Solved It With a Pen and Paper

The 'interest you in writing. No goals or ambitions. No, we are not talking about creating a clear objective. Instead, we have to discover a clear obstacle.

There are few people want to admit that are afraid to do something. They have also not necessary to admit that it is not desirable to work to improve. The output? The excuse always available.

What's your excuse?
Whether it's a rich calendar, or the fact that children still at school, people to achieve everything that comes out of hot water, fear or offer.

It is not so scared out of the dead end jobs and find it really positive, is simply that you do not have the time.

Of course, with apologies to the truth, nothing changes. And even clearer is the fact that you need to get rid of this fall destructive illusion.

Getting Started
Since these little nuggets of fraudulent use both enjoyed in the past, it is difficult for them to the place surface, which are so ingrained that make use of an excuse is more reflective of rational thinking.
This problem can be solved with a pen and paper.
Written, word for word, the excuses you used in the past to avoid doing things that you afraid of things that offer, vai the light shine on the rationalisation.
You can also ask friends or relatives typical "reasons" has been offered to explain their inaction.

Once you've found your way of explanation, will be ready next time that comes to mind. Instead of talking him out of action, you know better. This is only your reflection excuse to work and, finally, to free themselves from the trap of rationalization.

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