Parents have many reasons to invest in their children's music lessons

If I someone I learn piano I book my first reaction was: "I wish I had taken piano lessons when I was young" or "I want my mom made me take piano lessons, where I continue to stop." Since I started teaching in 1992, no one said: "I do not want to learn to play piano." As adults and parents, it seems that we understand how important and useful to learn, play musical instruments in our childhood adolescence.

Parents have many reasons to invest in their children's music lessons. The main reason is the belief that parents help their children's music school. And they were right! This is one of the five most important reasons why children need to learn an instrument. Studies have shown that taking music lessons have many advantages, especially in the development of intelligence and character.

Here are five reasons that your kids involved in music.

1st Increase the brain development of music.
Many studies have been conducted to evaluate the effect of learning a musical instrument to measure cognitive development. The results show that children who have music lessons for several years to show a greater improvement in the spatial-temporal thinking, the science of mathematics learning needs. Music, the children outside their classroom instruction in reading comprehension. In addition, improved children who take music lessons useful memory performance. If we look at the research, it is easy to see that taking music lessons for children for a long time an academic advantage to the point of rising IQ scores and Saturday are your kids will be smarter!

2nd Music lessons for children to teach you how to achieve your goals.
Setting goals is important that everything that we do not track or move the soul. Usually when we look at something we pursue "something" with our goals. Targets for us Many people, including parents, teachers, bosses, coaches, ministers, religious leaders or colleagues. The objective is an important part of everyday life, and that the first step to achieving a sense of accomplishment. The ability of the device is the long-term objectives will be achieved over a period of several years. To achieve this goal, it must be a music teacher and the students set and achieve short-term goals that ultimately lead to achieving the long-term. To help a great price for a music teacher, young students an excellent musician and singer during the elementary school. Some students who pursue music as a career. Others continue to pursue other passions. No matter the activity, take music lessons have learned to move forward toward their dreams.

3rd Music to develop discipline in children.
We all know that everything that is valuable in life is not easy and it is consistent with the hard work we can accomplish great things. How can we teach character traits of self-determination and the discipline of our children live in a society that is accustomed to quick instant gratification? Music lessons are enjoyable and effective to help children learn self-discipline. Students find motivation in music they are studying. But the music they perform consistently well in practice. Music teacher to the students to build a weekly training time for students who self-discipline through music to help study. The development of skills of self-discipline to the objectives in other areas, such as academics and sports to be adjusted.

4th Music lessons help children mature, independent, independent.
Many psychologists agree that children in the child's happiness and the possibility of independent and successful adults who are not highly dependent on the child's sense of self-esteem and confidence. Quality of children with high self-esteem are:

• Dealing with new challenges
• independent true to himself
• responsibility for their decisions and actions
• confidence and pride in their ability to

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