A sugar-free program for marital problems

A California doctor has suggested that many marital conflicts can be resolved when the couple went on a sugar-free diet. Cecelia Rosenfeld, MD, writes in the medical journal Medical New materia
"One of the main causes of marital disputes - lack of food - is too often overlooked.

In my own practice, I have noticed that a surprising number of" broken marriage "spouse through a blood sugar imbalance.
"Many of these men and women showed symptoms of irritability, violent temper, extraordinary sensitivity and extreme fatigue. In most cases, there was no evidence of organic disease. Corrective action nutritional eliminate these unpleasant symptoms for many spouses and often in the process strengthened their crumble marriages. "
The doctor tells about the case of Mrs RL, a 34-year-old secretary. The woman was tired, showed poor concentration and suffered from chronic emotional depression. Her life at home has deteriorated, and she was divorced from her husband. Dr. Rosenfeld treat them with nutritional therapy. It was four months before an improvement was detected, but shortly after she was her husband again and try
again for a happy life. It is still believed it follows the natural food program and has removed sugar from its food program.
Mr TE, a 53-year-old business executive, a bit nervous tension, including pounding migraine headache. The woman said the man, he was the victim of such a chronic irritability and nervous restlessness that no one can live with him. They were on the verge of a divorce.
Dr. Rosenfeld both of them in a completely natural nutrition program - without white sugar. In two months, the husband of headache is finished, and it's easier to live. He and his wife not only not a divorce, she has a six-month trip around the world!
Of course, many other factors may be in marital discord. But at that unjustified sugar metabolism and resulting hypo can be an individual emotionally unstable, unable to deliver basic reasoning differences. It is encouraging that more and more doctors are checking the possibility of low blood sugar as a factor in an unhappy wife and husband for help.
Only a healthy body can be a healthy mind. Together, they add up to a healthy marriage!

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