Tips to Manage Our Children Activity

Now we have one child in high school. This is our second child to go through what I call it "crazy in high school." What a different world! You suddenly teacher 05:59, with a range of projects from many directions. Fortunately, we are a charter school. For us, I think the size of small schools more intimate atmosphere, the consequences of change.

For those of you who organized a new pace yourself, or want to make some changes from last year, I thought some useful insights tips that might help you:

1st Get to know all the teachers as soon as possible. In high school, more gaps in the media. If you have one in sixth grade, they are not used to having so many classes, teachers, and coordinate tasks. Fall through the cracks so easily, which can lead to feelings of defeat to demotivation. Not a good way to start the season of their lives. Better communication between teachers, the better you can help your child navigate this journey.

2nd A walk through the entry, the assignment together parents / teachers at the school of communication and other items every day. He teaches the child how to be proactive, stay organized in order to keep their jobs. While your children are more comfortable with the new schedule task, they run and much more. Meanwhile, give support and cooperation is very important to give them a solid start and be successful.

3rd Connect with the kids and learn about their day. It is important to keep in touch with our children about what to keep happening in their time, especially as they began to enter adolescence. Much has changed for them, some of whom do with the lists of school (hormones, attitudes, etc.) have to do changed. I recommend a good listener today. If the lines of communication open at this point, you have a better chance of the communication channels open in the coming years. This is part of the process of building trust.

Our children are not years in high school, constructive communication and trust. There is a big difference later. For those of you with a high school, I recommend to stay in close contact with the teachers, maintain close contact to find out what your child days. When I my oldest son, now told in school: "I always know the teachers from high school, and they always know I am .. a negotiable part you have control over the section, however, is how to take and as I do. " When our children grow, they want more freedom and more. Give them the freedom with boundaries. Let them make decisions that they make. And make sure they know that your back.

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