking." The more deeply you
understand what you may remember, the simpler and more detailed, will remain in your memory.

2nd The law is important.
"For the knowledge to be digested, it must be absorbed with joy," wrote Anatole France. The
interesting and "tasty" is easy to remember as a man does not need to make special efforts, such as
the ability to store spontaneously comes into play.
3rd The Law of the available knowledge.
The more you know about a particular topic, the easier a new memo increase total
on. Everyone must have noticed that when he opens a book read long ago, he read it as if he
never read before. This means that when he read it for the first time that he did not have the relevant
experiences and information, but by that time, he accumulated them. Have a look Forms
Relations between the incumbent and new knowledge. This is the result of memorisation.
4th The law in readiness for Storage Percent.
Readers get the information he claims to come from the text. The same is true for the duration
by memorisation. When you want something to remember for a long time, one will recall that at least
better than if you want to remember anything for a short time.

Dramatic and share poems

Every student, school children and professional or amateur actor, this aspect of memory may be the most problematic of all. The method is usually recommended and employed by reading a line over and over again, 'get it', read the following line, 'get', and the two together, 'they', read the next line and so on ad infinitum to the first lines are forgotten.

Memory systems based on the principles and successfully used by famous actors and actresses is the reverse. With this system the material to be remembered is read and reread fast (see Speed Reading) and understanding over a period of four days, about five to ten times a day. If you for understanding constantly in this way, you will be much more familiar with the material than you realize at the end of the twentieth reading, and you will recall, without looking at the text, most of the material to be commemorated.
Your spirit, especially if you're already on your right the brains of the imagination to help you understand, will have absorbed nearly 90 percent of the information, and remembering will become in line with the correct reading and basic knowledge on the use of the instruments of imagination and association. This system is much more successful than the line by line repetition system, and it can even be further improved in the following way: when you use Memory Key Words. For example, if the material to be remembered is poetry, a few Major Keywords helps your mind "to fill out" the remaining gaps word. If the material to be remembered is part of a script, again the Memory Key Words and Images Link Systems prove essential.
The fundamental elements of a long speech can be strung together with Key-Word convenience, and signals from speaker to speaker can be handled much more efficiently if your creative mnemonics the great leap between the previous speaker the last word and your next word. It is a lack of the use of these techniques, often mnemonic cause chaos on stage, especially those long silences and pauses in the continuity that occur when a performer forgets his last word or another forget his first. Acting troops can save as much as 50 percent of their time, and thus greatly reduce stress and increase enjoyment and efficiency, but the application of the Memory Basic Principles on the theatrical works in which they are involved.

Discovering success of the mechanism

It may seem strange, but it is nevertheless true that everything is up to ten years, scientists had no idea how the human brain and nervous system work, "knowingly" or to achieve a goal. They knew what happened to what was long and careful observations. But not a theory about the basic principles in the context of all these phenomena together in a concept that has meaning. RW Gerard, writes in the Scientific Monthly in June 1946, on the brain and imagination, has said it is sad but true that most of our understanding of the mind to remain as valid and useful if, for all we know , And the skull was filled with cotton set.
But when I took the man to build an "electronic brain" and that the goal is to try to build up its mechanisms, was to identify and take advantage of certain fundamental principles.

After they were discovered, and researchers began to wonder: Could it be the way the human brain also work? Can you believe that the generation of human beings, our Creator, we can make the servo-mechanisms wonderful and beautiful more than an electronic brain or guidance system ever thought of the man cage operating under the same basic principles? In the opinion of cybernetic famous scientists such as Dr. Norbert Weiner, Dr. John von Newman, and others, the answer was an unqualified "yes". Their Embedded guidance system

Everything living has a built-in system management and goal-seeking device, placed there by the Creator in order achieve its goal - that is, in a broad sense - to "live". In simpler forms of life on the goal of "living" simply means the physical survival and for individuals and species. Built-in mechanism in animals is limited to finding food and shelter, or avoiding enemy and overcome the threat, and reproductive ensure the survival of the species. In humans, the goal to "live" means more than just survive. For an animal to live "just means that certain physical requirements must be met. The man has a number of emotional and spiritual needs of the animals do not. So for a man "living" includes more than physical survival and reproduction and to metal. It requires a certain emotional and spiritual satisfaction as well. The man was built in the "success mechanism", and is much wider than an animal. In addition to helping people to avoid danger or overcome, and "sexual instinct," which helps keep the race in my life, the successful implementation of the mechanism that can help him get answers to the problems, invent, write poetry, run a business, the sale of goods, explore new horizons in science, was more peaceful, develop a better personality or achieve success in another activity that is closely linked to his "live or make a fuller life.


Do You Know Function of Calcium?

Function of Calcium Function of Calcium is to calm the nervous system.
Author Catharyn to feel like Elwood million laude use of calcium, to relax the nervous system. She explains:
"Without calcium dissolved in the blood, nerves can not send messages.

Nerver was tense. They can not relax. For children, this indicates a bad provisions, tant compartment and easy temperament, whining crying. When serious deficiencies, muscle twitch Is muscle spasms and even seizures. In adults, they show calcium deficiencies with nervous habits such as cock and cheerful or tensing toe when the leg crossed. They are impatient and izpravyash of their loved when they really want to be patient and kind. They are easily irritated, leaped at least sounds and often grouchy. They are restless and can not sit still for too long. They usually suffer from insomnia. "Dairy products, turnip and mustard Greens, Collard, kale, broccoli, are natural dietary sources of calcium. Calcium tablets are available. Catharyn Elwood offers:
"For nerves to relax and send their impulses, you need calcium. Calcium can not, unless it is absorbed phosphorus and vitamin D are also at work. See that you get at least two grams of calcium and no more than an hour of sunbathing, or 800 up to 4,000 units of vitamin D per day. Use safe, raw milk and vegetable oils nerafiniranite. "
It also recommends magnesium, vitamin B1 and Vitamin B6 mineral feelings as "comforts": "Vitamin B is the main nerve granted to all B-complex vitamins ... Lack of vitamin B1 indirect starves nerves of a food is sugar. sugar comes from very digestible carbohydrates, which is impossible, if not ... B1 Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) win fame as another important member of the family for a quiet and steady nerves. "

Be Your Own

Most people who have failed in a business do not like what they see when they look in the mirror. Young people are particularly affected by this kind of emotional reaction to a problem that seems to defy solution. Do not forget that as long as you live you make mistakes now and then, and when you do, it is only logical that you do not like themselves, not the picture if you look at yourself in the mirror, if not for your little self . The point to remember is that you should be yourself you must rise above self-employed. You must rise above mistakes and accidents yesterday.
You should try your big self. People are error-makers, but they are also error-breakers.

Company to yourself - your big self-employed - is to accept yourself for what you are when you make mistakes. Look at yourself in the mirror with friendly eyes and you realize that much bigger than a mistake, a mistake, an unfortunate situation, all the heartache.
You'll live longer than your mistakes instead of with them. You need your weaknesses, get on your feet in moments of crisis, and count on the confidence of the successes of the past to crises in creative options.
If you do not like what you are, get off your back. Stop living with this hang up, because you can only either as a dislike or what you are. Now remember that you can better yourself or your great self, which transcends your mistakes. That is what successful living is all about. This is what self-involved.

You're Creative?

Many of us are Matatag convinced that people are born creative or not creative, that only a limited number of people can create a different generation. Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Alexander Graham Bell and Einstein all used their vast creative gifts. Everyone has the right to use your imagination properly productive.
What specifics of a creative mind? First, a sense of direction, purpose. After this problem is clearly defined and all possible solutions. Then select the best solution and act on them. Must have the ability to forget problems temporarily if defies solution and the ability to rise above the disappointment.
I believe all of us are creative.

We are a creative mechanism work for us that steers us to success. For example, the use of simple choice of a pencil. We forget that as children we chose clumsily, zigzagging in the direction of a pencil until you learn to do it successfully.
Successful implementation is registered with mental tape recorder for future use. This, in light feeling is creative efforts. All we can do because we all have imagination. We use it every day without a nap this. For example, when worry, we use imagination in a negative way to create something that no longer exists. We project the screen of mind scene that does not happen because we fear we will fail. On the other hand, when we are happy we use your imagination constructively. We picture a useful purpose of the success we seek remember past successes to achieve satisfaction from this.
Composed of all the frustration and success, and to think creatively, we must rise above the mistakes of the past and use self-confidence from past successes to present our work. We can think creatively when:
1. Obviously we think of a problem.
2. We think all possible solutions.
3. Accept the best and when that act.
4. We forget the problems temporarily, if defies solution.

Initial mechanism within us will work for us subconsciously using the ingredients of our past success. The greatest creative efforts for all of us, big or small, are creating habits happiness. It can do as a habit of that day, recalling the joy of past successes and use of that good feeling in our ongoing work. Elbert Habard remember words, "Happiness is a habit - encourage him!"

A sugar-free program for marital problems

A California doctor has suggested that many marital conflicts can be resolved when the couple went on a sugar-free diet. Cecelia Rosenfeld, MD, writes in the medical journal Medical New materia
"One of the main causes of marital disputes - lack of food - is too often overlooked.

In my own practice, I have noticed that a surprising number of" broken marriage "spouse through a blood sugar imbalance.
"Many of these men and women showed symptoms of irritability, violent temper, extraordinary sensitivity and extreme fatigue. In most cases, there was no evidence of organic disease. Corrective action nutritional eliminate these unpleasant symptoms for many spouses and often in the process strengthened their crumble marriages. "
The doctor tells about the case of Mrs RL, a 34-year-old secretary. The woman was tired, showed poor concentration and suffered from chronic emotional depression. Her life at home has deteriorated, and she was divorced from her husband. Dr. Rosenfeld treat them with nutritional therapy. It was four months before an improvement was detected, but shortly after she was her husband again and try
again for a happy life. It is still believed it follows the natural food program and has removed sugar from its food program.
Mr TE, a 53-year-old business executive, a bit nervous tension, including pounding migraine headache. The woman said the man, he was the victim of such a chronic irritability and nervous restlessness that no one can live with him. They were on the verge of a divorce.
Dr. Rosenfeld both of them in a completely natural nutrition program - without white sugar. In two months, the husband of headache is finished, and it's easier to live. He and his wife not only not a divorce, she has a six-month trip around the world!
Of course, many other factors may be in marital discord. But at that unjustified sugar metabolism and resulting hypo can be an individual emotionally unstable, unable to deliver basic reasoning differences. It is encouraging that more and more doctors are checking the possibility of low blood sugar as a factor in an unhappy wife and husband for help.
Only a healthy body can be a healthy mind. Together, they add up to a healthy marriage!