Several Secret to Reach Comfortable Live [part 2]

Now we’ll explain another secret to Reach Comfortable Live last part.
Helping Others
With so much thought, the personal questions that can
be easy to other people's problems. This is not only
nor to lend a hand to people in need, but also
occurring from a sense of contribution and links
Few working for someone else.

Host unit of blood or food, volunteers at the local library,
Shares, or gift of literacy for those who have not yet
read. We have not had enough time for the main commitments, collect
extra clothes or blankets and donate them to their place
Protection or Salvation Army.

Do something for them
As strange as it may sound, people often have a much more difficult
Time than anything with this task to others.
Our good response to a feeling of guilt or selfishness
when it is necessary to take care of itself, but it
nothing about these selfish. If you do not tend to your
Needs and desires, you can not start that there is someone

Turn Silence
Life is full of noises. Everywhere you go, the
Beep, blaring, or bopping the way for the ears. No
Except that a lot of noise to create and mental
physical stress, but also the soothing sounds of water
on the natural world around them.

For thirty minutes a day, every device off,
Machine and a part of the equipment in your home. No television,
No stereo, or your dishwasher. You will quickly find
little time in silence will help your nerves
and give him the opportunity to finally "Get in touch with his

Practice patience
Perhaps the most difficult to remove the tip, but also
The most useful to a sense of patience and
Reception in his life. If you try hard enough, you
easy to find something to complain of twenty-four
Hours a day, but at the end of the day you were not all
better - what would be worse.

When you click a situation that tests their patience
focal point on how they can improve it. This is not the case,
accept reality and move on. Getting all upset waste
Oz his energy to consume things

The next time you are stuck in line or caught in traffic
Jam, just think about how you can benefit.
If the solution in the sense comes to patience and

This step in the city, you have a quiet
and balance, you need to take some time before the next stage,
I have the things you wanted and experience Semper
Semper the life you want to live.

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