Big Secret Laws Of Memory [part 2]

We will continue to exposed about Lows of memory, as we know we have limit of memories, I mind, we can not rembember details for something that we have done at past, but hope we will still remember the “red lines” for some story or event, incident on the past. Ok below another four secret about Laws Of memory ..

The Law Of Associations.
It was formulated back in the 4th century B.C. by Aristotle. The concepts which arose
simultaneously summon each other up from the memory bank by association. For instance, the atmosphere of a room evokes recollections about events which took place in it (or recollection of what
you read staying in it, and this is exactly what you need).

The Law Of Sequences.
The alphabet is easy to recite in its regular order and difficult in the reverse order. The conceptions
learned in a certain sequence, when recalled, summon each other up in the same sequence.

The Law Of Strong Impressions.
The stronger the first impression of what is being memorised, the brighter the image. The greater the
number of information channels, the more strongly the information is retained. Hence, the task is to
achieve the strongest possible initial impression of the material subject.

The Law Of Inhibition.

Any subsequent memorisation inhibits the previous. The learned portion of information must "settle"
before the next is taken up. The best way to forget newly memorised material is by trying to memorise
something similar directly afterwards. This is why school children are advised not to learn physics
after mathematics and literature after history and to learn poetry before going to bed.

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