4 Myths That Have Been Trusted by Women

Yesterday, we have explained 6 myths that have been trusted, now we will continue with others myths..

1. Myth decaffeinated coffee will not affect the energy level

This may be surprising, but decaffeinated coffee still contains caffeine, although only the 5 mg sedikt compared with regular coffee is 90 mg or higher on the coffee filter.

However, low caffeine does not mean no effect on the body. Researchers showed that decaffeinated coffee makes people more sleepy than those who drink coffee at all.

Crystal Dr. Haskell from Northumbria University, found that the caffeine levels of less than 10 mg of actually make people feel more tired, with more memory capacity is weak.

2. Myth always keep fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator

People may not invent think twice to take the fruit or vegetables in a closet. But by letting him stay cool, then it is the wrong thing.

Scientists at Oklahoma in the United States found that watermelons were left at room temperature for 2 weeks contain beta-carotene twice, and 20 percent more lycopene (an antioxidant that good) rather than stored in the refrigerator.

Bananas and peaches are also more nutritious food at a temperature of 20 degrees.

3. Myth body needs 8 glasses of water each day

If people drink two liters water per day, that person turned out to be wasting his time.

When doctors at the University of Pennsylvania United States researching the benefits of drinking lots of water, they found no evidence that it leads to a much cleaner skin, menurunan weight or help your body to detox.

According to Angela, the amount of water a person needs varies, thirst is the best indicator. The trick is to check the color of urine, if a pale yellowish or maybe someone already drinking enough water.

4. Myth, slim by eating little and often

Which is better, three large meals or six servings with a little portion? Diet books may suggest to eat little and often. But people will not be possible to lose weight that way.

Australian scientists Michelle Palmer Dr compares weight loss in people who eat with both methods and found they weighed the same amount. The only difference is six dishes with small portions tend to be more difficult to eat.

Angela says that eating little and often can control hunger. But the danger is often eating means consuming more calories.

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