Fruit juice. Beneficial or detrimental?

[Trick to motivate].Drinking fruit juice is not dangerous. But keep in mind that fruit juice contains a high-calorie. So when too much can cause Obesity. Choose pure fruit juice, do not use the sweetener. Fruit juice contains vitamin C, calcium and others.
Children who do not like to eat fruits will benefit from the fruit juice. But also keep in mind that fruit juice does not contain fiber. Fresh fruit without the juice may be better for children.
Rules limitations are:
• Do not give fruit juice to infants less than 6 months. Except when constipated, doctors sometimes recommend additional child fruit juice.
• Babies 6-12 months can be given fruit juice 100 cc a day. Give the spoon, not from the bottle, to prevent karies teeth.
• Children aged 1-6 years can get a 150 cc fruit juice a day
• Children aged 6 years more than 300 cc may be given a day

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