Sand, Safer for our children than Wood

Play using the base of the sand is safer for the children's activities, rather than playing with the wood and rubber.
He received that children play with sand base is almost five times greater risk of breaking the weapons less, feet or other body parts other than the wood fiber or rubber. This research was published in PLoS Medicine website.

This indicates that it is better to give our children the sand than wood .. greater security to our children. This research was carried out in various places to play if one compares the two surfaces of wood fiber and sand. In this case, found that children playing in the playground area with wood fiber is 4.9 times the risk of fractures compared with children playing in the sand-covered surface.

In Australia, for example, there are cases of at least 106.6 fracture than 100,000 primary school children
Although the surface is dangerous for children when used mataĆ­ rubber, rubber and children was a step back to allow for those more serious fractures.

In addition to the base of security used for a playground for children, proper maintenance also plays a role in the security and the reduction in the number of injuries that might arise. Should the depth of a sand layer Optimized and supervisors who participated in order to ensure the security required.

Reflects previous research by the NSW Injury Risk Management Research Center of the safety performance could be significantly reduced if the depth of the surface properties to meet the demand.

If the sand is placed in the appropriate depth under the slide boards or poles to climb, so that it can protect children from something hard on the floor in autumn.

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