Dramatic and share poems

Every student, school children and professional or amateur actor, this aspect of memory may be the most problematic of all. The method is usually recommended and employed by reading a line over and over again, 'get it', read the following line, 'get', and the two together, 'they', read the next line and so on ad infinitum to the first lines are forgotten.

Memory systems based on the principles and successfully used by famous actors and actresses is the reverse. With this system the material to be remembered is read and reread fast (see Speed Reading) and understanding over a period of four days, about five to ten times a day. If you for understanding constantly in this way, you will be much more familiar with the material than you realize at the end of the twentieth reading, and you will recall, without looking at the text, most of the material to be commemorated.
Your spirit, especially if you're already on your right the brains of the imagination to help you understand, will have absorbed nearly 90 percent of the information, and remembering will become in line with the correct reading and basic knowledge on the use of the instruments of imagination and association. This system is much more successful than the line by line repetition system, and it can even be further improved in the following way: when you use Memory Key Words. For example, if the material to be remembered is poetry, a few Major Keywords helps your mind "to fill out" the remaining gaps word. If the material to be remembered is part of a script, again the Memory Key Words and Images Link Systems prove essential.
The fundamental elements of a long speech can be strung together with Key-Word convenience, and signals from speaker to speaker can be handled much more efficiently if your creative mnemonics the great leap between the previous speaker the last word and your next word. It is a lack of the use of these techniques, often mnemonic cause chaos on stage, especially those long silences and pauses in the continuity that occur when a performer forgets his last word or another forget his first. Acting troops can save as much as 50 percent of their time, and thus greatly reduce stress and increase enjoyment and efficiency, but the application of the Memory Basic Principles on the theatrical works in which they are involved.

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