Big Secret Laws Of Memory

As human we always used our memory to remember anything, so below will expose Eight Secret about Law OfMemory.

First, Comprehension of The Law.
It is the simplest, but also the most important. As to the German writer Georg Lichtenberg, people poorly remember what they read because "they do too little thinking". The more deeply you
grasp what you memorise, the more easily and the more in detail it will remain in your memory.

Second. Interesting of The Law.
Anatole France wrote "For knowledge to be digested, it must be absorbed with relish," The interesting and "the appetising" is remembered easily as man does not have to make special efforts, as the ability to spontaneously memorise comes into play.

Third, The Law Of Previous Knowledge.
The more one knows on a certain subject, the more easily one memorises everything new pertaining to it. Everyone must have noticed that when he opens a book read long ago, he reads it as if he had never read it before. This means that when he read it for the first time he lacked the relevant experience and information but by this time he has accumulated them. Thus reading forms connections between the accumulated and the new knowledge. This is the result of memorisation.

Fourth, The Law Of Readiness For Memorisation.
The reader derives the information he sets out to derive from the text. The same goes for the duration
of memorisation. When one wants to remember something for long, one will remember it in any case
better than when one wants to remember something for a brief while.
There are still have for explaination about Secret Laws Of Memory
Will be explain later…

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