Sad Story From Illegal immigrants

TOKYO.[] - Noriko Calderón, 13, have make big decision in his life.She must select both follow his parents back to Filipina or stay in Japan, and the last option he took. Stay in Sakura and said goodbye to her parents who deported.
''Japan is my born land,''said Noriko reasoned, even though Philippines blood flow in her body. Although strictly selected, she was not able to hide the bitter tears over the fact that its all can change the way her life. Tear the girls who still wear the school uniform flow when separated with the father and mother at the Narita Airport, Japan, on Monday (13 / 4).
They hug each other, sad atmosphere accompany their separation

Government of Japan decided banish arlan and Sarah Calderón to the Philippines, while Noriko, their children, still live in Sakura contemporary life. The judicature decided they can meet again five years.
All that began when Sarah and arlan Calderón arrested Immigration Japan in 2006. The Philippines came to japan used a illegal passport in the early 1990s. Then they get married, and have a child that are named Noriko. Arlan already have their own job security at the construction company.
Now they must be separated, cause of this case.

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