Motivation, Part of Succes keys..

Success Motivation for Your Happiness and Success!
Goal Setting is extremely important to motivation and success. So what motivates you? Why are you in college? I believe it is one reason why you want to be a success man!!
Motivation is one of part for push to be success..
Below some list for up your motivation to reach your success..

Detailed instructions
- If you want a specific result, give specific instructions. People work better when they know exactly what’s expected.

Short and long term goals
- Use both short and long term goals to guide the action process and create an overall philosophy.

- Get people on your side and they’ll want to help you. Piss them off and they’ll do everything they can to screw you over.

- Many people are most productive right before a big deadline. They also have a hard time focusing until that deadline is looming overhead. Use this to your advantage by setting up a series of mini-deadlines building up to an end result.

Team Spirit
- Create an environment of camaraderie. People work more effectively when they feel like part of team — they don’t want to let others down.
Recognize achievement - Make a point to recognize achievements one-on-one and also in group settings. People like to see that their work isn’t being ignored.

Personal stake
- Think about the personal stake of others. What do they need? By understanding this you’ll be able to keep people happy and productive.

Concentrate on outcomes

- No one likes to work with someone standing over their shoulder. Focus on outcomes — make it clear what you want and cut people loose to get it done on their own.
Trust and Respect
- Give people the trust and respect they deserve and they’ll respond to requests much more favorably.

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