Wow.. Holiday Time !!

Today, on September 14, 2009 is the first day of school holidays. Appropriate national curriculum in Indonesia, this Monday is the beginning of a long holiday to welcome Iedul Fitri holidays.
Wow .. This means that 2 of my Childs who was still sitting in the kindergarten and playgroup must be off, and stay at home .. This means they will play a full day at home!!
There are some things that seemed to do to anticipate that children continue to learn even though the school holidays.
I planning to do ::
Every morning around 7:00 I had prepared questions for my child in kindergarten, either reading or writing exercises. This I gave him so he will not forget the lessons from his school.
Then during the day, I taught him to open a school textbook, though only 10 minutes, and of course the reward of spending money to him ..
For my evening acquitted him of the lesson, just talk to them about the stories that educate before they sleep ..
This is all I do to fill their holidays, in addition they would also invite me to the mall or other refreshing place to avoid burnout ...
Hopefully this way I can make my child keep the school spirit, not saturated and not forget the lessons during his school on holidays ..


Stacie said...

I think your plans during the holiday are a great idea! Never hurts to keep the lessons going.

Alice Audrey said...

This should be very good for the children. I tried something similar over summer vacations, and it seemed to be a good thing.

Little Lady Cakes said...

Happy Holidays! How smart to keep your childrens' minds sharp!

upyourspirit said...

@stacie : thanks 4ur support.. :)

upyourspirit said...

@ alice : you are right :)

upyourspirit said...

@little lady : thanks, happy holiday for you too.. :)