The six succes for your live

Below the six success factors secrets, Jerry Rice, you can easily motivate you to success in every aspect of your business, career and life:

1st Motivate you see opportunities in every Challenge
Jerry would have looked at the task of Fang as a load of bricks, which is a waste of his time. But he saw the big picture and made the task more enjoyable by developing games from the activities. Many times in life, we are thrown stones and complain and that they miss the chance for us. The person who can find solutions to the challenges that they face, can write their own ticket to success. If you have a challenge, it is your preparation a chance in the future. You can not know when the opportunity comes, why, or what are the chances, but it happens, will you be prepared? Enjoy your challenges so that you prepared.

2nd Yourself motivating to see that this is normal to experience a Little Pain
As Jerry was the pain of the Fang of bricks every day, this pain to build, he was a stronger person. Each stone was Jerry refuel the internal desire for success. Just think of some situation in the workplace, in business or in life, that was embarrassing. Your pain can be a painful moment, but it could also be a learning experience, and it may be a setback. How you can use this setback to motivate you to greater success? We achieve success in our company, career and life as we develop the success of the use of our instruments "pain" as a learning experience and a springboard to success.

3rd Motivate yourself to take unpopular tasks
Catching bricks all day is not the glamorous job in the world. Many times we throw stones in life and to be avoided like the plague. Volunteers for the Fang these blocks, while others fall. This will impact on the people to see your specific skills and offer the chance for success. It is what I always say: "It is not what you know, it is not, you know, it is to know what you know." If you volunteer for the Fang of these stones, enter, while others now know and see the special skills and talents that you issue.

4th Securing themselves to motivate action
Even the simple act of measures to successfully make more than 98% of other people. Many people are waiting times for the "right time" or "more resources." Self-motivation to take action, where you stand today and make the necessary corrections, if necessary.

5th Motivate yourself go the extra miles
Jerry Rice's off-season personal football workouts were legendary. He would train six days a week, runs five miles, along with running wind sprint of the steepest mountains in his community. He does not need to do grueling work, but he wanted in better condition than any other professional football player. He went the extra miles as the best.

What do you do that extra miles? Do you have a continuous learning program in place? If you think of yourself, your employees better? Give your customers something extra to show appreciation for their business? These are all ways in which you peace and success in your company, your career and your life.

6th Yourself motivation for the creation of a masterpiece
Jerry Rice wanted to be the best wide receiver ever in professional football, and he achieved that title. He was motivated to pay of achieving this goal.

Are you motivated and ready for a masterpiece? Do you have a vision of what your business, career and life masterpiece looks, feels or sounds like? Are you ready to improve the quality of work, attitude and determination to your masterpiece? What are you willing to give to your masterpiece? Until you are ready to answer these questions, you can not form the basis for achieving your masterpiece.

After you answer the above questions, smarter goals as your roadmap to success. If it is not on paper, your goals does not exist. Motivated to co-create, write and to act on your goals.

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