Girls Understand That Beauty is Only Skin Dee

We hope that our girls understand that beauty is only skin deep. We want them to understand more than just physical beauty, spirit and soul that matters. We want them to be more healthy and not to focus on the victims, at any price. However, again we contradict ourselves with the action we take. Fashion dolls from toy companies pencil thin, thin, tall plastic, this is a perfect system of adjectives to describe the beauty of the factory. Is often a favorite toy doll of the little girl. Plastics factory could have said often role models for little girls we wanted to go. Increased cases of anorexia nervosa obsessive about how they see the results. Studies show that at least two out of hundreds of young people with eating disorders in America. Girls assume that thin means beautiful pencils ugly even the slightest bit of fat. As a result, many times we are looking for girls to starve themselves to grow, leading to various forms of serious deficiencies. Beauty is far above even the mind or heart. As a physical self-obsession, girls often depressed assume that they are ugly. Different types of cosmetic plastic surgery is just the beginning of the hazards on the road to the future of our young girls.

It is therefore important that parents, we must be aware of health problems from childhood. We understand that every beautiful in its own way. As children of God, we all need to love ourselves as we are. If this does not happen like that when our children from problems such as how much suffering we have no responsibility? Now you decide!

Bringing up Children as a Matter of do's and don'ts

Raising children is not easy. All parents know, dass Each new day brings new challenges and problems, along with more fun and joy of their parents. The two go hand in hand - cruise problems.

But often parents finally saw their task of bringing up their children as a matter of do's and don'ts. Children with a list of commandments and prohibitions, which does not always make sense, but he knew that if he is not on the list, the work's title, it will be harder than their parents.

Children have good discipline and habits, good values ​​and character development. But a disciplinary point of the population, the fear in the minds of children can be harmful.

I mention here a few helpful tips for parents to help parents to understand how far in dealing with the behavior of children, where to draw the line to go:

Yelling is no solution

Sometimes the behavior of your child's problems go on my nerves. Most parents at the end the children crying, not because they want to, but because they feel that the only way to hear, on her children. It is a myth.

Children do not listen to you, because he understands what is said in favor of himself. He was heard for fear of censure. In other words, the doctrine of trying to hand out to your child, lost all sound and fury. Instead, make the psychological barrier of anger in children.

When you cried the child to hold for every little thing that you can beat it emotional abuse as harmful as physical violence. For a time, the children used to cry, and she started screaming the whole time you draw on it. In short, yell or scream to discipline your children, they are not effective. In contrast, the children begin to show aggression, frustration and hostility toward the development of violent behavior of their parents.

Tips for parents: Put yourself in your child's shoes

How did you hear him? Put yourself in your child's shoes and try to see the world from their perspective. Do you like called names all the little stupid? Would you prefer someone explain what mistakes you made, what the damage and what would happen if you have things the right way?

It is very simple, really. Children are not stupid, they are very intelligent, the brain receives, and they understand everything. Explain your soft, child ministry may modify the severity of his mistakes and what can be achieved by another application or how he coped with the situation. If the child is a missed opportunity and a responsibility to do the right thing, your child will remember the lesson for a very long time.

Support for new Mother [part 2}

Play Gym (like MyGym) to create an open house to host a company, you take your love, even if they are not able to climb and play are. I have a couple before he could crawl, because if this kind of communication with other mothers and families. Here in Reno, Sarah (who runs Nevada Nursing facebook - see Resources for families Reno) and even set a kindergarten in MyGym once a month for 0-3 years from the date of delivery each month on Facebook. I'm sure you know how fast to spread the message on Facebook!

Mothers, other mothers. You can be sure that the mother in the park, as was more than your friend! So do not be shy! Make sure you know yourself and your baby, you already know you have your baby at all the conversation flowed easily, when we talk about them!

It requires only get a small amount of capital a group started, need to know you and your friends who is pregnant or a baby recently so the net! Home of Your Mother group on Facebook to see how fast it grows!

Once you start to take your turns meeting in each group home, we have a 'schedules mistress in our Facebook page, where the mother can choose a date to host. We also plan fun trips, like going to the lake and the local museum. The possibilities are endless!

So go already! Remember that it takes the community to raise a child!

New Mother Need Support

After my little girl decided to stay at home parents I know I'm different mothers. The best decision I ever made even invite a group of mothers! Why? As we support each other - what we need, regardless of our personal beliefs / education.

You do not have to wait until the baby was born in the first place, in fact you great advice on breastfeeding Express. Close the ears when the mother began to understand the horrible birth story! Your group can also be the mother after the baby is born, through the provision of food answers to questions you never thought you'd ask!

Our group began starfish local Nursing Forum (see Resources for families Reno) has grown into a network of beautiful women. We meet every Tuesday and talk about everything when we played the baby.

How did you get involved? Join the group by searching Google for your area or browse for groups on Facebook. It can be frightening to a group that you do not know who to give, but I can guarantee that you will be welcomed with open arms. After all the people there for the same reason - to make friends.

You can also start if I through breastfeeding support groups and forums to get. Please contact your local lactation consultant to see if they have a weekly breastfeeding forum. Two local hospital breastfeeding support group. Even if your breastfeeding relationship is established, because the hearing is not always revolves around food is a great place to meet other mothers.

when Children Left Lonely

Children and young people really start problems when he left lonely, misunderstood or was not important. Children and young people as adults, feel long at all loved in life. If a child is not allowed to express themselves, they do not ..... And who builds and frustration. In addition to causing a ceasefire and difficult relationship between parents and children, young people can suffer from low self-esteem, and things from the people to fill the void.

Heal the wounded boy is not always easy, but important to the success of their lives. We need a reassessment of our relationship with our children, to rethink our style of education and to a successful relationship to date.

The plan should include:

Mutual respect - through the sharing of personal stories, values, triumph, pain, stress-management techniques has been created. Lack of respect comes mostly from parents to understand that young people too busy to connect with life really. By taking the time to laugh, play and just be together, mutual respect has grown to be fertile ground.

Reception - your teen people, beliefs and habits of mind, even if they agree with you. It is not always easy for parents to understand why a child can not be any different from them. However, the tolerance and unconditional acceptance is an important part of the plan.

Unconditional love - no matter where you are the young people at this stage .. Take it from there. Even if you do not agree with the behavior, actions or comments, please make sure he knows you love her unconditionally.

Be an example - if you want to know your teen success, show success. Striving for balance in your life and be a role model best you can. If your life is full of drama, struggle, anger and fear can the lives of teenagers and are filled with rebellion, or perhaps the way of life.

Set clear boundaries will undoubtedly at some point it is important to explain the natural result you keep your teenager to be broken. Parents need private time together as children. Disrespectful talk or actions must not be accepted, but should be discussed and improved.

Submission of authoritarian upbringing Road - This is the main cause of the uprising in many children, especially teenagers. They want self-confident a friend and someone they can rely on. If you are wasting your time to tell them "do as I say not as I" can lose your teen respect you because you are not living, authentic. Way to be authentic, to explain to your child and understand why decisions that can not help you. In this way they can grow and ripen well. Be a friend to know your teenager and let him that her friends and her parents are. Were proud that a child or teen who wants you as a friend. If you deny your child maturation starting friendships, older you can do the same.

Teach responsibility for the actions of life - it's back to erase the border. If a boy feels he has control over his life and is responsible for the success and results, he will be more active and thus more advisable than a choice. Children and young people that he has no control over their lives had been thinking, are the most vulnerable crossroads of medicine, addiction to food, and health effects.

Let Freedom - When children feel control over their own life stories free to develop them. Giving young people the freedom of the surroundings, comfort and love to experiment with the decision on the personal freedom to explore is based. You have to rebel to the freedom of personal youthful desire and have the freedom they are quiet, if you do not see them turning.

It supports - long youth feel supported by your decisions. They see you honest advice and guidance, if you keep up with much love and support in the past. Supportive of your child, even if you think you know how to make it better. Make suggestions, but let them decide for themselves. It shows love, care and respect ... Something that all children and young people need and deserve.

Implementation of strategies in your relationship with your child if you do not have. It's never too late. The pain can be determined, the connection can be extended. Starting today and opened the door, emotional closeness with your child. Learn to see it as a separate and maturity. Stable relationship, full of love and mutual respect with your child today will help to avoid the challenges of tomorrow's youth.

Kid Live in Their Huge Ball Tension

Kid, just by existing, produce and live in their huge ball tension. Your source of pressure is usually in biology. Fluctuating hormones rage, almost from minute to minute, and they were never a sense of personal control (mainly because they do not). Their behavior was a big swing, along with the personal chemistry. Adults and colleagues look at the provider / or respond to the emotional bond that patience and tolerance to try a saint.

Children, cute, cuddly disappeared around the age of 11-13 years, and know their bodies from strangers all are occupied. Almost simultaneously, the person you used to love fans now conclude that behavior, attitudes and moments of consciousness, which is relatively old and small children. In the maelstrom of a different kind of people you live on more than a decade.

Worst of times with young people and adults a lot more limited, often seemingly random, and rigid implementation of the results system. Teens have the scope, or they would openly rebelling against everything their parents as constraints or rules.

The bad news

Your child does not understand what (s) he does not say what effect this has. Rolling eyes, hands on hips and head sarcastic or arrogant tone. Spray a short note from their mouths. The homework took residence was canceled. Cesspits bedroom, or at least the laundry room. Sibling rivalry, not to touch and explore the arguments for the younger siblings. Favorite pastime. Eating and sleeping, email, SMS and phone calls with friends (preferably using a mobile phone with minutes that pay you) and spend hours on Facebook with her friends one day to school to get most favorite people in the world kiss (with the exception of siblings), parents and especially mothers hug, or say the word love in the eyes of their friends is usually embarrassed to bring every time. The child screamed and moaned, boys grim and challenging. This is the time when you go on holiday without him and the worst? these seemingly forever. especially if you know the right people at the old heel has!

Good news

Yes, there is good news, and sometimes because they remember, but now hidden somewhere. Teens are motivated by one - they prefer, with more than just one parent to speak at a young age. Calm is more likely that you, the better (and less respond to) their behavior.

You want to hear your reasons, because they see their parents no longer, as all can be wrong. They want decisions for themselves, using the logic that you, to make it through the process of their experiments. My father was a "byproduct" of the parents, they were gone when the mother failed to meet their needs. This is a time when the father is much more important, because they rejected with the emotional state as much as women and unwanted (and frustrated by decency) tend to feel.

Teens need to know that they loved and respected as an individual better than "ripe". As adults, reason with them and let them make decisions (which are usually controlled with minimal impact) to help them feel they have control over their lives. Adults are often capable of problems with calm, clear, and then help them identify ways they have identified.

Adults are so used to take all decisions and provide evidence that they forget their children in their own electoral decisions. Show them to start those skills when they were teenagers, but when they were children. There are many other steps that the full authority to make decisions must be managed.

Let us not forget that each of us has bad decisions and bad decisions, has to learn, to start somewhere. Are "Aliens" is from the development to "an extraordinary exception, almost grown up" to increase over 16 years. It did not take long to make their own decisions and 18. I hope you give them a solid foundation they need.

Parents have many reasons to invest in their children's music lessons

If I someone I learn piano I book my first reaction was: "I wish I had taken piano lessons when I was young" or "I want my mom made me take piano lessons, where I continue to stop." Since I started teaching in 1992, no one said: "I do not want to learn to play piano." As adults and parents, it seems that we understand how important and useful to learn, play musical instruments in our childhood adolescence.

Parents have many reasons to invest in their children's music lessons. The main reason is the belief that parents help their children's music school. And they were right! This is one of the five most important reasons why children need to learn an instrument. Studies have shown that taking music lessons have many advantages, especially in the development of intelligence and character.

Here are five reasons that your kids involved in music.

1st Increase the brain development of music.
Many studies have been conducted to evaluate the effect of learning a musical instrument to measure cognitive development. The results show that children who have music lessons for several years to show a greater improvement in the spatial-temporal thinking, the science of mathematics learning needs. Music, the children outside their classroom instruction in reading comprehension. In addition, improved children who take music lessons useful memory performance. If we look at the research, it is easy to see that taking music lessons for children for a long time an academic advantage to the point of rising IQ scores and Saturday are your kids will be smarter!

2nd Music lessons for children to teach you how to achieve your goals.
Setting goals is important that everything that we do not track or move the soul. Usually when we look at something we pursue "something" with our goals. Targets for us Many people, including parents, teachers, bosses, coaches, ministers, religious leaders or colleagues. The objective is an important part of everyday life, and that the first step to achieving a sense of accomplishment. The ability of the device is the long-term objectives will be achieved over a period of several years. To achieve this goal, it must be a music teacher and the students set and achieve short-term goals that ultimately lead to achieving the long-term. To help a great price for a music teacher, young students an excellent musician and singer during the elementary school. Some students who pursue music as a career. Others continue to pursue other passions. No matter the activity, take music lessons have learned to move forward toward their dreams.

3rd Music to develop discipline in children.
We all know that everything that is valuable in life is not easy and it is consistent with the hard work we can accomplish great things. How can we teach character traits of self-determination and the discipline of our children live in a society that is accustomed to quick instant gratification? Music lessons are enjoyable and effective to help children learn self-discipline. Students find motivation in music they are studying. But the music they perform consistently well in practice. Music teacher to the students to build a weekly training time for students who self-discipline through music to help study. The development of skills of self-discipline to the objectives in other areas, such as academics and sports to be adjusted.

4th Music lessons help children mature, independent, independent.
Many psychologists agree that children in the child's happiness and the possibility of independent and successful adults who are not highly dependent on the child's sense of self-esteem and confidence. Quality of children with high self-esteem are:

• Dealing with new challenges
• independent true to himself
• responsibility for their decisions and actions
• confidence and pride in their ability to

Time-Management Help

To help the child, a good connection, you have to lead by example, and students learn to write to set priorities. You must always know what your child is assigned and what their deadlines. If you are a parent or guardian can not be more than your children, but you can remember that they are also vulnerable to the consequences of their actions.

If the children concepts such as maps, outline, rough draft and the final design, the parents must know the limits of the activity of the child, together with a notice to do so recommended. For example, if they go to a football game Friday night to play but not, or the game any way, and they have a paper due on Monday, please let us know that they are not going to play football for their friends or article or at least all the research for this article is complete when a long essay to be.

That sounds like tough love, it shows your child that you are not just notes, but on what happens in their lives. It also opens the communication with you and your child about issues or problems a child with the project. Last one gives the time-management skills of the child at a young age that they can carry into adulthood and help them to develop skills that most adults with the fight. Keep on working on your child's school also gives you a perfect opportunity to communicate with your child's teacher and make sure they were adequate progress in the class for progress reports or certificates will be delivered.

In the context of time-management help, your child, write a good connection and teaches them how to research and to do items, but also offers a parent or guardian an opportunity to ensure that when children are doing on their computer research or writing articles on their own, as the games chat to on Facebook or Twitter or unlike other social networking sites. Finally, as a mass project takes place, gives you the opportunity to teach children what is a reliable source and what is not, reliable sources. However, teaching your child, you can also explain plagiarism and other information to read and summarize the information in their own words and not just an article and changing the words here and there and claim it as their own. These skills are also the children themselves and rationalization skills that would think to adulthood are taught.

Tips to Manage Our Children Activity

Now we have one child in high school. This is our second child to go through what I call it "crazy in high school." What a different world! You suddenly teacher 05:59, with a range of projects from many directions. Fortunately, we are a charter school. For us, I think the size of small schools more intimate atmosphere, the consequences of change.

For those of you who organized a new pace yourself, or want to make some changes from last year, I thought some useful insights tips that might help you:

1st Get to know all the teachers as soon as possible. In high school, more gaps in the media. If you have one in sixth grade, they are not used to having so many classes, teachers, and coordinate tasks. Fall through the cracks so easily, which can lead to feelings of defeat to demotivation. Not a good way to start the season of their lives. Better communication between teachers, the better you can help your child navigate this journey.

2nd A walk through the entry, the assignment together parents / teachers at the school of communication and other items every day. He teaches the child how to be proactive, stay organized in order to keep their jobs. While your children are more comfortable with the new schedule task, they run and much more. Meanwhile, give support and cooperation is very important to give them a solid start and be successful.

3rd Connect with the kids and learn about their day. It is important to keep in touch with our children about what to keep happening in their time, especially as they began to enter adolescence. Much has changed for them, some of whom do with the lists of school (hormones, attitudes, etc.) have to do changed. I recommend a good listener today. If the lines of communication open at this point, you have a better chance of the communication channels open in the coming years. This is part of the process of building trust.

Our children are not years in high school, constructive communication and trust. There is a big difference later. For those of you with a high school, I recommend to stay in close contact with the teachers, maintain close contact to find out what your child days. When I my oldest son, now told in school: "I always know the teachers from high school, and they always know I am .. a negotiable part you have control over the section, however, is how to take and as I do. " When our children grow, they want more freedom and more. Give them the freedom with boundaries. Let them make decisions that they make. And make sure they know that your back.