Kid Live in Their Huge Ball Tension

Kid, just by existing, produce and live in their huge ball tension. Your source of pressure is usually in biology. Fluctuating hormones rage, almost from minute to minute, and they were never a sense of personal control (mainly because they do not). Their behavior was a big swing, along with the personal chemistry. Adults and colleagues look at the provider / or respond to the emotional bond that patience and tolerance to try a saint.

Children, cute, cuddly disappeared around the age of 11-13 years, and know their bodies from strangers all are occupied. Almost simultaneously, the person you used to love fans now conclude that behavior, attitudes and moments of consciousness, which is relatively old and small children. In the maelstrom of a different kind of people you live on more than a decade.

Worst of times with young people and adults a lot more limited, often seemingly random, and rigid implementation of the results system. Teens have the scope, or they would openly rebelling against everything their parents as constraints or rules.

The bad news

Your child does not understand what (s) he does not say what effect this has. Rolling eyes, hands on hips and head sarcastic or arrogant tone. Spray a short note from their mouths. The homework took residence was canceled. Cesspits bedroom, or at least the laundry room. Sibling rivalry, not to touch and explore the arguments for the younger siblings. Favorite pastime. Eating and sleeping, email, SMS and phone calls with friends (preferably using a mobile phone with minutes that pay you) and spend hours on Facebook with her friends one day to school to get most favorite people in the world kiss (with the exception of siblings), parents and especially mothers hug, or say the word love in the eyes of their friends is usually embarrassed to bring every time. The child screamed and moaned, boys grim and challenging. This is the time when you go on holiday without him and the worst? these seemingly forever. especially if you know the right people at the old heel has!

Good news

Yes, there is good news, and sometimes because they remember, but now hidden somewhere. Teens are motivated by one - they prefer, with more than just one parent to speak at a young age. Calm is more likely that you, the better (and less respond to) their behavior.

You want to hear your reasons, because they see their parents no longer, as all can be wrong. They want decisions for themselves, using the logic that you, to make it through the process of their experiments. My father was a "byproduct" of the parents, they were gone when the mother failed to meet their needs. This is a time when the father is much more important, because they rejected with the emotional state as much as women and unwanted (and frustrated by decency) tend to feel.

Teens need to know that they loved and respected as an individual better than "ripe". As adults, reason with them and let them make decisions (which are usually controlled with minimal impact) to help them feel they have control over their lives. Adults are often capable of problems with calm, clear, and then help them identify ways they have identified.

Adults are so used to take all decisions and provide evidence that they forget their children in their own electoral decisions. Show them to start those skills when they were teenagers, but when they were children. There are many other steps that the full authority to make decisions must be managed.

Let us not forget that each of us has bad decisions and bad decisions, has to learn, to start somewhere. Are "Aliens" is from the development to "an extraordinary exception, almost grown up" to increase over 16 years. It did not take long to make their own decisions and 18. I hope you give them a solid foundation they need.

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