Do not be afraid, If Your Child Can Not Read [Yet]

Parents often worry if we see that our children has not proficient in reading even after school kindergarten. Do not panic because learning to read is a process that takes years. Identify the basic stages of children learning to read.

Every child has a reading speed different, because reading is a skill honed through several stages and continuing process.

The ability to read can also affect the ability to write because it was parents and teachers should understand that the ability to read and write requires a process.

As quoted from babycenter, Friday (12/3/2010) There are usually four stages children go through the process of learning to read, namely:

Stages of pre-reading children

   1. Children like to play the book like the other toys and has not understood that the book contains a story.
   2. Interested in bright colors and illustrations found in the book, but does not understand that the image contains a story.
   3. Children like to listen to stories read by others looking at the pictures in the book.
   4. Have not been able to identify words or letters in the book.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 2-4 years.

Stage children begin to read

   1. Children are able to recognize each letter there, but not too good at put them together into one word.
   2. Need a picture on every page to help tell the story.
   3. Memorize the contents of books and try to read it again and again.
   4. Reading in a loud voice but did not show expression and did not stop for certain punctuation marks.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 4-6 years.

Intermediate stage (middle) reading

   1. Using pictures as clues from the remains of a sentence to understand the story.
   2. 've Read fluently and only just found a few mistakes.
   3. Can answer simple questions based on the story.
   4. Reading out loud and sometimes expressive and have a break to some existing punctuation.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 6-8 years.

Advanced stages of reading

   1. Can read fluently and understand the most or the whole story.
   2. Can enjoy a book even without a picture.
   3. Can answer many questions about the material or the feelings and thoughts of the story.
   4. Read out loud and full of eskpresif and fully understand all forms of punctuation.
   5. This stage occurs in children aged 8 years and over.

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