How Normal Weight During Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy the mother is certain to increase because women need more nutrients for the development of the baby. But many women confused about the weight gain is normal or not. Just how normal weight during pregnancy?

Like it or not, weight gain during pregnancy can not be avoided. The baby needs the nutrients for growth and development. But thinking diet for two people is not something that can be tolerated when the mother was pregnant.

Pregnant women should stick to a healthy lifestyle, so it can control the weight gain during pregnancy. In addition, of course, to support the baby's health and makes capital easier to lose weight after giving birth.

None matched the size of the increase in weight when the mother was pregnant. How much weight is needed by pregnant women depends on various factors, including body weight before pregnancy and body mass index (BMI). In addition maternal and infant health also plays an important role.

For that mothers should always control their doctor in determining your weight gain is appropriate.
If women gain excessive weight, will have a risk such as diabetes and high blood pressure. The most important thing is to keep the pregnancy a normal weight rather than lose weight. Even if the mother has excess weight before pregnancy, the mother should have a healthy weight during pregnancy so as to avoid bad risks to infants.

But it is also important to get enough weight during pregnancy, especially when entering the second and third trimesters. Because without the addition of sufficient weight, there is the possibility the baby will come early or have a smaller weight than they should.

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