Is Sugar A Memory Killer?

up your spirit Sugar has no food. This is a pure carbohydrate that offers illusion of energy, but only cause a fall after the first eruption was developed. Sugar contributes to the emotional state because of the OP "vitamin B-complex during metabolism.
These vitamins nourish the nervous system. As already noted, can lead to lack emotional disturbances. Sugar, with its performance degradation failure. In violation of the delicate blood sugar can cause mind-bending, mind destroying action. E "refers to the distortion of thinking, erratic behavior and memory effects.
Joseph Wilder, MD, writes in the nervous child, blames the consumption of sugar, which exceeds the fact that so many children display neurotic symptoms. Young people, according to Dr. Wilder, consume much sugar in their desire for sweet and so are more susceptible to these emotional disturbances. Therefore, they will receive a serious threat to their mental health "in the interest of food for the mind (and natural), whose function is much greater in children than in adults.
Surplus of sugar, says Dr. Wilder is emotionally dangerous. Diet "In adults, defective or inappropriate may change or deterioration in general or specific mental functions and ultimately lead to repair or irreparable damage to the structure of the central nervous system. For children, we are facing a serious factor. In Development brain can be slowed, stopped, changed, and thus mental functions are affected indirectly, and no less serious.
Sugar metabolism of nerve farming leaches vitamins and danger signals are recorded. The person who eats too much or not eating at all. Often impaired memory. Nightmares, sleep, poor training, distraction, male, the inability to do things - all these can cause.
"Laziness may be caused by hypoglycemia (blood sugar)," says Dr. Wilder, "with mental fatigue, drowsiness, apathy, lack of initiative and, above all, the inability to make serious decisions."
Serious illness of a system overload of sugar can lead to violence. Dr. Wilder says: "The child may be neurotic, psychopathic or criminal trends and is subject to anxiety, escape tendencies, aggression, blind desire to work and acts of vandalism, destruction of the moral feelings such as shame.
"In its simplest form is the tendency to deny anything that contradicts, denies everything at any cost ... It is not surprising that a significant number of semi-criminal and criminal, have been observed in children ... [ glucose] States, ranging from vandalism or violation of traffic all the way to arson and murder.
Dr. Wilder also said that "the usual problems of the relationship of poverty to crime to requests for an inquiry in terms of hypoglycemia ... In one such study, although the possible irreparable anatomical damage and the arrest of a youth development brain caused by malnutrition during childhood, even if the patient is not criminal or metabolic disorders during the investigation. "

In an article in "Handbook of Correctional Psychology, Dr. Joseph Wilder suggests the number of cases of criminal acts committed by persons with a history of high intake of sugar and shows symptoms of hypoglycemia. For crimes included murder, arson, mutilation.
During the report, Dr. Wilder is statements like this:
"After the arrest of the patient, his GP has informed the defense that two years before the crime, the curve of glucose (blood test) had a tendency to hypoglycemia. Hitler was one of the sugar" drunkard "and this may be one reason that brain water, raving, maniac is demagogic. His excessive consumption of sugar can lead to low blood sugar and subsequent adaptation to love screaming anger. Hitler sweets. Ernst Hanfstaengl, staff pianist of the F├╝hrer, in his book, unheard witness says how Hitler loved sweets and cakes cream prosperous. there was always a box of chocolates around. Pianist writes that Hitler could not have at least the wine Do not put sugar in the drink! In its early years, when in prison, his friends shower him with boxes of candy, knowing of his addiction.
Hanfstaengl wrote: "... Hitler was the most incredible sweet tooth man I ever met ..." Although there are many other factors related to the twisted mind of Hitler, may have been the consumption of glucose hypoglycemia trigger other symptoms that exploded.
Sugar is an artificial creation. Sugar molecule is Cn H <2> N c (carbon, hydrogen and oxygen). It has no nutrients. It is soluble in water and reeds in the blood, spending less time in the digestive system. He is considered a chemical compound and disrupt the normal regime of the health of biological systems. It may also lead to abnormal pressure on mental processes.
H. Stutte, MD, a physician officials in Marburg, Germany type problems too much sugar in points Das Neue Zeitalter, the possibility of a link between blood sugar (hypoglycemia) and number of car accidents:
"A person with hypoglycemia who suddenly in the thick of traffic to pass in a big city with vision problems or a weakened state ... that respond incorrectly because of lack of initiative or clouding of consciousness, a person can easily cause an incident in which he or another person can be a victim. "
This state of "dangerous special danger when they win the driver and steering wheel - and often does - that person is not aware that he was insane and continues to drive reductions ... when suddenly a car in the opposite lane and clash, in which conditions of good light curve can be seen clearly on this issue, or even the right way, no one should be satisfied with the laconic statement "goes too fast, but also reflect on the possibility of hypoglycaemia ... "

Dr. Sutta recommended for medical research in these cases: "The expansion of the investigation of the causes (in the field of medicine and technology) will likely be much higher to prevent accidents and increase regulations punitory".

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