Laws Memory #2

5th The law of associations.
This was formulated back in the 4th century BC by Aristotle. The concepts that arose
while calling each other from the memory bank through the association. For example,
the atmosphere in a room raises memories of events that took place in (or reminder of what
you read it reside in, and that is exactly what you need).

6th Law of the scenes.
The alphabet is easy to recite in its periodic and difficult to reverse the order. The views
learned in a certain order, then recalled, calling each other in the same order.
7th Law of strong impression.
The stronger the first impression of what is saved, the brighter the image. The bigger
the number of channels of information, the stronger the information is stored. Therefore, the task
achieve the strongest possible first impression of the subject material.
8th The law of inhibition.
Any subsequent memorisation inhibits its predecessor. The scholars from the data should "regulate"

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