Girls Understand That Beauty is Only Skin Dee

We hope that our girls understand that beauty is only skin deep. We want them to understand more than just physical beauty, spirit and soul that matters. We want them to be more healthy and not to focus on the victims, at any price. However, again we contradict ourselves with the action we take. Fashion dolls from toy companies pencil thin, thin, tall plastic, this is a perfect system of adjectives to describe the beauty of the factory. Is often a favorite toy doll of the little girl. Plastics factory could have said often role models for little girls we wanted to go. Increased cases of anorexia nervosa obsessive about how they see the results. Studies show that at least two out of hundreds of young people with eating disorders in America. Girls assume that thin means beautiful pencils ugly even the slightest bit of fat. As a result, many times we are looking for girls to starve themselves to grow, leading to various forms of serious deficiencies. Beauty is far above even the mind or heart. As a physical self-obsession, girls often depressed assume that they are ugly. Different types of cosmetic plastic surgery is just the beginning of the hazards on the road to the future of our young girls.

It is therefore important that parents, we must be aware of health problems from childhood. We understand that every beautiful in its own way. As children of God, we all need to love ourselves as we are. If this does not happen like that when our children from problems such as how much suffering we have no responsibility? Now you decide!

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