when Children Left Lonely

Children and young people really start problems when he left lonely, misunderstood or was not important. Children and young people as adults, feel long at all loved in life. If a child is not allowed to express themselves, they do not ..... And who builds and frustration. In addition to causing a ceasefire and difficult relationship between parents and children, young people can suffer from low self-esteem, and things from the people to fill the void.

Heal the wounded boy is not always easy, but important to the success of their lives. We need a reassessment of our relationship with our children, to rethink our style of education and to a successful relationship to date.

The plan should include:

Mutual respect - through the sharing of personal stories, values, triumph, pain, stress-management techniques has been created. Lack of respect comes mostly from parents to understand that young people too busy to connect with life really. By taking the time to laugh, play and just be together, mutual respect has grown to be fertile ground.

Reception - your teen people, beliefs and habits of mind, even if they agree with you. It is not always easy for parents to understand why a child can not be any different from them. However, the tolerance and unconditional acceptance is an important part of the plan.

Unconditional love - no matter where you are the young people at this stage .. Take it from there. Even if you do not agree with the behavior, actions or comments, please make sure he knows you love her unconditionally.

Be an example - if you want to know your teen success, show success. Striving for balance in your life and be a role model best you can. If your life is full of drama, struggle, anger and fear can the lives of teenagers and are filled with rebellion, or perhaps the way of life.

Set clear boundaries will undoubtedly at some point it is important to explain the natural result you keep your teenager to be broken. Parents need private time together as children. Disrespectful talk or actions must not be accepted, but should be discussed and improved.

Submission of authoritarian upbringing Road - This is the main cause of the uprising in many children, especially teenagers. They want self-confident a friend and someone they can rely on. If you are wasting your time to tell them "do as I say not as I" can lose your teen respect you because you are not living, authentic. Way to be authentic, to explain to your child and understand why decisions that can not help you. In this way they can grow and ripen well. Be a friend to know your teenager and let him that her friends and her parents are. Were proud that a child or teen who wants you as a friend. If you deny your child maturation starting friendships, older you can do the same.

Teach responsibility for the actions of life - it's back to erase the border. If a boy feels he has control over his life and is responsible for the success and results, he will be more active and thus more advisable than a choice. Children and young people that he has no control over their lives had been thinking, are the most vulnerable crossroads of medicine, addiction to food, and health effects.

Let Freedom - When children feel control over their own life stories free to develop them. Giving young people the freedom of the surroundings, comfort and love to experiment with the decision on the personal freedom to explore is based. You have to rebel to the freedom of personal youthful desire and have the freedom they are quiet, if you do not see them turning.

It supports - long youth feel supported by your decisions. They see you honest advice and guidance, if you keep up with much love and support in the past. Supportive of your child, even if you think you know how to make it better. Make suggestions, but let them decide for themselves. It shows love, care and respect ... Something that all children and young people need and deserve.

Implementation of strategies in your relationship with your child if you do not have. It's never too late. The pain can be determined, the connection can be extended. Starting today and opened the door, emotional closeness with your child. Learn to see it as a separate and maturity. Stable relationship, full of love and mutual respect with your child today will help to avoid the challenges of tomorrow's youth.

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