Support for new Mother [part 2}

Play Gym (like MyGym) to create an open house to host a company, you take your love, even if they are not able to climb and play are. I have a couple before he could crawl, because if this kind of communication with other mothers and families. Here in Reno, Sarah (who runs Nevada Nursing facebook - see Resources for families Reno) and even set a kindergarten in MyGym once a month for 0-3 years from the date of delivery each month on Facebook. I'm sure you know how fast to spread the message on Facebook!

Mothers, other mothers. You can be sure that the mother in the park, as was more than your friend! So do not be shy! Make sure you know yourself and your baby, you already know you have your baby at all the conversation flowed easily, when we talk about them!

It requires only get a small amount of capital a group started, need to know you and your friends who is pregnant or a baby recently so the net! Home of Your Mother group on Facebook to see how fast it grows!

Once you start to take your turns meeting in each group home, we have a 'schedules mistress in our Facebook page, where the mother can choose a date to host. We also plan fun trips, like going to the lake and the local museum. The possibilities are endless!

So go already! Remember that it takes the community to raise a child!

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