Signs of pregnant women

Women are usually just beginning to think that she was pregnant or not after a late menstrual schedule 1-2 weeks. Although there is little evidence that any indication that she was pregnant.

For people who do not menstruate regularly schedule would be difficult to know whether they are pregnant or not and will not be achieved after the pregnancy test results showed a positive sign.

But in addition to schedule a late period, there are some other signs indicated that if a woman is pregnant, quoted from Baby Center.:

1. Breasts swollen and tender.
One of the signs of pregnancy is breast tenderness and a little pain caused by rising hormone levels. The pain is usually experienced more pain than if menstruation. This disadvantage will be substantially reduced after the first trimester because your body adjust to hormonal changes.

2. Moe quickly.
People who become pregnant in the first trimester often feel tired suddenly, probably caused by rapidly increased levels of the hormone progesterone. But pregnant women will feel more energetic after reaching the second trimester.

3. There was little bleeding.
Some women experience vaginal bleeding in about 11/12 days after contact. The bleeding was caused by the fertilized egg in the uterus. Bleeding that is very mild, like a spot of blood appears, just spotting pink or reddish brown spots.

4. The experience of nausea and vomiting.
Women suffering from nausea and vomiting usually experienced in the morning after 1 months to male and female relationships. But for women who are pregnant, nausea and vomiting is not only happening in the morning, but also problems in the afternoon and evening.

5. Increased sensitivity to odors.
Sometimes pregnant women feel dislike of certain smells such as coffee, perfume or the smell of food that is popular with women previously. This reaction can cause vomiting reflex.

6. Flatulence.
Hormonal changes that occur during early pregnancy may feel bloated stomach, like when a woman before her period to come.

7. Frequent urination.
Pregnant women often urinate all the time, because the amount of blood and fluid during pregnancy increases, making the extra fluid is processed by the kidneys and the bladder.

8. Menstrual schedule.
If regular menstruation, then someone will do a pregnancy test for other signs appear. But if the term is not regular, then one can of the above symptoms are an indication that you get late menstruation.

9. Basal body temperature remains high.
BBT is the temperature measured in the morning, while still in bed and not doing any activities. To measure can use a thermometer under the tongue. If the basal body temperature remains high for 18 consecutive days there is a possibility that you are pregnant.

10. Using a pregnancy test.
One of the signs of pregnancy that is almost precisely the use of a pregnancy. The use of the pregnancy is the best around 1 week after the end of menstruation. If the above signs, but the result was negative, try to repeat a few days later.
so, ladies.. up your spirit for get child your own...

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