Discovering success of the mechanism

It may seem strange, but it is nevertheless true that everything is up to ten years, scientists had no idea how the human brain and nervous system work, "knowingly" or to achieve a goal. They knew what happened to what was long and careful observations. But not a theory about the basic principles in the context of all these phenomena together in a concept that has meaning. RW Gerard, writes in the Scientific Monthly in June 1946, on the brain and imagination, has said it is sad but true that most of our understanding of the mind to remain as valid and useful if, for all we know , And the skull was filled with cotton set.
But when I took the man to build an "electronic brain" and that the goal is to try to build up its mechanisms, was to identify and take advantage of certain fundamental principles.

After they were discovered, and researchers began to wonder: Could it be the way the human brain also work? Can you believe that the generation of human beings, our Creator, we can make the servo-mechanisms wonderful and beautiful more than an electronic brain or guidance system ever thought of the man cage operating under the same basic principles? In the opinion of cybernetic famous scientists such as Dr. Norbert Weiner, Dr. John von Newman, and others, the answer was an unqualified "yes". Their Embedded guidance system

Everything living has a built-in system management and goal-seeking device, placed there by the Creator in order achieve its goal - that is, in a broad sense - to "live". In simpler forms of life on the goal of "living" simply means the physical survival and for individuals and species. Built-in mechanism in animals is limited to finding food and shelter, or avoiding enemy and overcome the threat, and reproductive ensure the survival of the species. In humans, the goal to "live" means more than just survive. For an animal to live "just means that certain physical requirements must be met. The man has a number of emotional and spiritual needs of the animals do not. So for a man "living" includes more than physical survival and reproduction and to metal. It requires a certain emotional and spiritual satisfaction as well. The man was built in the "success mechanism", and is much wider than an animal. In addition to helping people to avoid danger or overcome, and "sexual instinct," which helps keep the race in my life, the successful implementation of the mechanism that can help him get answers to the problems, invent, write poetry, run a business, the sale of goods, explore new horizons in science, was more peaceful, develop a better personality or achieve success in another activity that is closely linked to his "live or make a fuller life.

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