Be Your Own

Most people who have failed in a business do not like what they see when they look in the mirror. Young people are particularly affected by this kind of emotional reaction to a problem that seems to defy solution. Do not forget that as long as you live you make mistakes now and then, and when you do, it is only logical that you do not like themselves, not the picture if you look at yourself in the mirror, if not for your little self . The point to remember is that you should be yourself you must rise above self-employed. You must rise above mistakes and accidents yesterday.
You should try your big self. People are error-makers, but they are also error-breakers.

Company to yourself - your big self-employed - is to accept yourself for what you are when you make mistakes. Look at yourself in the mirror with friendly eyes and you realize that much bigger than a mistake, a mistake, an unfortunate situation, all the heartache.
You'll live longer than your mistakes instead of with them. You need your weaknesses, get on your feet in moments of crisis, and count on the confidence of the successes of the past to crises in creative options.
If you do not like what you are, get off your back. Stop living with this hang up, because you can only either as a dislike or what you are. Now remember that you can better yourself or your great self, which transcends your mistakes. That is what successful living is all about. This is what self-involved.

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