Motivate Your Child by Show Your Love

Today we will share about a specific plan that will provide more incentives for your child [non material gift].
You can tell the child how much you like him or her, but the best way to really
take your child to understand how much you care to show it is!
If you want your child to gain confidence and motivation to achieve a good
grades in school, you must provide your child with a game one day.

The first thing to do is to buy a notebook calendar for your child.
Spend more money and get the most beautiful books in the store search.
Ask your child to write the whole program in each class listed.
You must sit your child as it is written. You should also ask
questions relating to each class and show genuine interest.
Then, each school day your child write a sentence or two
on each category, and any issue or project that has been assigned. If you
reluctant child, use one of the incentives in the first report, to ensure that your child
write this information and make it a habit to do so.
Will be a habit, once you review all that is written in every day. Again,
should show a sincere interest in the academic performance child.!**

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