Avoid stress occurs in our children

Stress can affect anyone, including children. In pre-school children separated from their parents for example can cause stress. While the academic problems of school children and social pressures may be the trigger. How do the characteristics of children who experience stress?

Many children who are too busy with various activities that did not have time to play or relax after school. This causes the child to complain with some weighing activity.

Therefore, parents must be sensitive to what your child felt, especially if the child is showing signs of stress itself.

As quoted from Kidshealth, Monday (8/3/2010) is not always easy to identify children who are experiencing stress, but in the short term there is usually some behavioral changes are:

   1. Mood swings.
   2. Attitude changed or not as usual.
   3. Changes in sleep patterns or bedwetting experience.
   4. Difficulty concentrating or completing school assignments.
   5. Became withdrawn and spent a lot of time alone.
   6. Sometimes having an impact on the physical, such as headaches or stomach pain for no apparent reason.
   7. Excessive reaction to small problems.
   8. Drastic change in terms of academic achievement.
   9. Children known to lie.
  10. For a child who is still very little is usually done new habits like thumb sucking, hair twisting or frequent crying.

Stress in children can be caused by many factors such as:

   1. Hearing parents argued
   2. There was a problem at school
   3. Pressure from various parties who demanded more
   4. Ill
   5. Losing a loved one
   6. Divorce
   7. It could also be due to global issues (natural disasters, war or terrorism).

To help children cope with stress is experienced, the role of parents and the people around is important. Parents should spend more time for their children to simply ask for it and speak from the heart. Also istitrahat factor and good nutrition also affects the children in improving their ability to overcome many things.

Quality time is a very important thing, the more often parents spend time with her children will feel that their parents love and thinks she is someone important in life parents.

Another thing parents can do is to help anticipate some conditions that can potentially cause stress such as reducing some of its activities, taking time to become familiar with the characteristics of the child, do not be too ambitious to make the child's parents as you wish and provide consistent parenting.

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