You're Creative?

Many of us are Matatag convinced that people are born creative or not creative, that only a limited number of people can create a different generation. Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Beethoven, Alexander Graham Bell and Einstein all used their vast creative gifts. Everyone has the right to use your imagination properly productive.
What specifics of a creative mind? First, a sense of direction, purpose. After this problem is clearly defined and all possible solutions. Then select the best solution and act on them. Must have the ability to forget problems temporarily if defies solution and the ability to rise above the disappointment.
I believe all of us are creative.

We are a creative mechanism work for us that steers us to success. For example, the use of simple choice of a pencil. We forget that as children we chose clumsily, zigzagging in the direction of a pencil until you learn to do it successfully.
Successful implementation is registered with mental tape recorder for future use. This, in light feeling is creative efforts. All we can do because we all have imagination. We use it every day without a nap this. For example, when worry, we use imagination in a negative way to create something that no longer exists. We project the screen of mind scene that does not happen because we fear we will fail. On the other hand, when we are happy we use your imagination constructively. We picture a useful purpose of the success we seek remember past successes to achieve satisfaction from this.
Composed of all the frustration and success, and to think creatively, we must rise above the mistakes of the past and use self-confidence from past successes to present our work. We can think creatively when:
1. Obviously we think of a problem.
2. We think all possible solutions.
3. Accept the best and when that act.
4. We forget the problems temporarily, if defies solution.

Initial mechanism within us will work for us subconsciously using the ingredients of our past success. The greatest creative efforts for all of us, big or small, are creating habits happiness. It can do as a habit of that day, recalling the joy of past successes and use of that good feeling in our ongoing work. Elbert Habard remember words, "Happiness is a habit - encourage him!"

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