How to increase Alexa Rank for Newbie

Currently I'm trying to decrease the "weight" alias digit alexa rank this blog, from 3 million to under 1 million.
Well after blogwalking .. whether it's the master blogger or fellow colleagues such as upyourspirit. Finally, I find structured right formula to improve the Alexa for our “trick to motivate “blog.
Steps that are now we do:

created a review about Alexa.
As have done now, This aims to get love attention from Alexa for this blog, which means increased its alexa ranking.
As master blogger said, we must first review alexa, if you want get better alexa rank.
Now I have done this first stage.
Place the Alexa site widget on upyourspirit blog,
Alexa stat will detect all visitor [unix visitor] to the server so that Alexa Alexa statistics become more accurate
Visit to another blogger.
For this one, I try every day to blogwalking both the master and any newbie. This way will increase my knowledge, have more friend and of course up my alexa rank.

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