Play & Run Can Reduce Potential Asthma

after we learn about trick to motivate your child, now we will post some article about healt for your child. Oke first we will talk about asma, if your child has a potential for asthma, do not let it stay along time in front of the television. research shows, the children who watch television more than two hours a day increase their risk of asthma.
However the researchers believe the results are more related to lifestyle, that is, stay along time in front of the television.

More than 3,000 children in England aged from newborn to age 11 years following the research published in the journal Thorax.
Parents asked about the symptoms of breath whistling and whether their children had asthma diagnosed, and the children habits watching tv
When all children are free from symptoms of breath whistling at five, some of them, starting about 6% visible signs of asthma when entering the age of 11 years, and those who watch TV more than 2 hours a day appear to have such conditions.
Details of the children who ultimately ail asthma, 2% do not have the habit watching television, 20% watch TV less than 1 hour per day, 34% watch TV 1-2 hours per day and 44% see broadcast TV more than 2 hours a day.
One of the members of the research team, James Paton, doctorate from the University of Glasgow said, "We think the problem is on the event, not watching TV. TV is just a bookmark. may be outbond activity on the young age have to protect the lungs,"
"This shows that, sit on along times can makes us breathe longer and longer, and it may be important in lung health long term," he said.

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