Tricks to motivate children

Today we will learn how to provide incentives and awards to children for motivate them. Most importantly at the right time to provide incentives / rewards to our children. And we should know when intensive / awards that we give our children.
Below, you will learn the right way to motivate and to give tribute to our children.

# 1. Motivation when the children will face the test schools. Give him the promise of a gift [if successfully reached the target we want] No incentive is likely to decrease motivation and children will be less vibrant in the school exams!

# 2. children's motivation when performing activities that benefit the environment and community and school environment. Give him praise and awards when he was doing the deeds that benefit the environment such as helping friends who need help.
With motivation and award the child will feel itself means and confidence.
There are two rules that make incentives powerful:
# incentives that are desired by your child. Ask your child for ideas.
# reward is given immediately after your child meet the goals.

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