Check your Blog Price !!

[trick to motivate]Today i get some info from, that i must copy an article from him.. but i dont realy know what its for.. [he..he..he.. sorry arief ]
so i just comment to his blog that i will link his article to my next article.. [i do what i promise :)]
but now, i will not talk about it. But i will info you to know how much your blog price is??
its price info for : Estimated Worth $2,007.40 USD
This is an estimate of
Net Worth $2,007.40 thumbnail
Daily Pageviews 300
Daily Visitors 100
Daily Ad Revenue $0.32 - 0.79

but its just game i think.. so in this time will give you some informasi about your blog price..
its easy to check it. just input / type your blog addres on this site, than click value !! hola..
you will get your blog price...
exacly i'am not really believe this price .. btw, its just for fun..
so how about yours !! check here..

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alphawave said...

hehehe.. akhirnya bisa kasih komen juga disini.. btw ane cek blog price ane kok masih 0 yah... gak laku dijual lagi deh.. :)