Thailand Restless

BANGKOK - recruitment of a large-scale situation even make the capital of Thailand heat up. In many corners of the City of Bangkok, the army involved in conflicts with the demonstrators.
News of the final last night, the army began to fire with automatic weapons to drive demonstrators throng on the main road and government offices.

The demonstrators moved to the former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from sequestration abroad that respond with the sling shot of the oil boom.
unbalanced Conflict, eventually engulf the victim died. This is the first victim since the government approved demonstration culminates on Saturday (11 / 4). Through local television, the staff of prime minister
Sathit Wongnongtoey, said the victim called Pom, 50, died after shooted by demonstrators at a market near government offices, where the demonstrans gather. Version of the government, people try to prevent demonstrators burn the market so that set commotion.
However, this information debated by Dr. Chatri Charoenchivakul emergency crisis center. He said, the victim died as a result of the shot in the shoulder. In addition, two people also suffered serious injuries due to the same shot. Emergency Medical Institute, Thailand, reported that 94 people including soldiers injured due to collision, including 24 people who are still treated in the hospital.
From his sequestration location, Thaksin accuse the government lies with the actual number of victims killed. Speaking to CNN in a secret location, the original look of the gun into the air to disperse demonstrators in Bangkok has worried many people were killed.
''They take body of the slain remonstrant on the truck and took him away,''Thaksin said to CNN.

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