The Magic Pig

Zhejiang - Pigs small color pink for some people is funny. But how do you see your reaction is a pig, and piggy is a certain kind of face 2 and a cutting edge 3!
Plus surprisingly surprised, that is the beginning of the reaction experienced by Liu, a breeder from the province of Zhejiang, China. He was surprised when he raised a pig a pig is a small two-and a certain kind of face-eyed 3!
"We are surprised to see something this strange. I really do not know what should I do with this pig," said Liu, as ananova.com, Saturday (4 / 4).
According to Liu, the mother pig Jesuitical not have any difference and appear normal. Mother had aged 4 years.
Meanwhile, neighbors have confidence Liu, strange of the pigs is due to mutation of genes or food pollution.

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