Great simple trick to teach your child [between 3-7 years old]

I think all parents usually get big trouble when try to teach their child learn something ..
Why? Because they are used straight method to teach them ..
So do you know the method that parents can teach “a new way” so that the children enjoy all leasson that teach by their parents?. Example lesson to enjoined numbers, letters and colors with methods read or told the children remember and repeat back to memorize it .. parents think it will accelerate the learning of the children to memorize and can immediately understand the lessons that we give .. believe that the child will feel tortured! They do not even possible to understand all that we teach them ..!

So how to teach them so they can enjoy a mug letters, numbers and colors quickly and they do not feel oppressed to do it?
This is the trick that I will give to you ..
Make a lesson you will teach your child to become a kind of game or games ..! how? For example you will teach the letter A and a certain color, then you can show an object that begins with the letter and the color ..! nah so sianak will easily remember the letters and colors that you teach the stuff that you remember the show .. simple isn’t?

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